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30 Jun 20
I just had an hour-long Zoom with a few other moms here about setting up an online micro-school for our kids in the fall and it has absolutely restored my faith in humanity.

We're going to take care of everyone-- the single mom with four kids worried about money, the only child
the family with immunocompromised parents, we're going to make it fucking work.

Great women can do fucking anything. Anything.

And do it in spite of those who say we can't.
We're talking about sharing tutors and retired teachers for online support.

We're consulting with child psychologists and pediatricians on mental, physical and emotional health.

We're drafting protocols for potential in person contact for our kids under certain defined terms.
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24 Jun 20
Have also been thinking this morning some more about the conversation I had yesterday with a local mom friend whose husband is a doctor.

The details of what COVID is doing to bodies, particularly lungs, are so grave.
We're going to end up with generations of people with permanent lung damage, and that's for those who survive.

It has cemented where I was before this:

we are not going out until there's a vaccine.

I don't know how I'll do it as a single mom, but I'm going to do it.
Yes, I am worried about the mental health of my kids. Yes, I am worried about what it will mean for them socially and educationally.

But they will be alive, they will be healthy, & they are resilient.

It's a whole new level of leadership for me, this time within my own family.
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20 Jun 20
Can I point something out? It's Juneteenth. We're in the middle of the biggest reckoning with racism and justice that we've witnessed in a generation.

Tomorrow, in Tulsa, the site of arguably the most virulent mass racist violence of the 20thC, Trump is giving a masks-off rally
121,000 Americans are dead. He doesn't care. He's given up.

The Friday night firings are a fucking distraction.

Geoffrey Berman will get another job, even if fired by tweet and doesn't like it.

Justice will come in 2021.

I wish folks would stop taking the bait and realize this is an HISTORIC opportunity for America to heal.

Trump doesn't want healing. He wants damage.

Every single time we fall for it, we let him win.

Just stop it.
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11 Jun 20
Since we’re talking about OAN lately, I feel the need to tweet a momentary moment warning about Chanel Rion.

I became aware of her about two years ago.

I saw her described in an article today as a “former illustrator.”

That’s like calling Leni Riefenstahl a former filmmaker.
Chanel Rion used to draw what could kindly be described as hate art.

Her “illustrations” were debasing, violent and racist cartoons against prominent figures on the left. A fav target was Rachel Maddow (who she dubbed “Rabid Madcow”) with some of the most foul graphics I’ve seen
So when you see this slight woman show up in her Hermès scarves and her fluffed hair to ask obviously biased questions, just know you’re dealing with an adored alt-right figure who is as rage-filled and despicable as Bannon, with no reporting experience, but a lot with propaganda
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6 Jun 20
Tucker Carlson thinks the G-Spot is a military bar at Fort Bragg.
You do not want to know the tweets I have already written and deleted.
I am *certain* @ManlnTheHoody wants to weigh in on this one.
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5 Jun 20
I can't tell you how true this is. I have SO MANY STORIES of billion dollar companies turning down D&I training or unconscious bias workshops because they claim to "not have the budget for it."
Someday, I will tell the story of my pitch to a HUGE investment bank for a two day women's leadership program.

I know that for my Black/POC colleagues, it's even worse.

You will not achieve equity unless/until you are willing to pay for education & pay diverse talent equitably.
For instance, @cindygallop and I have compared notes on this.

It is ASTONISHING what multi-billion $ companies attempt to do w/r/t this work.

It says everything about how D&I training is viewed as a means of placating rather than an avenue for desired change.
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5 Jun 20
Update: she's out of brain surgery and came through with flying colors. She's awake though still drugged up, and talked to her husband on the phone.

Phew. Kids' graduation and Gramma surviving brain surgery on the same day.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.
And we spoke to Gramma! She has suffered so much over the last four months while this surgery was delayed due to COVID, and it is such a relief to have her *already* responding.

The first thing she did was congratulate the kids. Whew.
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4 Jun 20
Followers here:

if you are going to retweet explicit images of violence against Black people and/or protestors in my mentions, or explicit words of violence against Black people, YOU NEED TO INCLUDE A TRIGGER WARNING OR YOU ARE DOING HARM.
Better yet, DON'T DO IT.
Gonna add one other thing: some of you White folks who think you're on the right side have NO SENSITIVITY WHATSOEVER.

