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24 Sep
Emma Eregarnoma invited his mother, Mrs Oke Eregarnoma, to his house on Caroline Street, Okuokoko after he persuaded her that he had a surprise package for her.
On getting there, she said she saw
Emma in an unusual joyous mood, after he welcomed her in. He then increased the volume of his musical gadgets. Oke alleged that her son suddenly locked the door and made moves to strangle and pluck off her eyes, just as she screamed for help, adding that no one heard her due to
the loud music.
She said after fighting with his son for some minutes she regained her strength and ran outside for help, while neighbours came to her rescue.
Mrs Oke Eregarnoma, while narrating her ordeal to journalists on a hospital bed where she was recuperating, recalled that
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23 Sep
If this story doesn't make you to shed tears of joy, nothing else will.
''l was at a mentor's office few days ago, a self made man, top notch Electrical Engineer, one of the best in the country.
It's been a while I saw him, so I decided to check on him and say hi.
To his office
I was a regular visitor, so the secretary was like "Uncle Yinka where is my cake? I saw the pictures of the Twins on Facebook.
"I will bring it when next I come. However is egbon around? I asked.
"Yes but he has one visitor," she replied.
I won't take his time I just want to
tell him I have submitted the proposals he asked me to give one permanent secretary at the secretariat.
I stepped into the inner office and saw him crying and laughing at the same time, a young boy in NYSC uniform was sitting in front of him.
The young man was almost in tears
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23 Sep
''Pantami Accepted FUTO Fraudfessorship Before it Was Offered!
By Farooq Kperogi
I woke up a while ago to these memos from FUTO. The appointment letter that offered Pantami a fraudfessorship is dated August 20, 2021 BUT the acceptance letter is dated March 30, 2021!
In other words, Pantami accepted a fraudfessorship that hadn't even been formally offered, and then FUTO retroactively offered it.😂😂
At this rate, are we even sure that FUTO's Department of Cybersecurity isn't actually the Department of Cyberfraud? Even at that, Pantami won't
be qualified to be a professor of practice in cyberfraud because he obviously can't even successfully pull off a simple fraud.
Yesterday, a young cyber sleuth by the name of Dr. Abdulaziz Tijjani discovered that Pantami edited his Researchgate profile to lie that he was an
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23 Sep
''I was a member of Deeper Life Bible Church from 1981 - 2005.
It was a period of holiness or the highway.
Thankfully, most, or nearly all of my core societal values, dignity and critical views on leadership (till today) were formed, nurtured, instilled in me as a young boy
while at Deeper Life Bible Church.
Albeit, Felix Ojobor and I never stopped asking tough questions on the church's doctrines which we saw, then, as personal and cultural influences on how members were expected to act, behave and live their lives as Christians.
We were humble
devoted members but rebels.
We asked why the church will not allow us watch TV, and see programs like NTA's "Science is Discovery" Wildlives" "Now for Mathematics" shown week days at 5:30 p.m. and many other educational programs.
Yes, NTA was that good in the 80s.
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23 Sep
Ms Norah Okafor shares a frightening experience in her own words.
''At exactly 1:36am,I was alerted by my brother that there are armed robbers at my gate trying to make their way into the compound. Because it was an electric fence, I didn't bother enough because I felt they can't
make their way in. Alas, I was wrong. 2am on the dot they made their way into the compound. They came prepared. Over 25 of them with two hilux buses, masked and dressed in black upon black. A huge one climbed the fence, with a plier and immediately cut off a few of the wires,
jumped into the compound and with an axe, broke the gate key open and zoom they made their first entry into my apartment. As a nude sleeper, while they tried to make their way into the compound, I found something to wear while my brothers and I were thinking of a way of escape.
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23 Sep
I got this from a friend, please read it and pick out vital life lessons.
''I was at home that day when my mum called me to run an errand for her. (I had no idea what was coming)
She handed some money over to me. It was for a tin of tomatoes. I looked at the money and indeed it
was for just one tin.
“Just one?” I thought to my self
I knew I could easily get that on the street, so I wasn’t bordered.
But she wasn’t done...
She went on to describe the particular shop(at the market) to get this, how to get there and what the woman looked like.
“Why travel all the way to the market? All for just a tin of tomatoes?” I thought to my self.
Like I said, I had no idea what was coming. She really made sure I understood the instruction perfectly. As if that wasn’t enough, she instructed me to be home soon( it was getting late
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22 Sep
''History and empirical evidence have taught us that if you give Miyetti Allah or their cohorts 5,000 sqm, they will use it as a springboard to continue their undisguised conquest and empire building agenda. Ask the people of Southern Kaduna, Plateau, Taraba and Benue states who
today have lost thousands of communities, with hundreds of thousands of their people in refugee camps in the last six years alone.
If the DTSG must invest in livestock farming, let it be strictly state-owned and operated by trained indigenes and investors operating strictly on
business model. It should never be given to an alien ethnic group with a historic track record of violence and spurious claims to the ownership of other people’s ancestral lands. No sane person deliberately invites a virus into his home.
