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29 Nov
Problem-Solving: The River Analogy

If you're too lazy to read, you can find an audio version of this thread on Basedonia:
See the obstacles you face in life as rivers you have to cross.

Any situation you face comes down to this very simple analogy.

And as each river has a different depth of water, it takes different efforts to cross one as it would for another.

But here is the thing...
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28 Nov
Truth is subjective (thread):
"Perspective is everything"

You probably already heard that.
In this thread, I'll explain to you why this is the absolute truth.
So many people spend their lives seeking truth, to a point which they miss out on it.
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28 Nov
How to Cancel Blame Projection

Playing the blame game is a sign of an insecure yet manipulative personality.

It's important to remember that most manipulative people don't know they are; that's why it's useless to tell them about it.

Because they'll just deny it like; they always do.
The thing with manipulation techniques is that, for them to work, the victim needs to emotionally invest themselves.

When it's not the case; the manipulator will quickly shift their strategy as they'll realize how inefficient it is.
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28 Nov
The hate on successful is not only unwarranted but also a sign of insecurity.

How many rich kids have done nothing with their lives besides enjoying their parents' wealth

Instead of complaining about other people's priviliges, leverage yours. H/t @oliviercantin
This is an obvious lack of gratitude and excessive envy.

Deal with your insecurities instead of projecting them on people who don't even know you exist

Instead of justifying their success, work on your own

It's easy to point fingers, it's harder to keep your head down and work
People who can't achieve their dreams say that those who did are cheaters.

It's pathetic.
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25 Nov
Psychological manipulation techniques used on you by governments during the scamdemic.


If you think all is fine and no propaganda was used to make people comply, stop reading now.

There is no point.

Now that we kept the smart ones, let's get started.
1- Willpower Cancellation:

The measures enforced were never brutally induced.

They were discussed and presented as rumors through media which made people pick sides.

Most simply agreed with what seemed to be the majority to them (explained in part2).

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24 Nov
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8 Nov
Not something everyone will get but I'll post it anyway:
If there is something that has negatively impacted society, it's undoubtedly the French Theory. A "pseudo-philosohical" movement that appeared in France in the 60s then spread later on. The essence of this theory is that you can deconstruct everything and reconstruct it.
According to the French Theory, nothing is innate/natural and everything is cultural/social and thus can be changed, deconstructed and reconstructed regardless of human nature and nature in general.
This goes from social structures to genders and the list goes on.
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23 Oct
How to deal with doubt

The thing with doubt is that sometimes it makes sense.

Sometimes you might be dead ass wrong.
But unless you review the motives and incentives behind both your initial decision and the doubt you're facing; you will not be able to get the most out of the situation.
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8 Oct
4 Tips To Improve Your Body Language

Tip 1:


It looks fake.

Instead focus on having a straight back.

Your chest will de facto be bumped without looking fake.

Plus, it's actually healthy for your back so take care of that body so it can speak louder.
Tip 2:

Move slowly, deliberately and take space.

Be comfortable with your body movement, don't be too quick as it shows insecurity.

Instead take your time to move, think about your movements and execute them with grace rather than hurry.
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7 Oct
How to Control Your Reactions

If you are impulsive, you know that this might be your biggest problem in life.

Unthoughtful actions, led by your emotions and that you often end up regretting.

Impulsivity comes from an inability to control one's emotions and a failure to think of consequences.
In order to stop being impulsive, one has to work on optimizing their reactions.

Rather than fighting your reactions and overly controlling yourself,

You should work on the WAY you react.

Forbidding yourself from reacting will lead to a greater frustration.
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2 Oct
How to cure yourself from social pressure & start making your OWN choices.

I've been there.

People asking you for different things you don't care about.

You, finding yourself doing stuff you have no interest in.

Attending events and going to places you never wanted to be at.

That is social pressure.

This thread is going to show you how to cancel it
It's dumb, it's cliché

But ffs say NO

It's so satisfactory, nothing equals making people frustrated.

Make your own decisions by simply start by disagreeing.

Make it hard to convince you.

Make it your choice.
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1 Oct
How to talk with confidence

The problem with body language is that most people will stop there.

Their words won't match their actions and they will look like arrogant fools.

Don't be that person.
If you want to express a confident body language, make sure what and you say it don't tarnish your efforts.
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28 Sep
How to be respected (without trying hard)

1. Don't try to impress:

Be true to yourself, people who are genuine and don't give too much attention to how they act are appreciated.

If you act like someone you're not, you'll be despised and lose respect.
2. Smile:

Radiating good vibes will make people like you.

Smiling costs nothing and yet has a very high likelihood to make the person mirror your behavior.

Want people to act nice to you?

The world amplifies what you feed it.

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16 Sep
The small moments are everything.

It's the seemingly meaningless moments that constitute your life.

It's the small decisions that lead you to the big wins.

So many are focused on the end result that they can't build from scratch.
You dont realize that it's ALWAYS the small decisions that have an impact on your life.

It's that fraction of a second where you decide to hit the gym that are gonna get you the results you wants.
It's that fraction of a second where you decide to stop allow disrespect that make you stronger.

Your ideas are meaningless if you don't pursue them relentlessly Every day, at every moment.
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16 Sep
You are your own enemy if you don't keep yourself in check.

You will continue doing what harms you for as long as you won't be able to be brutally honest with yourself.
Being brutally honest with yourself doesn't mean beating yourself up over what you do wrong.


That's mind torture.

THAT is overthinking.
Systemize how you keep yourself in check.

Be it meditation, journaling, both or whatever the fuck you feel is useful.
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7 Sep
How to Develop Confidence Through Assertiveness

"It takes confidence to be assertive.


It builds confidence to be assertive.

Where you see a paradox, I see a virtuous cycle."

Let's explain.
What is an assertive behavior?

It's the fact of confidently and explicitly asserting one's boundaries by expressing them clearly any without feeling ashamed of them.
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28 Aug
My life only started when I quit drugs.

It's a fucking dead-end.

Pull out.
'Oh but it helps me sleep and makes me smarter.

I see shit I wouldn't see if I was sober"

Yeah okay, fucking dumbass.
You either die a drug addict or become a drug dealer

That's what happens if you dont quit.

I've done both.

None work.

Take my word for it or refer to the first sentence.

Call is yours.
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27 Aug
Believing in yourself will solve most of your problems.

Most people will tell you to remain humble, accept your limits, be docile, be influenceable.

Stop the bullshit.

Believe in your fucking self.

When you believe in yourself, your values, beliefs, and confidence take on greater importance.
1-You become passionate about life:

The new found respect for yourself that you will achieve will bring you a more optimistic point of view of things

Everything is easy, everything is welcome.
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22 Aug
You, as you know it, only exists in your head.

And that's what matters most.

Most people give way too much importance to external judgement and social status

Ignoring the fact that, in the grand scheme of things, most of our actions are only impact US.

In this thread Ill show you how no one really exists and why it's important to do as YOU please.
The way I see myself is:

-Fucking Great

This is most likely NOT what YOU think of me.

And I honestly can't know what image of me you have.


Because I'm not you.

This applies to everyone.
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