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4 Aug
In virtually all current commentary about whether Iran committed an “act of war,” a leitmotif especially of Pompeo, regularly overlooked is the fact that economic sanctions are always “acts of war,”
For 40 years the U.S. has pursued an unsentimental, coldblooded policy in the Middle East.

Most of the time it has meant pushing morality, human rights and democracy into the background. wsj.com/articles/jimmy…
"Any viable U.S. strategy for the region must account for the Iran factor in some significant form over the long term, even if the nuclear issue were completely resolved to U.S. and Western satisfaction and even with a different government."
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21 Jul
US dollar dominance could amplify crisis impact, IMF fears - Financial Times ft.com/content/d0e3bc…
Emerging markets currencies have seen their value plummet against the dollar during the pandemic, raising hopes that weaker exchange rates will make their exports more competitive and boost struggling economies.
But the IMF found that weaker exchange rates would be less effective shock absorbers than in the past, due to the dollar’s role as the dominant invoicing and financing currency.
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3 Jul

#Finland's air force command has dropped the swastika from its logo without making an announcement.

The air force had been using the symbol since 1918.
The swastika entered Finland's air force through a Swedish nobleman, Count Eric von Rosen.

He had gifted a plane to the air force of Finland in 1918, with a blue swastika painted on it. Rosen used to consider the swastika a good luck charm
Eric von Rosen didn't have any Nazi associations in 1918, but eventually formed a connection to Nazi Germany through his brother-in-law, who was a personal friend of Hitler.
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27 May
"The failure to adopt English is particularly unexpected given that the English language — and the whiteness associated with it — signifies privilege in Japan."
"Today, Japanese are caught between a belief in the importance of Japanese language and culture and the need to exist in a globalized world in which English carries economic privileges and status associations. "
While Japan was never a colony of a Western country, the U.S. occupation after World War II lasted for seven years — enough time for the U.S. military to implement widespread political and economic changes throughout the country.
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20 Apr
Sweden Says Controversial Virus Strategy Proving Effective - Bloomberg bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
As of Sunday, Sweden had reported 1,540 deaths tied to Covid-19, an increase of 29 from Saturday.

That’s considerably more than in the rest of Scandinavia, but much less than in Italy, Spain and the U.K., both in absolute and relative terms.
More than half of Swedish households are single-person, making social distancing easier to carry out.

More people work from home than anywhere else in Europe, and everyone has access to fast Internet.
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1 Mar
As coronavirus slams #Italy, paralysis and anxiety spread - Reuters reuters.com/article/us-chi…
As the economic shocks reverberate across Europe, Italians are still trying to get to grips with how a seemingly isolated case could balloon within days, to bring the eurozone's third-largest economy to the brink of recession.
Lombardy, the region around Italy's financial capital, Milan, is one of the richest and most productive in Europe.

Along with Veneto, the other main area hit by the coronavirus outbreak, it generates around a third of Italy's economic output.
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17 Jan
» BBC - Culture - How Buddhism spread written language around the world bbc.com/culture/story/…
“There is no consensus whether Buddhism is a religion or not”.

Buddhism has no “supreme divine being or creator god”; the Buddha is more like a teacher, a guide, and one studies his philosophy and his life by way of texts and illustrations.
As many as 500 million people worldwide might identify themselves as Buddhists, but there is no way of knowing for sure, because Buddhism isn’t exclusive: you can practise it, or adopt elements of it, any way you want.
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10 Jan
The young (South) Koreans pushing back on a culture of endurance - BBC News bbc.com/worklife/artic…
Young Koreans, many experiencing similar disillusionment, are pushing back against conventional ideas about professional success and social responsibilities.

A number of projects and businesses are springing up to support this.
Korean millennials refer to themselves as part of the Sampo generation, a neologism that translates to the “three sacrifice generation” – one where young Koreans must relinquish relationships, marriages and children to survive the cut-throat economy.
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20 Dec 19
Thirteen writers from around the world on the way the president scrambled their nations' affairs. - The Washington Post washingtonpost.com/outlook/2019/1…
For pro-Western Russians, the 2016 election was a day of reckoning for their past naivete and idolization of the West.

Ukraine, currently in the spotlight in the United States for all the wrong reasons, has been a major factor in shaping their disenchantment.
The United States ignored rabid ethnonationalism and did next to nothing to help the country undo its corrupt oligarchic system.

Poor and insecure, Ukraine is a perfect scarecrow for Kremlin TV, which devotes a grotesquely disproportionate amount of time to it.
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15 Nov 19
'They'll never be the same': #SantaClarita school shooting shatters a safe haven - NBC News nbcnews.com/news/crime-cou… 通过 @GoogleNews
The suspected shooter Nathan Berhow appeared to be struggling since the death of his father in 2017 and leaned heavily on his mother and sister for support.

His parents divorced in 2016.
Berhow, who shot himself in the head, remains hospitalized and was referred to as being in “grave condition.”