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22 Sep
Late Afolabi Mabogunje's brother recounts how he was killed in Lagos by hoodlums.
My brother was riding early on Thursday morning, Sept 9th 2021, at about 5am, as he has done for about ?10yrs now or more. He was at the meet up point- Image
The same one as always. Then two guys with knives attacked him from behind, while he was off his bicycle and making a phone call to his co-cyclers, stabbing him on both sides of his neck, right side of his chest and left arm. In the right side, a gory wound got the internal
jugular vein apart from any other structures. The left got a superficial branch of the internal jugular. While struggling/ fighting off the guys his phone dropped, they grabbed it, jumped on a waiting motorcycle and sped off.
He was gushing out blood with each contraction of
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21 Sep
''Social media buskers and cheerleaders are trying hard to absolve the Buhari govt of blame in the Mambila hydro power project fiasco exposed by the BBC Hausa. They said the presidency was quoted out of context, and that it never claimed work had started at Mambila.
But the official cheerleaders say otherwise. They told us equipment had been procured. They shared the photos of the project sites to convince us Mambila project was coming to fruition. And we truly believed them.
Buhari himself taunted Obasanjo for allegedly
spending $16 billion on power without commensurate results. Although in actual sense, Obasanjo spent $3.5 billion (at rate of N150 to $1) to build new power generating stations under the National Integrated Power Projects (NIPPs), we have seen Papalanto, Omotosho, Alaoji and
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20 Sep
Be kind to everyone including those you think cannot be of help to you. Read and learn👇
''In the year 2015, almost a year I started working, I couldn’t meet my monthly target of N1million naira deposit.
My supervisor was on me- as expected, the few customers I had then couldn’t
help either, I was in a fix and it was the third month when we are appraised quarterly for performance.
I think I started preparing mentally for a query but my other side was still optimistic, a little.
One day, on my way out to see a prospective customer, one of the security
guards who hails from Edo state- Mohammed after hailing him, asked me in a hush tone if I was okay. I had a weak smile and answered affirmatively. He let me be
I came back and he was the first to offer me cold water(it was a sunny day) and took my bag in. After the close of work
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20 Sep
I pray that this young Nigerian gets justice and a closure too
''Obinna, a 30-year-old Nigerian man started an agricultural commodity export business 2 years ago.
His business model is simple:
When he gets a contract to supply agricultural products like sesame seed, maize, rice,
corns and millet, this is the process.
The person/company that wants the product from his company will send an international letter of credit through their bank to his local bank in Nigeria, once this is done and confirmed, it shows the buyers willingness to proceed with the
With this confirmation in his pocket , Obinna raises money from friends and family with the assurance given by the LC with his local bank, travel to the north with his team, source for the agricultural item that the client abroad is requesting for, buy, ship it
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10 Sep
''What happened today (Yesterday) in Owerri, is a sad reality of how divided President Buhari has succeeded in dividing this nation.
Besides the sit-at-home order, most politicians of the region avoided Owerri.
Could it be the unpopularity of Hope Uzodimma?
Outside Dave Umahi of Ebonyi that is in bed with Buhari and the host governor, the majority of the SE Governors sent their deputies.
As if that wasn't enough, most house of representatives and senators from the region avoided IMO completely.
One take easy form today is that as
a leader, always ensure to carry everyone along.Even if they did not vote for you, once you emerge, integrate all and not consider some as outcast.
Since I was born, this is the first time a president visit looks like a burial ceremony of a railway worker that his pension
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8 Sep
A woman takes her 20-year-old daughter to the doctor...
The doctor says, “Okay, Madam, what’s the problem?”
The mother says, “It’s my daughter, Becky. She keeps getting these cravings, she’s putting on weight, and is sick most mornings.”
The doctor gives Becky a good examination,
then turns to the mother and says, “Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, but your Becky is pregnant – about 4 months, would be my guess..”
The mother says, “Pregnant?! She can’t be, she has never ever been left alone with a man! Have you Becky ?”
Becky says, “No mother! I’ve never even kissed a man, I’m still a virgin!”
The doctor walked over to the window and just stood there staring out into orbit. About five minutes passed and finally, the mother says, “Is there something wrong out there doctor?”
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7 Sep
′′ The judge asked the killer of former Egyptian president Anwar Sadat why did you kill Sadat?
He said to him, Because he is secular!
The judge replied: What secular means?
The killer said: I don't know!
In the case of the attempted assassination of the
late Egyptian writer ′′ Naguib Mahfouz ", the judge asked the man who stabbed Naguib Mahfouz: Why did you stab him?
The terrorist said: Because of his novel ′′ The children of our neighbourhood ".
The judge asked him: Have you read this novel?
The criminal said: No!
Another judge asked the terrorist who killed the Egyptian writer 'Faraj Fara': Why did you murder Faraj Fouda?
The terrorist replied: Because he is an unfaithful!
The judge asked him: How did you know he was an unfaithful?
