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May 6, 2019 76 tweets 12 min read
Do you like to watch other people having sex for your own personal pleasure?

Whatever the answer (@DavidPMurray can only imagine one response), the CMA wants you to know that he doesn't want his daughter to marry an unrepentant masturbator. Holding a Ph.D. in Russian history from Stanford University, Chris Stroop is an #Exvangelical scholar and writer whose very odd combination of academic expertise and lived experience led to an increasingly visible presence on Twitter from the time of the 2016 election cycle.
May 2, 2019 22 tweets 4 min read
Christians - and humans - have a Saul Problem.

You remember him, don't you? Acts introduces us as a "young man" who held the coats for men who were busy stoning Stephen to death. He began as an enabler. "Hello, I'd hate for you to get your coat bloody, why don't I hold it for you so you can torture this guy more easily. Blood's hard to get out of linen!"
Apr 25, 2019 49 tweets 8 min read
Even more, there exists within a system more than one Belief, and the way these different Beliefs rub and press and pull against each other creates the Culture. I certainly don't fault those who find the above Belief comforting. Life is a big and scary thing, and looking up to the night sky, we get a glimpse at just how small and insignificant we are.
Apr 16, 2019 91 tweets 15 min read
Today, we're going to do a brief (lol, brief) review of Evangelical Christian Complementarianism. There have been whole books written on the subject, so this thread is in no way exhaustive. I'll do my best to show my work, and make it as practical as possible. Before we dive in too deep, it's worth noting that while ECs talk about this topic a lot, they don't agree, particularly on the practical applications.
Apr 3, 2019 50 tweets 11 min read
School is out, but that doesn't mean that class isn't still in session. While you need to make time to study the Bible, apparently God's Word just ain't enough.

Finally, @davidpmurray and I agree.

Christian Man Academy says that "Real Men Study". @Sparkle_Heretic continually astounds me with their insight, compassion, and humor. They work to deconstruct toxic narratives, focus on healing, and tearing down the burning wreckage that is Evangelicalism.
Mar 27, 2019 84 tweets 14 min read
Since you've effortlessly mastered your personal calling, it's time to get to work. But how DO you work, as a Christian Man?

Spoilers: With a lot of White Supremacy and Horrific Bullshit.

It's time to Get To Work with Christian Man Academy! Austin Channing Brown is a writer and speaker on Racial Justice, Faith, and Black Womanhood. She's written "I'm Still Here" ( and you can find her at
Mar 26, 2019 56 tweets 9 min read
Another Christian Man Academy Newsletter, another bout of spite. We're talking about school, which is near and dear to my heart as I went to a Christian college and got certified as a teacher. Murray has Thoughts about why boys do badly at school; I, too, have thoughts.
And rage. Keep up with all the CMA threads here:…
Mar 21, 2019 36 tweets 5 min read
Hot New Take: White Dude Atheists are awful.

But why, though? What is it about that combination of factors seems to fairly reliably make people into hateful phobic assholes? This is my very rough theory, and I'd love a discussion about it.… I'm tackling this from an Evangelical-to-atheist trajectory, although I certainly don't believe all atheists were once religious, nor do I believe that they're only atheist cause they're mad at god or the divine.
Feb 28, 2019 7 tweets 2 min read
As I've mentioned before, part of my job in my surgery check-in capacity is to maintain a calm environment for my patients. Well, it's a self-appointed part of my job. My manager seemed surprised when I casually mentioned that I do this. I tend to ban politics, religion, and sports. You know, topics people get worked up about.

I'm not feeling 100% today. I've worked 23 hours in the last 48 hours, I'm dizzy, tired, and grumpy.

And there were about four people talking about Trump in the waiting room.
Jan 9, 2019 44 tweets 12 min read
I've been doing a lot of reading about how power affects empathy and makes it difficult to be good humans. While I'm not quite ready to speak on that (can't wait? Have some links:, I have thoughts on why Evangelicalism is flawed. According to research ( there is a way to combat the damage of power - making sure to feel not powerful now and again. They suggest having people around you who are able to speak truthfully to you, and don't treat you like a Wise Old One.
Jan 8, 2019 36 tweets 8 min read
In the proper cynicism of anyone white and/or male (which, historically, is absolutely earned), I'm leery of trusting too much in white dudes with power. I've done a poor job in the past in choosing which guys to think highly of - I'm trying to be better.

So, Mr. Rogers. I grew up in the era of Mr. Rogers, but I don't think I spent much time in his neighborhood. I grew up on Sesame Street, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day while surrounded by puppets. I didn't think of Mr. Rogers at all until I worked at a christian bookstore.