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25 Jun 20
Saw this "Biden in a Landslide" map on CNN this morning, and I decided to put together a THREAD showing how good pundits, experts, scientists, and the media in general actually are at election predictions...
The Upshot - Clinton chances of winning 85% nytimes.com/interactive/20…
Reuters - Clinton has 90% chance
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20 Jun 20
"Those for whom Grant fought didn’t forget him. When Grant died, African-American churches across the country prayed for his soul. A group of black Union veterans wished him Godspeed on his final journey...
'In General Grant’s death,' they resolved, 'the colored people of this and all other countries, and the oppressed everywhere, irrespective of complexion, have lost a preeminently true and faithful defender.'"

-H.W. Brands
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29 May 20
.@CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his crew were just inexplicably arrested by Minnesota State Police:
(Video 1 of 2)
(Video 2 of 2)
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26 May 20

ANCHOR: "Are the people there just not worried about it? Are they not worried about their personal safety?"

REPORTER: "I haven't met anybody who is... you can see here, nobody's wearing them [masks]."

GUY ON STREET: "Including the Cameraman."
Somebody else said, "Half your crew's not wearing them" as they cut away.
In the same segment, one passerby told the Karening reporter to "go home"
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19 Apr 20
President @realDonaldTrump's approval on immigration in the new Harvard-Harris poll is the highest it's ever been at 53 percent. (1/7)
President @realDonaldTrump's approval on Fighting Terrorism in the new Harvard-Harris poll is the highest it's ever been at 59 percent. (2/7)
President @realDonaldTrump's approval on Foreign Affairs in the new Harvard-Harris poll is the highest it's ever been at 50 percent. (3/7)
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9 Mar 20
“I would hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat” —Mitch All Together Hedberg
I clicked on the video expecting a Mitch Hedberg joke, but there wasn’t one, so I fixed it.
An escalator can never be temporarily out of order. It can only be temporarily stairs.

We apologize for the convenience.
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3 Mar 20
Failed Senate candidate, failed presidential candidate, and skateboard enthusiast Beto O'Rourke endorses Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination:
Pete Buttigieg also endorses Joe Biden:
Amy Klobuchar also endorses Joe Biden:
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2 Mar 20
If you take the attacks on @RepDougCollins in this ad one by one, they’re pretty weak sauce.
What is the @NRSC doing trying to trash @RepDougCollins for not supporting Trump right away in the primary? Name the GOP Senators who did! Pretty short list!
This trash smear campaign will hurt @nrsc more than it hurts @RepDougCollins to be honest.

Georgians will decide who we send to the Senate. Don’t care what the @nrsc thinks.
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24 Feb 20
This memorial in Tamiami Park has the names of 10,000 Cuban victims of the Castro regime etched into it.

Too bad 60 Minutes cut the worst part of what Sanders said and the. Talked over the rest.

His full comments are in the next two tweets👇
“In 1961, they invaded Cuba, and everybody was totally convinced that Castro was the worst guy in the world. All the Cuban people were going to rise up in rebellion against Fidel Castro. They forgot that he educated their kids, gave them healthcare, totally transformed society..
You know, not to say Fidel Castro and Cuba are perfect - they are certainly not - but just because Ronald Reagan dislikes these people does not mean to say the people in their own nations feel the same way.”
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23 Feb 20
My cousin Trae Zipperer got a big shout out from @marcorubio on Facebook for his mission to clean every veteran headstone! Way to go, @TraeZipperer! 🇺🇸
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18 Feb 20
Decision 2020: Nevada Edition (Thread)

Joe Biden:
Elizabeth Warren:
Pete Buttigieg:
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6 Dec 19
Here’s what the articles of impeachment would look like if Democrats were 100% honest:

Article 1: The media and the polls promised us Trump would not be President, and they broke their promise.

