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23 Feb
Tired of all the boring, awful, enraging, election-related reasons for knowing @GaSecofState is bad at his job?

Need a new reason to be, if not angry, at least mildly annoyed at him.

Well here's a deep cut for y'all.
I represent clients looking to move their businesses to Georgia from other states. Y'know, the type of thing the Georgia GOP is always crowing about.

To do so, they have to file some paperwork with Georgia Secretary State's Office. Most things can be filed online. This can't.
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22 Feb
Here is the issue Kelly Loeffler's claim that there are 2,000,000 untapped Republican voters in Georgia.

Trump absolutely tapped into those voters. In so doing, he somewhat disproved the theory that - When More People Vote, Democrats Win.
Sure, Biden, Ossoff, and Warnock all won.

But with the massive overall turnout, you would have expected a Democratic romp in State House and State Senate races. That didn't happen.

Why? Because Trump turned out low propensity right wing voters.
These low propensity voters were turned out by Trump's heinous personality and messaging.

But this also had the effect of (1) turning out a significant number of low propensity Democratic voters and (2) flipping a significant number of high propensity moderates to the Democrats.
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