The terrorist replied: According to the books he wrote?
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7 Sep
A Merchant wanted to purchase a gorgeous camel in the market and after spotting one began to settle for it with the seller!
There was a long bargain between the merchant and the camel seller, and finally the merchant bought the camel and took it home!
On reaching home, the merchant called his servant to take out the camel's kajava (saddle) ..!
Under the Kajave, the servant found a small velvet bag which upon opening revealed him to be full of precious diamond gems ..!
The servant shouted, "Boss, you bought a camel, but look
what came with it for free!"
The Merchant was also surprised, he saw diamonds in his servant's hands which were shining and twinkling even more in the sunlight!
The Merchant said: "I have bought a camel and not the diamonds, I should return it immediately!"
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26 Aug
A young Nigerian immigrant had just joined a company as a salesman for toothbrushes. He came with a reputation for methods that were unorthodox but effective, and his new boss was a little wary about dealing with his newest hire.
To start the salesman off, the manager gave him
an assignment at a little booth in a nearby shopping mall. For the first week, the manager deliberately kept away, waiting to see what results this young upstart might produce.
When the young man’s first weekly sales report came in, the manager called him to the office
“You wanted to see me, boss?”
“Did you know you sold more than a hundred toothbrushes in your first week with us? That is ten times more than our best week ever so far!”
The young Nigerian salesman shrugged his shoulders. “Nothing to it.”
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25 Aug
In August 2015,the Punch had an interview with Bishop Mathew Hassan Kukah👇
PUNCH:Don’t you think BUHARI needs to take his time to appoint the right people to work with in order to have round pegs in round holes?
BISHOP KUKAH:The President can take all the time in the world; it will never be a guarantee of the quality of his choice. Jesus prayed before choosing his disciples; he knew every man’s character, but Judas was in the crowd. I hear Nigerians harping on choosing the right people.
How do you measure the right people? Is my ability to write a good article, the fact that I went to Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale, all evidence that I am a good material? I think all the President should do is appoint people, read the riot act, lay down the minimum of
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25 Aug
The Pope gets an invitation to speak at the UN in New York. His plane arrives late and so as he gets into his limo tells the driver to put his foot down .
The driver is worried about getting a ticket so he doesn't go too fast. The Pope gets so angry and he says
“ you get in the back-I’ll drive!”
He shoots off at a terrific pace and sure enough gets pulled over by a cop. The cop takes one look in the window and calls the station.
Hey I got a real big shot here speeding. Not sure what to do.
His sergeant says “ what do you mean big shot?
Who is it- the Mayor??
Cop: No- bigger!

Sergeant: The Governor?
Cop: No- bigger than him.
Sergeant: F*ck- not the President is it??
Cop: No - bigger than the President!
Sergeant: Well if it's not the President who the hell is it??
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25 Aug
This story will bring tears to your eyes😭😭
''When Yusuf had an accident at Gwarinpa with his power bike, he was rushed to N** P**. There he met Dr Obafemi who was one of the most junior doctors at the facility. Dr Obafemi didn't know he was Yusuf and didn't bother to know.
All he knew was that he is a son of "somebody" for him to have been escorted by Police men. He sought to give him the best treatment primarily as a patient. After brief examination, he realised that Yusuf was an orthopaedic case and their facility was not one. He called his HOD
who didn't pick his calls and later called W**, the owner of the facility. None picked his numerous calls When he realised Yusuf would die if he doesn't refer him to an hospital where he can get the best care he referred him to C** C** (where he knew are into such treatment).
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24 Aug
Two students were waiting to undergo their oral aptitude test. The first student's turn comes, and he goes inside
Examiner :- Suppose you are travelling by a train, and suddenly it gets hot, what will you do?
Alex:- I will open the window.
Examiner:- Great, now suppose that the
area of the window is 1.5 sq.m and the volume of the compartment is 12m³, the train is travelling at 80 km/hr in a Westerly direction and the speed of the wind is 5 m/s from the South, then how much time will it take for the compartment to get cold?
The student couldn't answer,
so he is failed and he comes out.
After coming out he tells that question to the second student.
The second student goes in and his test starts.
Examiner:- Suppose you are travelling by a train, and suddenly it gets hot, what will you do?
Chidi :- I will remove my coat.
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24 Aug
Please read this update from a medical doctor friend @iToyindahouse and stay safe from the covid-19,3rd wave currently killing Nigerians😭😭
''1. 48 Yr old female.
2. 27 weeks pregnant from IVF after 18 years of childless marriage
3. Brought to my facility after testing positive
for Covid-19 a few days after coming back from a Redemption camp gathering.
4. Morbidly obese and knowing she stood little chance, she had the utmost care.
5. Sadly, she went.
6. Be safe. BE SAFE.
The tricky thing about Covid-19 is that young, no-chronic condition and
symptomless carriers can infect those who may not survive. It's frustrating because you don't know who.
A 19 yr old student who had come into the country from a neighbouring country to resume school and had tested positive to the disease looked at me like I was mad when I told
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