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#IAmAGeneticCounselor & a Past President of NSGC (@GeneticCouns). Expanding access to genomics to predict & prevent disease. #GoPackGo 💚💛
14 Jan 20
Hi all! I’m back from vacation & I’m ready to talk about GCs & genetic test ordering. A few things: this is not an official NSGC communication & I am no longer on the BOD. However, as NSGC's 2018 President, I’ve spent a lot of time on this issue & learned a lot. #GCchat
This is not solely directed at ACMG, though I wholly disagree with their stance & urge those who feel the same to contact their BOD & voice their concerns. This is a critical issue & I would like to enable educated, data-driven, respectful conversations between all involved.
This will be a long one. I'll thread all tweets & so as to not blow up inboxes, will tag everyone I mention at the end so you can find them. I'll also do my best to continue & facilitate the discussion here. But to contact NSGC, I suggest emailing them - nsgc at nsgc dot org.
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