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Jan 15,
4 Unvigintillion to One
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Jan 14,
The Riddle of Market Strategy:

Value is a potential difference, which is delivered through a chain of provenance.

Margin should match value and flow in the opposite direction.

Nodes which dilute/de-rate value, are the true 'middle-man'.

Cartel creates and sustains such nodes. Anything which tampers with this process is inflationary.
- Crime
- Corruption
- Syndicate
- Incompetence
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Dec 27, 2021
I love it when everyone who got Covid-19 in July 2020 just happened to all live along the Gulf of Mexico coast, and then as a group decided to visit their relatives in the Midwest that October. Contact Trace wins! Then suddenly a bunch of people in North Dakota and Corn Country all got Covid in Oct/Nov 2020, and en masse, decided to visit their relatives all across the nation, in a circular and even-velocity propagation. Contract Trace for the win again!
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Dec 25, 2021
A significant confirmed trend in Death to Case Eigenvalue for South Africa.

This means that deaths, even net of lag and a 14-day offset, are not trending with cases. In the US however, we do not see such a trend just yet. Way too soon. Eigenvalues are noisy, but that can be simply from incomplete data imbalances as well.
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Dec 9, 2021
Nucleotide entropy was introduced into the spanning tree of genetic distance from Omicron to other variants of SARS-CoV-2. When we weight average genetic distance at each marker by the relative entropy, we derive a 2.8 year genetic distance between Delta & Omicron.

January 2018 What this means is, there has not been sufficient time to naturally evolve Omicron from the Wuhan strain. The sites mutated don't mutate that often.

Since we cannot add 2.8 years into the future, we must subtract it from Delta. We reach into the past to gain sufficient time.
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Dec 5, 2021
1/8 In celestial navigation, the process is one of reducing the set of locations where you are 'not-located' down to one location which is left - and that is what is called your fix. 2/8 In order to do this you must pursue observations which reduce the set of possibilities (sun-lines, lower and azimuth-spread star shots, moon lines, altitude of Polaris, etc) It is the contrast in such reductions which proves conclusive.
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Nov 29, 2021
The purpose of a CEO is not to address the question of how something is done, but rather why something is done.

If you place a How-person in charge as CEO, there is always a hidden Why-person in the background. That influence hides for a reason. A tech company may choose a CTO to step up and lead, unless it's not really a 'technology company', but rather a company which vends human rights at their fronteir - but just happens to use technology to do so.

Many orgs serve through technology - that does not make them 'tech'.
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Nov 24, 2021
An expert on coin tossing is correct 50% of the time. An expert on burning houses should be consulted before you flee one.
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