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Mar 28 4 tweets 2 min read
Is that your image? That @dpakman “takes glee in the death of children”?

The answer to your query is that I don’t run from those I admire when they misfire on a tweet.

More importantly, I don’t know how to think about the string of mass school shootings.

I’m out of ideas. You? And I’ll say that I’ve historically found @dpakman to be a voice on the left that I recognize from an earlier/saner era. I haven’t checked in w/ him recently, but he has always been great when we’ve interacted 1-1. I’ve recommended him to many seeking adult progressive voices. 🙏
Mar 18 5 tweets 2 min read
I) Disinformation + “Informed Consent” = DISINFORMED Consent.

II) “Malinformation” leading to non-consent lead to “Malinformed Refusal to Consent”.

III) Malinformation & Disinformation were defined by deviation from a *State narrative* based on questionable objectives/science. The most powerful disinformation agent was the STATE. That is, the STATE alone decided what was necessary and blocked, intimidated, & tarnished all those scientists, academicians and physicians who attempted to question any part of the official public health narrative. Read this.
Mar 14 5 tweets 2 min read
You mean 6.0%. That’s a claim about the precision with which economists calculated our national inflation rate.

Just explain to me first what this precise number actually represents given how much is now on the line with SVB, Social Security & Taxes.

Like I’m 5. And stupid.
🙏 If you need a North Star to guide you, focus on the claim of *precision*.

Q1: How is the “representative consumer” constructed?

Q2: Which formula? Laspeyres? Lowes? Konus?

Q3: Why that formula and why does the BLS claim it is within a COLA framework with ZERO preference data?
Mar 13 4 tweets 1 min read
“Something went wrong. Try again.” What we call normal life is, in part, the willingness to consensually participate in a mutual dream state backed by a monopoly on violence (Government) advised by experts, and nominally directed by casting ballots informed by a free press.

We cannot whittle away trust forever.
Feb 17 4 tweets 1 min read
Because you stopped them from participating in the prosperity they created for everyone else downstream of science.

To put it bluntly they are echoing the words of those whose hands now encircle their throats. That’s why you got sick with Covid. Why you aren’t getting the truth. You see scientists create what economists call a MARKET FAILURE in the form of a PUBLIC GOOD. That is the VALUE our scientists create isn’t captured in the PRICE they can command even in a free market. Then we broke our contract to take care of them by sharing downstream wealth.
Feb 14 5 tweets 2 min read
Any updates: on the debris from 2nd, 3rd and 4th objects shot down over AK, Yukon & Lake Huron?

Or origin of COVID and the @EcoHealthNYC interference?

Or the source of the Epstein trading fortune?

Paper mask mandate efficacy?

Money supply changes on CPI?

Vaccine assessment? Updates on FBI, DHS, GEC, CISA Prebunking citizens sharing real information through manipulated tech platforms?

Election interference via federal suppression of journalism?

Projected impact of Vinyl Chloride cloud in expected deaths & morbidity?

Disclosure of UFO/UAP history?
Feb 3 5 tweets 2 min read
These deep fakes are frighteningly realistic. Imagine if Zelensky actually said anything so completely insane.

This is a deep fake right? Right? What are we going to do about the weaponization of third party authentication? So many “fact checkers” selectively check facts. Often they check Strawman versions of real issues. How do we depoliticized fact checking and adjudication? I don’t know. We likely need an endowment.
Feb 2 20 tweets 6 min read
Today May be Considered the 50 year Anniversary of the Stagnation of Particle Physics.

Today Feb 1 marks the appearance of Kobayashi & Maskawa's englargment of the Cabibo Angle to the three generation 3x3 CKM matrix.

That should be cause for celebration. So let us celebrate! Unfortunately, it also marks the end of what we can be certain actually is physics.

Imagine if Elton John's "Crocodile Rock" was still the #1 song on Billboard's Hot 100 & Tony Orlando and Dawn were singing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon". That, in a nutshell, is fundamental phsyics.
Feb 1 6 tweets 4 min read
While it is not ironclad, it would appear that the twitter algorithm may have been set for some accounts not to show posts to the people most likely to respond to them. Locking the account may force it to show them to those interested in seeing them. There was a period long ago where I saw large influential accounts like @bariweiss, @balajis, @MsMelChen, @benshapiro, @BretWeinstein, @sama, @JonHaidt, @RubinReport, @joerogan, etc. And they responded to *each other* discussing things civilly.

Then they vanished.
Jan 31 6 tweets 2 min read
Wow! Holy smokes.

I think I understand this proposition. And I accept!

And I'm happy to do an extra talk on EDI for FREE. My complexion is fair. @IBJIYONGI I would also be happy to debate you on DEI. I think we can both agree we don't want to do damage to the field. And I am worried that you may NOT be speaking out for many marginalized voices who are intimidated by this relentlessly invidious rhetoric in science.
Jan 31 4 tweets 3 min read
Great advice. Took it. Thanks! But seriously folks: while bassist Ben Kenney is recovering, support the band and go see @IncubusBand w @talwilkenfeld filling in. She is next level and the chemistry of these friends is pure magic.

