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May 12 5 tweets 3 min read
The EU and Japan have so much in common.

Our values – democracy and the rule of law.
Our economic model and a certain vision of the world.

We promote a multilateral global system based on rules designed to protect and benefit all.

President @vonderleyen at 🇪🇺🇯🇵 Summit ↓ @vonderleyen In this increasingly unpredictable world, the EU can count on one of its oldest and closest allies.🇯🇵

Also, on further cooperation and alignment on sanctions in response to Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

May 9 6 tweets 5 min read
We could think of no more fitting way to mark this special day than with the words of Ursula Hirschmann.

The courage of her convictions helped make Europe what it is today.

#EuropeDay | #TheFutureIsYours In Europe, the memory of our past has always framed our future.

And that is all the more important at a time when the unthinkable has returned to our Continent.

#EuropeDay | #TheFutureIsYours
May 8 22 tweets 17 min read
On the eve of Europe Day, Ukrainian colours shine on the EU institutions in Brussels.

Millions of Europeans have mobilised to help their neighbours in need.

Europe stands at the side of Ukraine. 🇺🇦

#EuropeDay #StandWithUkraine Austria.

Thank you for the photos, @EUKommWien!
May 8 4 tweets 8 min read
This #EuropeDay, we celebrate the power of ideas.

A year-long journey that generated over 18k ideas will culminate in Strasbourg.

Presidents @vonderleyen, @EP_President & @EmmanuelMacron will receive the final report of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

#TheFutureIsYours @vonderleyen @EP_President @EmmanuelMacron The report includes 49 proposals with more than 300 measures on how to shape the future of the European Union.

Representatives of Citizens' Panels will present tomorrow key aspects of the 49 proposals.


Apr 29 4 tweets 2 min read
Here is our #Flashbackfriday to catch up on the decisions adopted by #vdLCommission last Wednesday:

🔹 EU approach for transitioning towards the next COVID-19 phase #HealthUnion
🔹 Legal migration-attracting skills & talents to the EU #MigrationEU
Apr 5 8 tweets 3 min read
Today we are proposing a 5th package of sanctions.

To take a clear stand is crucial for the whole world.

A clear stand against Putin’s war of choice.

Against the massacre of civilians.

#StandWithUkraine 1⃣ An import ban on coal from Russia, worth €4 billion per year, cutting another important revenue source for Russia.
Mar 15 4 tweets 2 min read
Diversification. Transformation. Independence. All at the same time.

REPowerEU is our plan to eliminate our dependence on Russian fossil fuels by 2027 and increase the resilience of the EU energy market.

#EUGreenDeal 1⃣Diversification

To cut our dependence on Russian gas, we must diversify gas supply:

➕ LNG imports
➕ pipeline imports from non-Russian suppliers
➕ biomethane
➕ hydrogen

This can reduce EU demand for Russian gas by two thirds before the end of the year.
Mar 10 4 tweets 2 min read
The EU has been a reliable partner of the Republic of Moldova for years and we continue to stand by Moldova in the face of the recent challenges. We recommended that the @EUCouncil start negotiations for a status agreement between @Frontex and Moldova.

This will allow Frontex to assist Moldovan border guards in carrying out border management tasks with Ukraine. Image
Mar 8 4 tweets 3 min read
Putin's war demonstrates the urgency of accelerating our clean energy transition.

Today we outline REPowerEU - our plan to increase Europe's energy independence:

⚡ Reduced demand for Russian fossil fuels.

⚡ Emergency measures to tackle energy prices in Europe.

#EUGreenDeal We simply cannot rely on a supplier who explicitly threatens us.

We will end our overdependence on Russian gas by diversifying gas supplies and reducing faster the use of fossil fuels in our homes, buildings, industry, and power systems.

Feb 28 10 tweets 3 min read
We are strengthening our response to hold Russia and Belarus to account for their attack on Ukraine.

Our new sanctions will harm their war and propaganda machine and have an eroding impact on their economies.

We will also finance the purchase and delivery of weapons to Ukraine.
Feb 26 11 tweets 3 min read
President Putin has launched an unprecedented and unprovoked military attack against Ukraine.

We are responding in the strongest possible terms, by adopting the harshest ever package of restrictive measures.

Thread ↓
Feb 25 6 tweets 1 min read
Massive and targeted sanctions, agreed by EU leaders, will have severe consequences for Russia.

These sanctions cover:

⛔️The financial sector
⛔️The energy and transport sectors
⛔️A ban on the export of aircraft spare parts
⛔️Access to important technology
⛔️Visa policy ⛔The financial sector

We target 70% of the Russian banking market and key state-owned enterprises, including in the defence sector.
Feb 23 4 tweets 3 min read
Decent work is the foundation of a decent life.

