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6 Apr
What strikes me most about Yom HaShoah is how Jewish people and institutions in diaspora frequently treat it as if it's a neutral, "apolitical" even, day of remembrance and commemoration for Holocaust victims.

Here is a short thread on Yom HaShoah:
Yom HaShoah is an "israeli" public holiday which commemorates specifically the Jewish victims of the Holocaust (and the many Jews who revolted against the nazis)

As described by Ben-Gurion in the image above, Yom HaShaoh is marked throughout "israel" by education, commemorative events, flying "israeli" flags at half mast, and a national moment of silence (which is initiated by military sirens)
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3 Apr
To be completely honest, I don’t think arguing about the specifics of the zionist claim that “95% of Jews are zionists” makes sense. Whatever the number, it’s clear that the overwhelming majority of Jewish people, organizations, and institutions *do* in fact support zionism.
Arguing about the number of Jews who “actually” support zionism seems to imply that zionism’s value should be measured from the perspective of Jews and how many of us support or oppose it.

To be as clear as possible, it’s not about us.
If 100% of Jews opposed zionism that wouldn’t “prove” that it was bad and if 100% of Jews did actually support zionism, that wouldn’t prove that it’s good. This kind of argument literally just ignores the perspective of Palestinians.
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22 Feb
This is a thread on what I am going to call (for lack of a better term) the "trope-ification" of antisemitism and how that benefits zionists:

First, by "trope-ification," I mean the tendency to represent antisemitism as an assortment of tropes, where the repeating of the trope (or a statement that might sound similar to the trope) is itself to be understood as sufficient evidence to prove antisemitism.

Here, Avi alleges that Che is antisemitic and should apologize for stating that so-called israel is only vaccinating its Jewish population. According to Avi, Che's statement is antisemitic because there is a longstanding antisemitic trope that Jews spread disease.

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15 Feb
Even if the zionist claim that “Jews are Indigenous to Israel” was true (which it isn’t), it doesn’t erase the fact that Palestinians have lived in Palestine for centuries and were killed, displaced, and dispossessed by those so-called “Indigenous” zionists.
These claims to being indigenous are both insincere and dishonest. Zionists don’t actually care about the rights of indigenous people- which is demonstrated not just by their support for zionism but by their alignment with the u.s., france, germany, u.k., canada, etc.
Claims of Jewish “Indigenousness” are an attempt to erase (and distort) the history of zionism and the colonization of Palestine and to obscure the ongoing colonial displacement and violence that so-called “Israel” is enacting against the Palestinians.
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