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Nov 25 7 tweets 1 min read
1/It's the equivalent of shaking the nation in a sieve, the sieve holes represents a certain minimum ''dimension'' of righteousness, the chaff falls through and is blown away. It's different for every people b/c they had more/less time, opportunities to grow in righteousness. 2/What are the gate measures like? They hate/d their life in this world, they hate x10 the wicked who rise up against God's wisdom, they love God x100. The love for God HAS to be more than the hate, or He'll give them over to the wicked they hate. They have suffered...
Nov 20 18 tweets 3 min read
1/17 The little children and their church abusers: This post is a generalization i.t.o, the guilty, but the Apostles did not write personal notes to every individual they had to generalize too.
Jesus said, do NOT hinder the little children to come to me. 2/Children when once they become aware of a deficit in justice, however they become aware of it, spares no time to 'get on it', to remove the deficit.

They run around in the garden slaying dragons with their plastic or wooden swords, or chase crooks around with their toy...
Nov 19 25 tweets 4 min read
🧵This post is about perfection There are 23 sub-posts. 1/Why are pastors are so silent about perfection. Perhaps the reason is, that the moment you start talking about about it the Pharisaical people will turn into sin inspectors, lurking, and watching for your foot to slip or to find some sort of gnat like fault, to invalidate you.