We are strengthening our efforts to promote #DecentWork worldwide by:

🔹 setting out a strategy with new and existing tools;
🔹 preparing a new legislation to ban products made by forced labour from entering the EU.

#SocialRights Around the world:
🌐 160 million children are in child labour, and
🌐 24.9 million people are in a situation of forced labour.

These practices must stop.

The elimination of child labour and forced labour is at the heart of our strategy for decent work worldwide.

Feb 23 4 tweets 3 min read
The Data Act is a pillar of the European Data Strategy.

It will foster a competitive data market by opening up new opportunities for businesses and making data more accessible to every consumer and business.

#EUDataAct #DigitalEU The volume of data is constantly growing, from 33 zettabytes in 2018 to an expected 175 zettabytes in 2025.

The Data Act addresses the legal, economic and technical issues that lead to data being underused.

#EUDataAct #DigitalEU
Feb 21 7 tweets 6 min read
Together with Africa, we are working to improve the world we live in.

#GlobalGateway is a strategy for investment in infrastructure and people.

The first regional plan is a €150 billion investment package for Africa. ➞!hPjn4T

A thread with some initiatives⬇️ 🔹Building climate resilience

#TeamEurope initiatives will contribute to supporting disaster risk reduction & climate change adaptation, enhance disaster preparedness for effective response and recovery, rehabilitation & reconstruction.
Feb 18 5 tweets 5 min read
When it comes to #GlobalGateway investments in infrastructure, our top priority is energy.

#TeamEurope will support Africa by:
🔷 increasing renewable energy capacity,
🔷 better access to reliable energy,
🔷 promoting sustainable energy use.

#AfricaEU 🟢 Investing in infrastructure.

#TeamEurope will provide funding and support for ongoing projects, electricity interconnections & transmission lines across countries, setting up the Africa Single Electricity Market.

#AfricaEU #GlobalGateway
Feb 17 6 tweets 4 min read
Ukraine is a free and sovereign country.

The new Emergency Macro-Financial Assistance programme will provide €1.2 billion to help Ukraine strengthen its economic stability and resilience, directly benefiting Ukrainian citizens.

#Ukraine#EUSolidarity Image The Economic and Investment Plan for the Eastern Partnership will leverage up to €6.5 billion investments to:

🟡Support SMEs
🟡Assist small farms
🟡Update border crossing points
🟡Modernise public IT infrastructure
🟡Reduce household energy bills

#EUSolidarity Image
Feb 17 4 tweets 4 min read
The sixth European Union-African Union summit began today in Brussels.

Our two Unions share the same goal: a common area of stability and prosperity.

At this summit, we will work out practical ways of achieving this.

#GlobalGateway will play a major role. ⬇️ Image #GlobalGateway will take infrastructure development to the next level in Africa, and 🌍 globally.

#TeamEurope will invest up to €300 billion to boost:
🌐 Digital transformation
♻️ Climate action and sustainable energy
🚈 Transport
🏥 Health
👩💻 Education and research Image
Feb 11 5 tweets 3 min read
We are in 🇳🇱 Maastricht following the fourth European Citizens’ Panel.

People from all corners of the EU are meeting to discuss the role of the EU in a peaceful world 🌍.

👇 For more information about this Panel’s topics

#TheFutureIsYours Four Panels, each consisting of 200 Europeans, are meeting three times to jointly discuss and design Europe's future.

They were selected randomly to reflect our diversity in geographic origin, gender, age, socioeconomic background, and education.

What topics do they discuss? 👇
Feb 10 6 tweets 5 min read
What is the #GlobalGateway Africa – Europe Investment Package?

It is all about supporting Africa for a strong, inclusive, green and digital recovery and transformation.

#TeamEurope – the EU and EU countries, will support concrete and transformational project in priority areas. We will invest in projects with concrete objectives for the green transition.

This includes:
🔷 increasing the renewable energy generation capacity by at least an additional 300 GW,
🔷 protecting biodiversity by stabilising 3 million km² of land.

Feb 10 7 tweets 7 min read
🟢🔵 Africa and the EU, together today, for tomorrow.

For us, #GlobalGateway stands for building sustainable and trusted connections that work for people and the planet.

Strengthening health, education and research systems across the world is a priority for us.

#AfricaEU #TeamEurope is lead contributor to #COVAX with close to €3.5 billion and is Africa’s biggest #COVID19 vaccines donor.

We are helping accelerate the roll-out of vaccines with supply of auxiliary material like syringes, supply chain management, logistics and service delivery.