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Freelance journalist focusing on underreported issues in Myanmar using a collaborative approach @AJEnglish @frontiermm @globeandmail @TIME
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1/9 For the 5th piece in @Guardian's Reporting Myanmar series, Kachin freelance journalist @NuNuLusan and I wrote about mothers whose sons joined the armed anti-coup revolution, and a mother who joined herself.
theguardian.com/global-develop… 2/9 Peh Reh, 19, was displaced by conflict in Loikaw, Karenni State in May. In Sept, he went back to the village to tend to his family's rice farm. He called his mom from a revolutionary training camp days later and told her he decided to enlist.
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1/7 “Pu Tui Dim is an unsung hero of this people’s revolution against military dictatorship. May he rest in peace, and may he be the last human rights defender whose life is needlessly cut short by this regime,” writes Salai Za Uk Ling of @ChinHumanRights
aljazeera.com/opinions/2022/… 2/7 On January 6, Pu Tui Dim, a journalist and former staff of @ChinHumanRights, was among 10 civilians abducted by military soldiers. He was found dead 3 days later w/ knife & bullet wounds.
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1/5 “With the Burmese military, our country will have no positive future” - @zoyaphan of the European Karen Network and @burmacampaignuk

Excellent piece by Vahpual and @rebeccarat
theguardian.com/global-develop… 2/5 In a statement from 247 CSOs, they warned that comments by UN special envoy Noleen Heyzer “could set a dangerous precedent, that those who take control through brutal means...be welcomed to share power.”
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1/7 For the 4th piece in @guardian's Myanmar Reports series, I worked with Khu Peh Bue, the pseudonym for the news editor of @KantarawaddyTimes, to write about a displaced family's struggles to access health care for their son in Karenni State
theguardian.com/global-develop… 2/7 1 In May, Khu Bue Reh and his wife fled military attacks on their village in Demoso township, Karenni State with their 5 year old son. When he suffered a stroke in July, they made the dangerous journey to Loikaw to seek hospital care
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1/7 “My team has made it this far, and we remain committed to keeping our newsroom alive whatever risks lie ahead.”
John Padang, a pseudonym for the editor-in-chief of @The74Media2019, on how he and his team have kept going in the year since the coup
theguardian.com/global-develop… 2/7 On Feb 14, 2021, John was one of 5 journalists arrested while filming a crackdown on a protest in the Kachin State capital. A soldier said ‘Arrest everyone filming’ & then confiscated their gear. They were the 1st journalists arrested after the coup.
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1/7 For the 2nd piece in @guardian's Myanmar Reports, I worked w/ Flora Lian to write about the ways the Civil Disobedience Movement & armed conflict have affected the lives of teachers & students and access to education in the writer’s native Chin State
theguardian.com/global-develop… 2/7 Grace has been on strike from her teaching job since days after the coup. She gave birth 2 months later. Now she is farming & selling snacks. 2 of her relatives were held hostage as the military tried to threaten her back to work
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THREAD For the past 2 months I have been working with @guardian's Rights and Freedom project on this Reporting #Myanmar series. It seeks to highlight diverse and underrepresented voices from across the country. I will be posting the pieces to this thread
theguardian.com/global-develop… Image Moe, a photojournalist from Mandalay, documented the military's deadly crackdowns in Feb & March, but hasn't been able to go out since April due to the risks. 10 months later, he told me & @NuNuLusan he is waiting for the time he can resume his work
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1/9 “We are women warriors...We are ready to fight for the people” - spokesperson of Myanmar's 1st women-only anti-coup guerrilla group, the Myaung Women Warriors

@Nunulusan & I report on women who joined the armed resistance in Myanmar
aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/1… 2/9 “Society frames certain tasks for men & women...We march to break these stereotypes, and to show that the hands that swing the [baby] hammock can be part of the armed revolution too” - Myaung Women Warriors spokesperson
Nov 8, 2021 8 tweets 6 min read
1/8 @Nunulusan & I report on challenges to rights documentation in Thantlang, Chin State, where more than 160 homes and two church buildings burned down on Oct 29 as the military shut down the internet & occupied the town
aljazeera.com/news/2021/11/8… 2/8 Those collecting & sharing evidence of what happened in Thantlang described numerous risks & obstacles, including fear of arrest/ retaliation, an internet shutdown, and a lack of eyewitnesses as the town’s residents fled earlier waves of violence.
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(1/7) “To create a just & equitable society, it's important to ensure Rohingya & other ethnic groups’ participation” - Chaw Su San, protest leader in Monywa

My look at activists’ views on the way forward regarding ethnic reconciliation in Myanmar
theglobeandmail.com/world/article-… 2/7 “The state or military narrative had been supported in the past...but now, people don’t support these sorts of narratives,” Rohingya researcher & activist @httike told me. "The coup has taken away every sort of freedom in the country, so ppl woke up."
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(1/4) Very honored to collaborate w/ artist @jchser who as always put so much thought & empathy into her illustrations for my recent article w/ @NuNuLusan. And appreciative to @kate_mayberry at @AJEnglish for supporting journalistic collaborations w/ local artists. (2/4) My most recent article w/ @jchser & journalist @NuNuLusan about women in Sagaing's Depayin & Kani township amid the military's violent crackdowns.

“We're depressed & hurt mentally because we've seen many things we shouldn’t see," said one woman
Sep 27, 2021 8 tweets 5 min read
(1/8) “Whenever we hear soldiers coming, we run.”

@NuNuLusan & I wrote about the experiences of women in Sagaing region's Depayin & Kani townships, where 73 ppl were killed in July. Art by @jchser
aljazeera.com/news/2021/9/27… (2/8) As armed resistance to the coup increases, the regime has cracked down on entire villages. Since April, Sagaing region has been a hotspot for deadly military incursions. 109 people have been killed since July, according to a recent NUG report.