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An ecosystem of NFT financialization powered by our fAMM. 777 Nectars to fuel the city | 10k Ovols to conquer the world. https://t.co/NJd7Rt180B
Sep 1 • 5 tweets • 3 min read
NFT trading will never be the same 🔮🦉

Introducing Elixir, a community-owned marketplace powered by the Elixir fAMM, or Floor AMM.

Trade NFTs as quickly as you trade SOL ⚡ now on app.elixirnft.io

#PhaseOne #TheFirstLiq 1/ V0: Aggregating sellers, forcing each to wait for a buyer

V1: Pooling buy and sell demand, but still fragmenting liquidity and pricing with many single-LP pools per collection

Elixir fAMM: Concentrating buy and sell demand for a entire collection into a one market 🚀