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Malaysia's Representative to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR), 2019-2021; Co-Founder & Adviser, @lawyers4liberty
17 Apr
This is unconscionable. Nothing to be proud of. Blocking desperate refugees from landing after months/ weeks at sea can cause death. The world has seen this repeatedly.

RMAF foils bid by 200 Rohingya in boat to enter Malaysia…
We have seen this in 2015, boats full of refugees being pushed around from Thailand to Msia to Indonesia causing untold deaths & misery. Eventually, Msia agreed to suspend the policy of pushing refugee boats back to sea & granted them temporary asylum.
Such push-back of refugee boats are illegal under international law. It violates the principle of ‘non-refoulement’ & puts lives at risk.
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7 May 18
Don't let BN & the EC steal #GE14 - every vote counts. They are doing the best they can to discourage voting, and so the only appropriate response is to come out early & vote in droves.
In case you missed the dirty tricks that the incumbent government has utilised, here are the most important points, and why they matter:
1. Gerrymandering and Malapportionment by the Election Commission

This GE is gerrymandering & malapportionment on steroids. Despite the 13th Schedule of FC to ensure that the number of voters in constituencies are “approximately equal”, they have done the opposite blatantly.
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