The names of the victims have not been released. There has been confusion about how many victims died in the shooting.
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27 Sep 19
Trump's administration is considering delisting Chinese companies from U.S. stock exchanges, in what would be a radical escalation of U.S.-China trade tensions. #黔驴技穷 finance.yahoo.com/news/1-trump-o…
While the idea could be a maneuver ahead of those talks, the main aim was to counteract the civilian-military fusion of Chinese technology firms, the Made in China 2025 program.

The source said there are longstanding concerns about U.S. capital enabling these activities.
Exact mechanisms for how to do so have not yet been worked out and any plan is subject to approval by Trump, who has given the green light to the discussion.

White House Weighs Limits on U.S. Portfolio Flows Into China - Bloomberg bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
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20 Sep 19
Imran Khan and Shah Rukh Khan
Nehru and wife Kamala on their wedding day in 1916
Benazir Bhutto, Hillary Clinton, and Chelsea Clinton after a dinner reception in Pakistan in 1995
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1 Sep 19
Saudi Arabia created a new ministry for industry and mineral resources, separating it from the kingdom's colossal energy ministry, and replaced the powerful head of the royal court.
In reality, Saudi Arabia’s long-term oil export and production strategy is unlikely to change dramatically as market fundamentals have forced the Oil Kingdom into a corner. 
Khalid al-Falih power position, which until now had been fully supported by MBS, has been cut down dramatically.

Last week’s split up of his main power base was evidence that cracks were emerging in his hold on power.
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21 Aug 19
In 1918, its companies had virtually no access to what would become Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or the Gulf states.

By 1934, American companies had substantial participation in nearly all of them. 
The Allies won the Great War in part by deploying a fleet of 6,000 new gas-guzzling tanks.

Oil's logistical importance grew so immense that each belligerent placed oil distribution under the supervision of state authorities working in collaboration with large companies.
During the war, Standard Oil of New Jersey, which had previously been vilified by the U.S. government, became a mainstay of the country’s supply system while the new National Petroleum War Service Committee was run by the largest oil companies.
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4 May 19
Just imagine someone on CCTV saying that the US is an enemy because among the ruling class, the forefathers of many owned slaves and were KKK enthusiasts and believed Asians were inferior.
And this guy better be half-Chinese and half-American to give him more credibility.
And China will get along with the United States fine if it's not ruled by white supremacists.
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2 May 19
Michel Foucault on the term 'intellectual'
The Chinese term '知识分子' (zhī shí fèn zǐ) appeared in the inaugural issue of The Communist, a monthly magazine affiliated with the Communist Party's predecessor, in 1920 and only became popular in the 1930s.
A related term '知识阶级' (zhī shí jiē jí, or chishiki kaikyu) first appeared in Japan.

The flowering of literary and political journals after the 1919 May Fourth protest greatly increased the term’s circulation.
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25 Apr 19
» Feds search locations tied to Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh in connection with book scandal - CNN cnn.com/2019/04/25/pol…
Thursday's federal raid comes two days after Baltimore's acting Mayor Jack Young said that he's been in the dark about Pugh's plans — but that he would "hate" to see her return.
» "Baltimore Suffers Crime, Corruption, Population Decline" | National Review nationalreview.com/2019/04/baltim…
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21 Apr 19
How Whales Became The Largest Animals Ever
Odd as it may seem, a four-footed land mammal named Pakicetus, living some 50 million years ago in what we know as Pakistan today, bears the title of “first whale.”
First discovered by paleontologists in 1983, Pakicetus lived along the margins of a large shallow ocean, the Tethys Sea.
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14 Apr 19
Traces of Denisovan DNA found in contemporary humans have implications for health care in the tropical region of Southeast Asia.
Though anatomically modern humans (homo sapiens) first appear in the archaeological record 200–300 kya, other hominins persisted until as recently as 30–40 kya.

In some cases, modern humans overlapped temporally and spatially with archaic humans.
Genome-wide data from Eurasian samples suggest an initial Neanderthal admixture proportion close to 6%, which decreased gradually over time to a contemporary level of 2%.
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12 Apr 19
» “The Formosa Fraud: The Story of George Psalmanazar, One of the Greatest Charlatans in Literary History” by Graham Earnshaw asianreviewofbooks.com/content/the-fo…
Psalmanazar describes an island nation populated by a skillful and learned people.

Yet it is a place which oscillates strangely between civility and savagery.
Elite figures ranging from the scientists of the Royal Society to the Bishop of London initially believed his claims, but he eventually fell into disgrace as competing experts confirmed that he was a liar.
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3 Apr 19
India in the eyes of Xuanzang (c. 602 – 664) and Faxian (337 – c. 422),
In India, Ibn Battuta was taken prisoner by 'the blacks', an ordeal that only ended when he encountered another Muslim who was able to release him.
History tends to be written by the victors and about the powerful.

When history is not even written, as was the case in early ancient India, there are still ways to extract information.
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