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12 Jul 20
My #JewishPrivilege: I’ve never spent a night hungry. There was always a roof over our heads. Never went to jail or onto food stamps. First cousin froze to death escaping Babi Yar. Attended the top school in Los Angeles. My cousins Eva & Miriam Kor were a Mengle Twin experiment.
Our Bombay family’s tiny & vulnerable Jewish Community had the honor of defiantly celebrating Chanukah as sitting ducks at the Gateway of India with our 6 & 3 year olds, days after anti-Semitic Pakistani terrorists targeted Chabad killing Rabbi Holzberg & his pregnant wife Rivka.
Never went to synagogue without checking the exits. Went to two Ivies. Threatening graffiti scrawled on my son’s Jewish day school. Grew up in a well-to-do LA neighborhood...Around neighbors that hated & bullied us and had restricted “convenants” to keep us out. #JewishPrivilege
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12 Jul 20
You da mom. Thank you. For all of us.
Your son remains and will always be an inspiration to more people than you can possibly imagine. The best of us.
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11 Jul 20
Listening to a young woman complaining loudly & openly in public about “White People.”

No one is batting an eye about the open racism. This woman is clearly enraged by a mom w/ a toddler in a stroller trying to calm this down and allowing her to save face. No thought of the kid.
Debating whether to say something. This poor kid in the stroller is bewildered and not sure whether this is a threat to him and his mom. I just don’t know what the rules are any more and I increasingly care less and less.

It’s a two year old and a mom dammit. Enough bullshit.
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11 Jul 20
I’d like to start a 2nd thread here about gender, science and the equality dividend.

Prominent female physicists are still too rare. When you are dealing with a critic at Sabine’s level you can’t afford to worry about diversity & inclusion as she pulls no punches. So then what?
Let me say it simply: there is an equality dividend. You’reso happy to have a critic of Sabine’s integrity willing to engage in public and keep the game to the science that you can’t afford to think about the optics of giving as good as you get. I will honor her by fighting back.
Some will say, “Wow. There are so few women in science and you pushed back hard. It ain’t what we need bro.” Sabine will not be among them however. I’ve known her for years and the lady just doesn’t give a shit about anything other than being fair and getting it right. That’s it.
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11 Jul 20
Prediction: Sabine will be one of the first to change her mind about my theory of Geometric Unity & will be extremely gracious when she does.

This woman, colleague and friend has long ago earned my respect for standing alone out of integrity, despite the fact we often disagree.
She is welcome on my podcast anytime, including to give more substantive critique than provided here.

We all have critics. Among those, our fair critics are of the highest value. Whether right or wrong, a colleague who is fair and critical is the most valuable of all. 🙏 @skdh!
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10 Jul 20
I respectfully **strongly** disagree. To many of us “Learning disabled” kids w/ lousy grades & crappy teacher recommendations they are our only lifeline. True, we may struggle with them as well. But sometimes one can show a C-average student in the >95% percentile on such a test.
This allows a truly marginalized community (those of us w/ significant learning differences) with *no political presence* at all and which is shat upon w/ impunity by almost all educators that the problem is actually “Teaching Disabilities” which show up as terrible evaluations.
How do you explain a student getting C’s w 1400 on an SAT? Those tests w/ all their flaws have been the lifeline of people like me. Without them we have no way of pointing to the problem as being our teachers.

If those tests didn’t exist, you would not be following this account.
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10 Jul 20
Let me say a few words about NYC high schools. There are amazing private and public high schools. But it is the *Public* ones that have contributed above the private ones to human advancement. They are jewels & a national asset.

I will never support reduction in their standards.
Anything at all that can be rigorously shown to be in the way of their relentless focus on merit I would fight to remove because merit is the one thing that everyone can develop in his or her self.

Bronx Science and Stuyvesant in particular are our national treasures.
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10 Jul 20
That’s Eric with a “C”, middle initial R, Last name W-E-I-N-S-T-E-I-N.