Sometimes when I'm working my kids are around.

Do not put those images on my feed. Don't put them on anyone's feed. Don't do it. You have no idea the impact.
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4 Jun 20
Uh, I’m not sure how this flew under the radar, but this is a blazing letter from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs reminding them that they took an oath to the Constitution and that they will uphold that oath.

Now why would he need to do that?

One guess.
If the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs has instructed the military, in so many words, that they can’t and shouldn’t follow an unconstitutional order, that means Trump doesn’t have the military.

No matter what Esper does.
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3 Jun 20

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2 Jun 20
I kept trying to find the words for this last night but couldn’t.

Trump used chemical weapons on his own people. Tear gas is banned as a weapon of war under international treaties.

Everyone— @TheDemocrats, @GOP leadership, everyone— should be screaming for his resignation.
He engaged in human rights and crimes against humanity last night.

He has abused his office and turned the military against his own people.

America is OVER unless he resigns.
*Human rights violations*
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2 Jun 20
The shit I am hearing on the inside tonight— a lot of people are destined for prison when this is over.

Speak now, or forever hold your peace (in prison).
Don’t be an asshole accusing me of being cryptic. Just don’t.

Some of us are fighting to try to get the president to resign. Shut up.
And PS. Some of us are also fighting for our Black friends who have been arrested or are in the streets tonight and your demand for details would compromise their safety.

Jesus, the entitlement on some of you.
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2 Jun 20
Hey, so, every single person I know here with contacts, if you are not leveraging for:

a) resignation

b) no military intervention in US cities that are protecting citizens & the First Amendment


Lives are on the line. We have no idea what will tip him safety. TRY.
I am doing this. We all should be doing this.

If you know people in Washington, TRY.
UGH. Tip him toward their safety I am typing too fast.
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1 Jun 20
People. The Insurrection Act was expanded in 2006. He doesn't need Posse Comitatus to invoke it.

We're screwed.
Dug deeper into this. The 2006 Amendments were reversed in 2008 legislation. However, the ability of the President to invoke the military in circumstances like this still appears unclear.

Yeah, still looks like POTUS can invoke the military here without Congressional approval.


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1 Jun 20
1 p.m. curfew in LA.

When we've got an explosion of COVID cases in two to three weeks, I don't want to hear any government official say we can't shut shit down due to "the economy."
Sorry, everyone is right: Santa Monica and BH.
Long Beach also.
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1 Jun 20
Here is my dog. She sends virtual snugs to anyone who might need some love today. Image
Smooshy-faced snugs included at no charge. Image
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1 Jun 20
So this is a step in the right direction. What worries me about it is the word "losers."

White supremacist movements recruit young men, and particularly teenage white boys, with the message that they're "forgotten." This language plays into the hands of recruiters.
Hitler built a nation of fascists based on the idea that a great race had been unfairly beaten and disgraced as losers in WWI.

We need to fight historic racism without playing into the lingo of neo nazis.

But yes: we need more shaming of the use of the confederate flag.
We need more linking of the use of it as a symbol of racism and hate to Trump.
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30 May 20
.@AliVelshi please see this.
Everyone watching this video, please note: white vandals, save one.

White men all in black, bodies covered head to toe, some with skateboards and backpacks, smashing the car.

The people who ignite the car and pour the gas: white men, and one white woman.

It's a fckng set up.
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30 May 20
Protestors: if you spot this patch on anyone tonight, you are looking at a white nationalist. Image
Igloo is short for Big Igloo, or Boogaloo.

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30 May 20
Let’s be very very clear: officials in Minnesota— those responsible for last night’s arrests— are saying it is white nationalists who are co-opting the protests.

NOT, as Bill Barr said, Antifa or “far-left” radicals.
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30 May 20
Blocking alt-right bots like
Now I am apparently being paid by George Soros where’s my check
SO MANY accounts with neo-nazi iconography in their profiles. SO MANY.
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