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12 Apr
If you buy a burner today for a protest any time between tonight and the next 6 months, it’s not a burner.
It is way harder to use a burner phone than you think it is so I recommend just going phoneless to protests.
The feds can track all cell numbers and they can identify prepaids and they can get information on where those prepaids were sold and they can pull the security footage from the shop that sold them.

Call metadata can be used to identify you if your friends don’t have burners.
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10 Apr
Thinking about going on twitch shortly to explain in simple terms how Jesse Singal is still misinterpreting his statistics. Any interest?
My twitch, btw, is here: twitch.tv/emilygorcenski
I'll do it at the hour (so ~45 min)
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7 Apr
Jesse Singal has responded to my assessment of his mistaken interpretation of a 2013 study, and responded with a lot of handwaving that is also statistically unfounded. I have rebutted his response.

Singal has claimed multiple times over the years that his mistaken interpretaion actually means his conclusions are *stronger*. But I cannot find any methodology by which he can justify that claim. Instead, he begs the question and commits handwaving.
Moreover, Singal has failed to address commentary by the very author of the study he cited which directly contradicts the erroneous conclusions he draws.
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6 Apr
Become ungovernable
Tyrion is SO MAD i didn’t let him crawl out there too
Cast off the shackles of oppression, liberation is there for us to take if only we dare
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3 Apr
Gods help me I am looking at Academic Code™.
where are the tests

why is this function 300 lines long
absolutely kill me def multiprocessGetSolutionSpace(min_score, max_score, num_s
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3 Apr
New from me: you know that Jesse Singal misinterpreted the data from a 2013 study.

But he got more wrong than he has admitted, and the conclusions he drew reflect his lack of experience in data analysis and his lax journalistic ethics.

Jesse already admitted that he made a mistake in lumping "lost to follow-up" participants in with the category of "desisters". And while he has updated at least one piece that relied heavily on this analysis, he did not retract the conclusions.
He should have, however. Because Singal is publishing a book on the reproducability crisis in psychology, so you would think that he would be able to sight-identify a glaring reproduceability error in a paper.
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31 Mar
How to utterly screw up a vaccination rollout, Germany edition https://twitter.com/antifaphanatic/status/137714016370536858Those younger than 60 can voluntarily receive the AstraZenec
In case there’s missing context, it was only last month that German officials were saying NOT to give AstraZeneca to people OVER 65
Love to hinge a national vaccination strategy on the 60-65 demographic with a vaccine that you have utterly blown the messaging on with no proof
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23 Mar
So here's how the COVID sitch in Germany is right now:

Back in like, Jan/Feb, the cases were really bad. Like 200/100k weekly incidence. So the lockdowns got strengthened and the cases started going down, and that was good.

They got as low as 50 and that was good!
But then people started talking about a "Lockerung," which despite having "Lock" in the word actually means "relaxation". Everyone with half a working braincell thought this was a bad idea.
But the economy and politics people, who don't have half a working braincell, said "but the economy!!!!!!11" and so they relaxed the rules.

Completely predictably, the cases went up.

They are now over 100/100k weekly.

This is bad.
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19 Mar
Whoever the product owner is behind Virginia's vaccine registration system comms—you're doing great, because this is IMO an example of really good communication.

I'm gonna pour a coffee and explain why.
First—this very message is simply a reminder that you've already registered. Registering for things is, for the user, a very non-sticky experience. It's easy to forget you registered for something, even if (especially if) it's important. Regular gentle reminders are good.
This helps the user, but it also helps data quality and preventing accidental system abuse.

It's clear what this message is: it's not a call to action. It's just a gentle reminder of what's necessary.
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17 Mar
As a visibly trans woman with visible asian features, whorephobia affects me on a daily basis.

Every time I check into a hotel, I worry if they’ll call the police. I carry my meds in their original packages, not in a pillminder, because trans women of color have been arrested.
Anti-sex work tropes have been weaponized against Asian women for years. Asian women suffer from this form of bigotry in ways that other people don’t.

Every east asian woman I know has had a white man say something like “me love you long time” to them.
All asian women suffer from whorephobia and misogyny.

On the other hand, few white women suffer from sinophobia or other hate targeted against east asian and southeast asian peoples.

