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29 Nov 19
The rhetoric about the technology ran far ahead of the capability. Somehow, it was never considered that a government mandate would require an evidence-based cost-benefit analysis. There was not any experimental data suggesting real-world efficacy. There still isnโ€™t.
This presentation at ITS World Congress in 2014 explains exactly why DSRC V2V would not be mandated, and thus if the industry wanted to move-forward with DSRC, it would have to do so without a mandate.โ€ฆ
But the inertia of industry and government interests was such that support for a mandate increased. Advocates rebranded DSRC as โ€œThe Safety Spectrumโ€ and began lobbying for it using inaccurate statements not supported by their own research.
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29 Nov 19
Long wonky transportation policy thread:

The @FCC and @AjitPaiFCC recently proposed reallocating wireless spectrum from the transportation industry to the telecommunications industry and unlicensed devices. It's a big deal to a few nerds like me.โ€ฆ
Disclaimer: This thread will not be fair and unbiased.
My eed is currently splattered with people lamenting the loss of โ€œthe safety spectrum,โ€ so I feel little need to provide that viewpoint. I am going to focus on the counter-argument, that the FCC proposal should be adopted.
The history of #DSRC goes back to the 1939 Worldโ€™s Fair in New York. GMโ€™s โ€œFuturamaโ€ exhibit imagined automated highway systems enabled by โ€œautomatic radio control.โ€ GM has been the driving force behind DSRC ever since.โ€ฆ
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4 Mar 19
Utah just sent a autonomous driving regulatory bill to the Governor. It was passed without controversy so I assume it will be signed into law. It's the most ambitious AV legislation that's been passed in a while.โ€ฆ
... which is kinda funny because they actually commissioned a good report back in late 2016 that concluded, "it may be premature to ... adopt new legislation at this time." I guess they determined NOW is the time.โ€ฆ
I'm still getting my head around this and won't have time to analyze in depth, but I believe it will be the first law to specifically address level 3 operation.
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21 Jan 19
Uber has announced an effort to deploy autonomous scooters and bicycles.

This is the worst new #mobility idea yet.

If I can't convince you that this is an insane waste of time by the end of this thread, I shouldn't have my job.โ€ฆ
I accept that it is technically possible to design, engineer, and manufacture autonomous scooters and bikes.

But it's a terrible idea for so many reasons I don't know where to begin.
I'm just going to start listing as many of the many reasons I can think of that this the worst idea ever.

As I do, keep in mind I'm not dismissing the technical possibility. I'm dismissing the idea that there is a business model at the end of this rainbow.
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12 Dec 18
I would like to offer some clarity regarding what @Waymo is doing in Arizona with the new Waymo One service and other efforts.

(Short thread)
We can divide Waymo's activities into three categories:
1) Pseudo Level 4 Training
2) Pseudo Level 4 Demonstration
3) True Level 4 Testing

These are important because they have distinct purposes and likely use different variations of the software.
Category 1) Pseudo Level 4 Training:
Waymo, previously Google, has been doing this since 2010 or so, continues to do so, and will keep doing so in some respect for as long as the self-driving program exists because this is important to improving and refining the software.
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20 Mar 18
Some people have noted that the pedestrian killed by the Uber test vehicle could have walked 100 yards and crossed at a controlled intersection. THIS is the intersection.
A super-weird aspect of this crash site is that it occurred at a place where a beautiful brick-paved diagonal walking path was provided across the median, along with a sign instructing people not to use it. This is beyond pedestrian-hostile design; it's damn-near entrapment.
Here's an aerial view (facing south). Every entrance to that brick pathway in the median has a sign instructing you not to use it. Per the signage, it is strictly ornamental.
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