And, to save you authoritarians the time, you can put me down for opposing ANY future racist movement that bigotedly assumes that merit standards should be relaxed because PoC can’t meet our high standards.
If you have a database of enemies you should put my level of opposition to you racists, your anti-black racism and your authoritarian bigotry as “extreme and implacable”.

Anytime you want to grow up and do the work to get more black and PoC leveled up into STEM, do let me know.
In the meantime search Google on the “soft bigotry of low expectations”. And then see if you can find a mirror lying around the house. Because the racist you are fighting is the man in your mirror.

Be well.
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9 Jul 20
Oh. The ‘free’ part.

More generally the fundamentalist part: The “markets always know what’s best part”. The limited liability part. The self-regulating part. The unincorporated externality parts. The “given wants” part. The unique equilibrium part. The index number part.
The “market defects are small” part. The rational agent part. The shareholder value part. The “law & economics” part. The “hyperbolic discounting” part. The entire “Macroeconomics” part. The fiduciary duty cures principal/agent problems part. The Ordinal/cardinal part.

Etc. Etc.
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9 Jul 20
That’s beautiful. They‘re also your labor force.

Check with your own economists Richard Freeman & George Borjas. They can explain the perverse incentives to “teach” “students” by giving them “hands on experience.”

Just don’t let them organize: it might interfere w/ their study.
I will also point out that you deliberately kept @BarackObama’s own father from earning his PhD in economics by getting him sent home to Kenya on the down low. He may have been chasing white women. Which, BTW, was his perfect right as he was a student in good standing.
So maybe go easy on the sanctimony? Or give the man his degreee posthumously? Let’s face it. It’s not about what you say it is.

Know what I mean? Here:…
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8 Jul 20
Oh, I’ll take a crack at it.

A) Heads of Newsrooms/Liberal magazines hired young hip kids to get clicks.

B) Those kids terrorized everyone else outside of the media liberals who hired them & held immunity no one else had.

C) Those kids are now turning on those who hired them.
This is in someways analogous to the dim people who raise Lions, Tigers & Bears from cubs and convince themselves they have a unique bond which protects them (and only them).

So the confusing thing is looking in from outside. Media liberals just lost the illusions of protection.
In other words: media professionals are now being hunted like every other group in society. It’s like a suddenly loss of indulgence, police protection or diplomatic immunity.

The folks used to flying private in the skies of the commentariat are now crossing the country by bus.
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8 Jul 20
Folks are confused by my reaction to this letter so I thought I‘d clarify. The issue I am having is this: we need courageous institutional leadership. And for that to happen the previous cowardly institutions need to go through a step which is examining how they built this hell.
What I learned during the Evergreen State meltdown was that there was no neutral or center-Left institution to champion even basic physical safety. NPR wasn’t interested. Nor CNN. Not the NYT newsroom. The Democrats didn’t see it even as an opportunity to champion our old values.
Seeing my own brother’s family hunted & the Campus police force stood down was a preview of CHAZ & the totally foreseeable deaths there under the same crazed Governor who let them happen. Dead young people’s lives don’t matter to the Left, “Black Lives Matter” notwithstanding.
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5 Jul 20
I always hear this advice. Yet I don’t know what it means.

No one can actually live this way. Or do business this way. Or form deep friendships this way.

The idea that we must run our personal lives around legal and comms strategies that no one can stick to avoids the problem.
This comes from the same place as our password choosing advice from Tech:

“Choose a very long password that is not remotely a word and with weird combinations of carachters, that you change frequently, use on no other site, tell no one and never write down.”

Who follows this?
Or try putting this kind of advice next to human centered advice.

“You *must* be *vulnerable*. Just talk about how you *really* feel. You know those thoughts we don’t want to own but *must* be confronted to make *progress*? Just remember to share them so they are NYT-printable.”
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2 Jul 20
So the rhyming whisper campaign against mid career Caucasian men doesn’t exist?? I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t come up with “Male, Pale & Stale.”...because it is so damn tight that I‘d have patted myself on the back for sheer cleverness.