This is why it is necessary to not erase the racial aspect of this crime.
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15 Mar
Nice work with the vaccines, Europe.
Entire governments need to start resigning over this, IMO.
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12 Mar
I’m reading @Okwonga’s novel and I can’t say I am devouring it. I am savoring it, page by page, sentence by sentence. It is simply the most relatable thing I have ever experienced in print.
The way he tells of the ways one finds themselves in a relationship with Berlin, Berlin the experience, Berlin the city of perpetual adolescence, it is something you cannot understand until you have experienced it for yourself.
People talk about New York because New York wants you to talk about New York.

Berlin is a shrugged shoulder, and whether that shrug represents indifference or acceptance or devastation is something you’ll never quite figure out.
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9 Mar
There's a shocking amount of re-refined syntactic sugar floating around the python ecosystem these days that I don't think a lot of devs know draws directly from many layers of trying to fix FORTRAN, a perfectly fine language.
MATLAB sits in the family tree of way more things than you might realize.
pandas was basically like, "numpy should be more R-like" and numpy was basically like, "python should be more MATLAB like" and MATLAB was like, "what if the notion of developer ergonomics were to be invented in like 30 years"
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7 Mar
It's time for me to step back. I'm retiring from all public activism.

There was no major driving factor behind this decision. Nobody is canceling me. There's no drama behind the scenes.

I am simply tired. And I have accomplished more than I ever thought I could.

And now I need to be myself and be with myself.
I will not be exposing anymore nazis, I will not be tracking any more cases, I will not be giving any more interviews, I will not be going on any more podcasts.

I am passing off all my projects and data to trusted hands.
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6 Mar
Heute in meinem Deutschkurs diskutieren wir den Unterschied zwischen ein Dom und eine Kirche.

Das Beispiel einer Dom war Our Lady before Tyn.

Das ist kein Dom.

I am left thinking of @JayHulmePoet, who would have had words.
The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, yet it is only a church.
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3 Mar
Single Source of Truth is basically an impossibility, not because of technical reasons per se, but because “truth” is a notoriously hard problem and it presumes that your technology systems are designed to cover the full space of analog realities.
It’s a losing battle from the start to try to architect a system that is structured around single sources of truth. The problem becomes more complex with every transformation and rapidly intractable.

It’s much better to have a notion of automated data quality.
Data pipelines are messy because they move data that reflects real-world processes, which are messy.
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20 Feb
AT LONG LAST, it is here. The government's sentencing memorandum in USA v. Cantwell. header for government's response to defendant's sentencing m
Cantwell, also known as The Crying Nazi, wants to get time served (~13 months).

The government says, "not so fast." Defendant Christopher Cantwell urges the Court to impose a t"The defendant has showed no remorse for his conduct, o
The response spends several pages describing Cantwell's conduct, which includes, among other things, a lengthy and increasing series of threats against his victim. The defendant claims that the Bowl Patrol provoked his crime
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7 Jan
If you’re a Nazi and you’re fired it’s your fault! 👏🏻👏🏻

If you’re a Nazi and you’re fired it’s your fault! 👏🏻👏🏻

When you’re spotted in the mob
And you lose your fucking job

If you’re a Nazi and you’re fired it’s your fault! 👏🏻👏🏻
Verse 2

If you’re a fascist and you’re maced that’s on you! 👏🏻👏🏻

If you’re a fascist and you’re maced that’s on you! 👏🏻👏🏻

When you try to stage a coup
But you haven’t got a clue

If you’re a fascist and you’re maced that’s on you! 👏🏻👏🏻
I’m leaving verse 3 in drafts out of respect for the dead
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1 Jan
So I’m in the process of migrating some of my stuff off of Google Cloud, and I’m committing to doing this right by going full IaC and learning terraform and Azure at the same time and... this is easier than I thought it would be at first? That’s kinda cool.
I’m migrating off of @googlecloud because I am really unhappy with the way Google treated @timnitGebru and the way they handled this is indicative of what I consider to be a deeply mendacious way to wield ethics in technology.

That said, @Microsoft is not per se better.
I’m unhappy with the way @Microsoft works for the military and ICE. I’m unhappy with how @awscloud isn’t carbon neutral and how their parent company exploits labor.

All of the clouds suck on a social level.

But I am particularly done with handing Google any more money.
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