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MDZS/CQL, TGCF. Omni, She/Her. Fic alt of a SFF author. Rustex on A03. I write Burial Mounds tentacle smut and also coffeeshop AU’s. Not yet at the same time.🔞
13 Sep
@deadbeatrefrain XY would start with hair stroking. Whispering cruel things to him with his lips brushing XXC’s ear. Confessing what he’s doing and who he is, how blind and foolish XXC is (using that word on purpose). All while petting his hair so softly.
@deadbeatrefrain Pressing himself up against XXC’s side XY cradles his cheek in his hand. Whispers that he watches him, how he imagines taking him in the courtyard. Out under the sun where anyone could see. Tasting him, making him beg.

XY takes his earlobe between his teeth. Gentle, so gentle.
@deadbeatrefrain XY removes XXC’s blindfold, gently lifting his head to untie it. Pulls it away from XXC’s ruined eyes. He knows XXC’s pride won’t let him allow anyone else to see, the sunken lids that mar his beauty.

XY whispers he is more beautiful like this, runs his tongue across his scars.
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1 Sep
Been thinking a lot today about a dark Baoshan Sanren. Which... the more I think about it the darker canon BSS (what is her abbreviation?!) gets. #MDZS

A thread :
So based solely off the show and the book (I’m working on the rest) what I gather is Baoshan Sanren is super powerful, immortal, and has retreated to a mountain somewhere.
And she takes in promising orphans and raises them, trains them. The deal is they can stay with her forever, but if they leave they can never come back.
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21 Aug
#WangXian Modern-AU based on this song -

Where WWX and LWJ meet in college, and lab partners turns into library studying, turns into lunches...

WWX is taking a full course load, working 2 jobs just getting by. He’s fine. Really. Instant ramen is TOO food LWJ, thank you very much.

LWJ must be half asleep when he packs his lunches. He keeps making too much, so WWX has to help him eat it. Can’t just waste it.

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