Article 2: Trump uses all the mean tactics that we have a tacit trademark on...
Article 3: Trump won three states that belong to the Democratic Party

Article 4: The economy is doing great even though we promised Trump would tank it

Article 5: We’re so mad

Article 6: All our candidates are terrible and stand little chance of defeating an incumbent POTUS...
Article 7: Trump fights back

Article 8: MSM pundits have used some VERY scary adjectives to describe him

Article 9: People keep acting like Melania is as elegant as Michelle

Article 10: He’s not in any of our social circles...
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4 Dec 19
MUSINGS ON IMPEACHMENT: The experts will be right today when they tell the House Judiciary Committee that the HoR can impeach the President for anything that they want. It's a political process not a legal process. In the end, impeachment doesn't really matter very much 1/7
It's nothing more than the House making an accusation. That's why the framers made it easy to impeach. No supermajority. No minimum legal standard. No objective criteria. Just a simple majority in the House of Representatives 2/7
It's easier to impeach the President than it is to pass a bill. Passing a bill requires a simple majority in BOTH houses. Impeaching the President requires a simple majority in only one house. What's playing out before us in the HoR now shows us why 3/7
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7 Oct 19
If Trump gets impeached over this phone call, then all future Presidents can be impeached.
The Democratic party is way more dangerous than Trump could ever be. They’re dead set on undoing the election. They have been from day one.
-sway the electors
-Russia collusion
One desperate attempt after another to undo the election.
I mostly laugh at all the idiots, but it’s starting to piss me off. If you want to get rid of Trump, win an election! Go have a F@$&ing original idea for the first time in your life and actually win something!
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5 Oct 19
.⁦@innisandgunn⁩ rum barrel aged Blood Red Sky
I had the @innisandgunn bourbon barrel aged porter for the first episode of @ElectionandBeer, so I decided to try this one. It’s EVEN BETTER than the porter! This brewery is 🔥 🔥 🔥
My wife got some beer with a pink head on it. It’s super gross. Taste like candy.

@WPoliticked might like it tho.
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5 Oct 19
Trump beat the only Demorcratic candidate he was given to beat.

Trump beat 16 Republicans by dark horsing his way to the top.

Romney on the other hand lost to Obama whose policies were THE REASON that the GOP won 1000s of races between 2010 and 2016.
Obama was very beatable in 2012 That’s why he lost two of the states he carried in 2008. Obama did not run a great campaign. He lost the first debate as bad as anyone had ever seen. It just seemed like a great campaign because Romney’s was so miserable.
So, kindly spare us all the lecture on what a winner Romney is because we were all around to seem him fumble around the MSM circuit and blow a winnable election.
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30 Sep 19
1. Print Article
2. Place in Glove Compartment
3. Show to Officer
IzZz Muh GuT BaCterIa...
That's a joke! Don't drink and drive! Ever!
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30 Sep 19
I’m not gonna dog on a little girl, but it’s worth a mention that many headlines on this story felt the need to include Karen Pence’s name- just as a way to tenuously connect the horrible allegations to Trump in some way.
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27 Sep 19
NEW Harvard-Harris poll:
66% say the economy is strong
(no wonder @realDonaldTrump needs to be impeached)

Even though 66% say the economy is strong, a 42% plurality says we’ll be going into recession in 6 months.
(Well done, MSM)
Trump approval at 46% total
55% on “stimulating jobs”
54% on “the economy”
52% on “fighting terrorism”
47% on “immigration”
44% on “administering the government”
43% on “foreign affairs”
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26 Sep 19
It is lazy reporting for NYT to go back to the same well over and over, but your arguments for why these people aren’t swing voters are pretty lame too.
“She voted for Trump and the Republicans again in the Midterm. This isn’t a swing voter.”

Basically, Matt is arguing that if you like Trump you can’t be a swing voter. That’s not how that works, Matt.
“Reggie has a portrait of Robert E. Lee hanging in his living room. No, Reggie is not a swing voter.”

Here a person can’t be a swing voter because there’s a picture of Robert E. Lee in his living room. Some weird assumption at play here.
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22 Sep 19
Extremely measured people (a thread):
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