Don’t fully understand their tour bus culture yet. But that’s Rock & Roll baby.
Jan 29 6 tweets 2 min read
Oh it is much worse than that. I am still regularly asked to referee papers in some fields where I am not competent to referee but where I have an interest.

Have also recorded interviews with ASCB’s top PIs who laugh at the quality of the editors at the journals discussed. I’m as serious as a heart attack on this. The situation is well known to be out of control.

Replication crises.

Conflicts of interests.

Quid pro quos.

Competency issues.

Group think.

Our recorded findings were so explosive we couldn’t publish them w/o watering them down.
Jan 29 7 tweets 2 min read
"X is the worst form of Y...except for all the other ones ever invented!" Is a vehicle that automatically flatters the sense that we are sophisticated. It's a cognitive trap for the college educated.

Smaller numbers of journals with higher quality strong editors is the solution. Let's learn this trap of first order counter intuition together.
Jan 29 4 tweets 1 min read
We have to be able to disagree on Ukraine. My claim is that in 2004, FSU nations were given NATO membership.

There are 2 different ways to think about it:

I. Free nations acting freely.

II. Encroachment into spheres of influence.

You have to acknowledge BOTH to see the issue. The number of people who can see and admit to BOTH is being whittled down to zero via psychotic social pressure. But the entirety of the problem requires seeing the conflict BETWEEN the two. Hence, discussion on an existential issues is being driven towards meaningless garbage.
Jan 29 4 tweets 1 min read
Once & for all, for those of us still able to think and who refuse to be told what exactly what level of nuance we are “allowed” to bring to a potentially civilization ending war:

No. Check your passport. If it doesn’t say “King of the World and all its people” then back off.🙏 This is insane. You have lost track of what is at stake. This isn’t Chamberlain. This isn’t appeasement. This is a thermonuclear planet post 1952.

Sit up straight. Think. And stop dribbling your juice box. Sheesh.
Jan 26 8 tweets 3 min read
It’s not beneath me. I’m a father starved for reliable information by my government, who had to make family decisions for my kids. You’re seeing a man in pain with no biological or medical training.

This feed pushes for hearings all the time as we used to do. And I still do. It’s wonderful that many of you feel like this situation is obvious. I think it is not.

Many of you believe hearings are impossible or would do nothing. I disagree.

Many of you feel PV is always wrong or always right. I don’t see that.

What I KNOW is that I am being deceived.
Jan 26 4 tweets 2 min read
No one is arguing that the video is not explosive. What is dividing us is whether it is what James O’Keefe says it is. He is neither always wrong as his critics say nor always correct as supporters claim. And his methods are disturbing & prone to picking up drunken date bragging. Have you seen materials that fan keep those of us who are confused from speculating?


Is this person EXACTLY who PV claims he is?

Is this a drunken date?

Is this man creating intrigue to seduce?


Methods that are nauseating & prone to error are used here.
Jan 26 14 tweets 3 min read
Snark is so much more fun when academics forget their own subjects and need to be reminded of their own history by...checks notes...a podcast host who's not a physicist.

I'm guessing you have no idea of how the stagnation in Quantum Field Theory of 1928-47 was broken. From the birth of Dirac's Quantum Electrodynamics in 1928, the subject couldn't compute results because infinities infested the calculations. This went on for nearly 20 years as the aging leaders of the field proposed crazy fixes that didn't work. Enter Duncan McInnes.
Jan 26 9 tweets 2 min read
Did you lose anyone irreplaceable to COVID? To myocarditis? Have Brain Fog? Lose a year or two of your life? Fail to attend a funeral? Wonder how the vaccines appeared so quickly?

Have your reputation destroyed over conspiracy theorizing? Get called a Sinophobic racist?

Watch: I don’t know honestly know what we are watching. I can only pray that it is not remotely what it appears to be.

Hearings. That is all I have. There have to be deep and painful hearings. I have no other words. We need hearings.

Jan 25 9 tweets 2 min read
Discussion of the future of theoretical physics seems like a game of "Intellectual Keepaway."

Its the same group of mandarins who predicted LHC SuperSymmetry, Mini-Black holes, SU(5) Grand Unification, String Theory, Q-Gravity would work.

What do our *heretics* say instead? For the moment, let me entertain a wild idea. Truly wild.

Here goes. What if the problem is our leadership. What if we asked

"Who believe String Theory wouldn't work?"
"Who never claimed LHC SUSY was imminent?"
"Who never said Proton Decay was going to be found?"

Jan 25 7 tweets 5 min read
Here’s a little secret. Some (e.g. @elonmusk) search for good human beings who are also great interviewers when their reach is still *small*.

I encourage such hosts not to ask the same questions everyone else does. I then try to help them get bigger by giving them new material. As for high “clout” podcasts: a good guest remembers who helped them and publicly acknowledges it. The following people really helped me get reach early on.


Too many of us forget who invested early.