No Ms. Jones: you are simply wrong.
And by the way it wasn’t said to me. It was said to someone at the top of another occupation who fit the epithet. This stuff is real. Let me know if that changes your mind.
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25 Jun 20
I respectfully disagree. Put bluntly, even MLK progressives are now worried about the entire well meaning progressive movement being commandeered by Maoists using moral panic to drive the formerly liberal media, HigherEd the Democratic Party & Tech to undoing the enlightenment.
I appreciate your desire to reduce racism. I share it.

I am sure you appreciate my desire to avoid chaos and collapse of the progress made to date. And you likely share it.

We are divided by assessing the greater danger, and an assessment of where we are relative to the abyss.
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25 Jun 20
Some time in the next few days, we‘ll discover that Los Angeles has a state beach named after an obvious racist who used to make “entertainment out of a noose!” And we‘ll cancel Will Rogers on our way to deciding that Malcolm X was an Uncle Tom.

Please: Stop panicing each other.
I am not focused on NASCAR. I’m looking at tweets like this and it is breaking my heart that we are making ourselves hate and suspect each other at all times due to fanning the flames of race:

How does this woman know with such confidence what she is seeing? I would have guessed a rope for towing.

How does she come to feel so certain she knows it’s a threat? Am I insane for guessing a tow rope?
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25 Jun 20
Two weeks ago we had #shutdownstem. About black Americans. In Science.

Let me be clear: Lab heads explicitly refer to foreign students/postdocs as “Slave Labor”!! I have this on audio, *repeatedly*, from interviews with leading biologists I conducted years ago for @ASCBiology.
We don’t remember anything from week to week. We don’t connect the dots. We just argue emotionally like we are doing in these pictures.

Let me tell you what would likely happen in the absence of visa access. Salaries would go up & US blacks/women/minorities would be hired more.
In short, many of those cut outs would turn Into Black faces. And Latino faces. And mothers with kids would be seen. Higher wages for research families. Homes. Cars. Medical plans would get better.

Also, labs could shrink. Taxes might rise.

It’s real life folks. Not a good cry.
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25 Jun 20
This is not at all how labor markets work. But it‘s very emotional.

Notice that if I replace the word “Lab” with the word “Plantation”, “immigrant” with “African guest worker” and “science” with “cotton” you’d be drooling for that creepy antebellum south if you think like this.
Also, notice the number of black faces in this photo in proportion to the number of black citizens in the American population. This photo is telling you many things. “Listen” to the photo and notice that the accompanying words don’t really tell you what is actually going on.
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23 Jun 20
Watching @slatestarcodex and others go off line, I’m changing tactics. I need to move to become unfirable and uncancelable. I can’t be vulnerable to my advertisers or even my employer if this pressure can be put on anyone at will.

It’s time to accept saying FU requires FU money.
I have been reluctant to put things behind paywalls and all that retail stuff, but I will now set something up to allow direct contributions. Many of you have asked me to do that and I didn’t feel right about it. Well that just changed. I really want Scott & @slatestarcodex back.
The individual is outgunned at all times. We cannot easily fight back. But this is ridiculous. So many great people gathered around @slatestarcodex. I want it back.
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22 Jun 20
The average intelligence of the woke in a single picture.

Evil, sanctimonious, angry, stupid and violent is no way to go through life kids. Maybe find out who Albert Collins, or BB and Albert King were first you absolutely anti-black racist marxist morons.

These total idiots.
My audio essay on race and the Blues begins this episode:…
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19 Jun 20
The Pulitzer Prize winning #1619Project. Phase II commences with the toppling of slave owner George Washington.

Let’s skip to the end shall we: what are you going to do with all us black & white people on Native American Land? Mass national suicide, self-murder or deportation?
Of course, not all whites are so backward as slavers. Years ago, a civil rights leader and white preacher emerged to lead an integrated black majority movement. Strong on race issues, he deeply moved and inspired his flock with his progressive vision of a “Mixed Race Utopia”.
But this isn’t about these two men, the Reverend & the Slave Owning President. It’s about their legacies and a black woman named Hyacinth Thrash. You see Ms Thrash is the hope for us all: she was attracted & deeply committed to progress on racial issues. But with a difference.
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