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I make stuff and talk about stuff people make. Addicted to the taste of the hand that feeds. I loved 80s ALL OVER, too. Keto for life. Permanently aghast.
31 Mar
It’s Trans Visibility Day, so I’d like to say a few words about my longtime writing partner @HorrorSwan, a trans woman who I’ve known since we were both kids. (1/8)
The entire time we were growing up, there was always something reserved and private about Swan. We were as close as two people can be. We were together constantly. (2/8)
I know I overshared. I always do. It’s hard-wired into me. But there was a part of Swan that was deeply private, no matter what. All of our closest friends knew it, too. (3/8)
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1 Oct 19
Most complaints about "woke/cancel culture" boil down to this:

Before social media, communities without a platform typically were left out of the conversation. They didn't think you were funny then, either. You just never had to hear their reactions before, and you haaaaaate it.
You can make and market anything you want. You can make the most outrageous offensive comedy of all time. Go for it. But if people don't go or they hate it, that's not you being cancelled. That's how art works, Touchy Diaper Baby. Sorry the "wrong" audience got louder, I guess?
Someone should tell Danny McBride and the fucking lunatics over at RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES or the people making BIG MOUTH that comedy is dead and there's no edgy or outrageous humor allowed. Just to name two at-this-exact-moment examples. Or SUNNY, for god's sake.
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1 Mar 19
I grew up a super-fan of SOAP. It was one of the first shows that I loved that I could tell was not meant for kids in any way, and I adored it. And a big part of the reason was because of Jessica Tate, played by the great Katherine Helmond.
It remains a singular accomplishment. She's sexy, she's hilarious, she's a space cadet, she's capable of enormous kindness and warmth, she's maternal, she's childlike... no one could have done what she did with that role. No. One.
When BRAZIL came out in 1985, it immediately became my favorite film. And again, one of the best things in that film is Helmond. Her work is so lacerating, such a brutal perfect embodiment of that fussy vanity, that desperate clinging to youth by bizarre means.
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