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18 Sep
there’s no way Senate can hold confirmation hearings and vote before Election Day

this would have to be a Lame Duck session move—obviously unprecedented in US history
imagine what kind of unethical person under *those* circumstances would even accept such a tainted nomination
for last 10 nominations, the average time confirmation took *from day of announcing nominee* was 70 days.

election is in 45 days
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16 Sep
sigh, this is the problem with fact-checking Trump and Biden together. Trump lies non-stop abt everything, Biden is dinged for a slight exaggeration.

**these two things are not similar** and shouldn't be treated that way by AP;…
this is what happens when media refuses to call Trump a "liar"
more here on the media shortcoming;…
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14 Sep
my latest—this is how we got here;…
I know for a fact Jeff Zucker was not calling the Clinton campaign in 2016 to butter them up, offer debate advice, and float the idea of a “weekly show” for her
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11 Sep
ha, this is def new campaign angle— Trump trails in virtually every swing state poll but that’s bad news for Biden bc Trump leads one specific topic of economy;…
this is what people point to when they wonder if press is desperate for a horse race
have you seen *one* article re: what GOP voters are “nervous” about?
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11 Sep
“The sad part is that over the years Trump has learned he can lie about 9/11 with impunity from the press”
in 2016 if Hillary lied abt 9/11, NYT would’ve demanded she drop out of the race

when Trump told blatant lies, NYT claimed his facts were “fuzzy”
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9 Sep
good grief, were there people who actually didn't understand Trump has deliberately put the country in danger for the last six months??
i've been writing abt for half a year;…
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9 Sep
“Govt lawyers made the unusual move”

good grief, Trump era journalism is broken

what the DOJ is doing here *has no precedence in American history*;…
“highly unusual move”

it’s almost hard to describe how badly the NYT undersells this shocking story
and not 1 newspaper will call for Trump’s resignation the way they demanded Bill Clinton leave office
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4 Sep
this reads like a WH press release;…
“Heatedly denied.” “Marched over to reporters.” “Visibly angry” etc
“The report could be problematic for Mr. Trump because he is counting on strong support among the military for his re-election bid.”

how abt it could be “problematic” bc Atlantic report portrays him as a psychopath?!
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2 Sep
quick thread on Kenosha and the media's knee-jerk response to frame it as bad news for Dems, and how DC press is hard-wired to echo GOP talking points;…
2. how are headlines about vigilante Trump supporter killing protesters in streets supposed to hurt Democrats? If that were the case, wouldn’t Trump be hoping his supporters kill lots of people, because the political press will keep depicting the murders as Democratic setbacks?
3. How is civil unrest the fault of the party out of power? Republicans run the federal government, but Democrats are to blame for the state of the nation? That’s an absurd and unprecedented premise for any presidential campaign.
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2 Sep
so Melania’s former aide has tell-all book and it’s devastating (complete w/ taped phone calls)

so why for 4 yrs has Melania received puffball coverage from DC press?…
CNN has a reporter who does nothing but cover Melania but for 4 yrs she had *no idea* what Melania was really like??

total embarrassment
this was CNN reporter who posted four (!) stories abt Melania and new Rose Garden

and yes, they read like press releases
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31 Aug
in a NYT review of Sullivan’s career, what’s left out? his support of Iraq War, his unhinged hatred of Hillary Clinton;…
tells you a lot abt what press thinks is and is not important
ie Sullivan’s misogyny in 2016 was cheered as insight
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28 Aug
Trump gave NYT interview where he spouted 40 mins of lies and gibberish. NYT dressed it up and ran it as front-page “news”;…
Trump has “bent the job to his will”!

what a complete embarrassment. Access Journalism is a disease
number of Trump family members/Republicans quoted in article: 7

number of Dems voted: 0
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27 Aug
so when a white, right-wing Trump supporter murders protesters it’s **a problem for Democrats**

how on earth did we ever get to this place?
it just boggles the mind how eagerly press wants to spout GOP talking points
if Antifa member killed two MAGA protesters you know how many pundits would say that’s a political problem for GOP?

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27 Aug
a thread on this truly awful NYT page-one piece today and the paper's knee jerk embrace of GOP talking point that BLM protests are bad news for Dems.…
the paper literally sprinted to get into print a story about how a black man being shot by white police and a white right-wing militiaman killing BLM protesters hurts *Dems* politically.
NYT makes *no mention* that polling shows that BLM protests enjoys overwhelming public support this year

NYT never explains how BLM protesters *being attacked* hurts Dems.

NYT never even considers the scenario hurts GOP politically.
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26 Aug
remember how DC press crucified Al Gore **for years** bc he made a fundraising call from WH ?
remember how DC press crucified Bill Clinton **for years** bc donors allowed to stay in Lincoln Bedroom?
different rules for Dems
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25 Aug
Trump supporters support Trump

this is what qualifies as “news” at NYT;…
editor: let's profile Trump supporters

reporter: ok. what's the angle?

editor: they still support him, right?

reporter: yep

editor: great, write it up!
reporter: should we do article about how Dem voters overwhelmingly support Biden?

editor: nah, i just don't see the story
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22 Aug
where NYT pretends there’s a “direct connection” between Trump’s campaign and Bush’s Sr re-elect campaign;…
this is how you normalize Trump
the whole article is so poorly thought out

Bush ‘88 successfuly defined Dukakis who was new to national stage. Biden has been on national stage for 40 yrs—but sure the two campaigns are similar
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19 Aug
1. quick thread on the Senate Intel report and central role media played in 2016 debacle;…
2. despite revisionist history by the press, editors and producers all knew in 2016 Kremlin was behind DNC hack and leak.

press didn't care bc they loved that Hillary was the target
3. Most in the media have never acknowledged, let alone apologized for, their shameful election performance. The new Senate report though, sheds additional light on that egregious failure.
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19 Aug
my latest—the press knew Russia was behind the hack. they just didn’t care bc Hillary was the target;…
NYT editor @deanbaquet 2018: we had no dea!

gimme a beak. in July 2016, top U.S. officials confirmed that Russians were behind the illegal attack on the DNC.
“Putin's team successfully hijacked the 2016 campaign because the press served as willing conduits. Journalists actively and irresponsibly hyped a Russia dark ops campaign. “
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18 Aug
also, NYT Image
good Lord, remember when Barr claimed Mueller Report “exonerated” Trump and NYT announced report gave Trump “powerful boost”

so broken....
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15 Aug
two days since Trump announced he wanted to defund Post Office so it can’t count ballots, thereby dooming a US election

NYT editorial page hasn’t published 1 word

same editorial page that probably printed 200 anti-Clinton Whitewater editorials
NYT completely comfortable being spectators, describing how Trump’s stealing an election
Day 3: not 1 word from NYT editorial page on Trump publicly threatening to undo a US election
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