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13 Jan
South Carolina GOP lawmakers @RepNancyMace, @SenatorTimScott & @LindseyGrahamSC said today they oppose impeaching President Trump, as the Democrat-controlled House goes forward with that effort amid some Republican support in both the House & Senate. Their stated reasons: 1/7
Scott & Graham argue impeachment isn't warranted because Trump has promised peaceful transition of power. However, the crux of impeachment (per Dems & some GOP) is the belief Trump incited the Capitol violence. This was before promising peace. Graham nor Scott address this. 2/7
Mace notably diverges from the Senators here. She today on the House floor said Trump & his cohorts in government are responsible for the Capitol violence, & should be held accountable despite qualms with "constitutionality" of impeachment efforts. abcnews4.com/news/lowcountr… 3/7
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