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May 18 9 tweets 2 min read
Until people fully understand Tories are engineering a Libertarian takeover of the UK with plans for charter cities and freeports post Brexit, singular headlines about scandals will compound the multiple attacks that are being methodically installed to favour corporate interests. Tories can't get this done under current UK/EU laws, so they are radically changing them. Breaking laws Nationally/Internationally is Tory lifeblood, proroguing parliament, police cover ups, demonising do-gooders/'lefty' judges, dismantling FOI, stifling protest and dissent.
May 17 11 tweets 3 min read
UK Govt is run by millionaires, they allow a corporatist cartel of fossil fuel and property magnates to dictate policy via +450 right wing think tanks. It's a tactic known as the revolving door. What do you think happens with this level of libertarian investment post Brexit? Charter cities are planned en masse for post Brexit UK, Mordaunt, Truss, Mogg etc are already using US right wing templates of city planning, that means rewriting laws to abolish workers rights, a privatisation paradise that will push the poor into modern day slavery.
May 16 8 tweets 3 min read
Frost speaking to rightwing conservative Heritage Foundation on the topic of “Britain after Brexit”
Heritage are climate change denialists, welfare abolitionists, seek to shrink Govt of accountability and are free market chaos hunters… via @IrishTimes Heritage claim to be 'non profit'
Revenue $82,194,912
Assets $315,910,900
By 2016 had reduced the number of Americans on cash assistance from 13 million to 3 million
Democrats and Republicans hand in hand, watch out UK, you're next.…
May 14 10 tweets 3 min read
This will only get worse as the Libertarian take over of the UK accelerates. Charter cities are the post Brexit prize for a rogue state, new right wing laws will allow it, your families lives are in total peril. You must rise up or all will be lost.… Populism is a far right Nationalist project with International tentacles wrapping itself around stable and moderately run democracies, exerting a stranglehold on ethics, morality and equality. Libertarians despise all forms of welfare, 'tax is theft...'
May 13 8 tweets 2 min read
Tories disaster capitalist strategy of reconfiguring the entire UK's economy under pseudo-patriotism is not for you or your families benefit, it's so a global network of r/w libertarians can cash in on a return to Feudalism via the post Brexit clean slate
You don't spout lies and divide a country without a big prize at the end. The cherry on top for the Tories was the pandemic, disaster capitalists thrive on crisis, this is when the public are tired, in pain and confused, that is when you strike and inflict punishing r/w policies
May 12 4 tweets 1 min read
Some handy tips here for IDOX in the UK, what with a general election coming...
UK Electoral Commission has already warned IDOX and it's subsidiaries to 'please stop breaking the law.' Shareholder Peter Lilley arch Brexiter and ERG cretin has $219m in shares with IDOX Peter Lilley also wrote this little ditty about 'benefit scroungers'
I've got a little list / Of benefit offenders who I'll soon be rooting out / And who never would be missed / They never would be missed. / There's those who make up bogus claims / In half a dozen names /
May 12 8 tweets 2 min read
'Their minds seem like clean slates on which we can write'
Tories will continue to inflict multiple shocks on a public who are but chattel to them, in their minds the left-behinds deserve only the most cruelest of punishing policies loaded with visceral disdain and contempt. Look through any Tory MP's profile, there's always a commonly linked collection of outrageous quotes attached to policies that seek to harm the welfare state, the public sector which our taxes are meant to improve. Wealthy libertarians are welfare destroyers clutching their cash.
May 10 4 tweets 2 min read
Why are all those foreign mega corporations and oil companies donating to the Tory party? Millions of pounds pumped in to persuade politicians to trash EU regulations meant to protect the public and the planet. Do you seriously believe this is for you and your families benefit? Far right Tories will soon be dictating what you eat, where your kids go to school, how much you pay for energy, healthcare, housing, how your workers rights will change...clue, you won't have any because post Brexit Neo-Feudalism is coming. #Libertarian
May 10 7 tweets 2 min read
Johnson backed by a global cartel of Libertarians, a wrecking crew out to reduce Govt to the size of a mouse that can be drowned in a bathtub. He shows us that ignoring the law indicates how fines are mere slaps on the wrist. Multinationals fined millions are a drop in the ocean. Tories partygate fines peanuts compared to how much cash corporations set aside to keep on breaking laws like environmental protection, workers rights/safety. They make so much money it doesn't hurt them to be fined, post Brexit will usher in a new age of corporate tyranny on UK
May 9 12 tweets 3 min read
Make no mistake the Brexit Freedoms Bill will unleash Libertarian free market chaos on the UK, the timing is well planned, cost of living crisis, NHS overwhelmed, energy bills and inflation to skyrocket, your lives are being prepared for the next stage, Charter Cities coming soon This why the Tories need to distract you, they have shadow operators like Mordaunt, Truss methodically paving the way for the total erosion of workers rights and protections. Charter Cities make there own laws to maximize profit at your families expense
May 4 6 tweets 2 min read
Tories backed by extremely wealthy oil tycoons/right wing libertarians out to shrink the role of Govt, why? Deregulation will allow the rich to bypass the constraints of Govt on wealth accumulation and how it is created, tax is 'theft' of their property. Neo Feudalism the goal. Tories biggest enemies are you 'the public' the people they crave support and money from operate in the shadows, r/w think tanks who push the most extreme anti welfare policies have exploited their charity status to do untold harm on working peoples lives.
Apr 27 8 tweets 2 min read
How to make this clear, a think tank used to be for social science research under charity status. Wealthy business tycoons started funding them because they didn't want to pay tax, they also hated Govt using their taxes for welfare state/public services. They said it was 'theft' Hayek proposed think tanks operate in the shadows & never admit they were advising partisan agendas to Govt. @iealondon was founded in 1955 with an extreme agenda of abolishing the NHS, lowering taxes on the ultra wealthy, shrinking Govt to give big companies untrammeled power.
Apr 24 6 tweets 2 min read
The Tories have been in permanent Campaign mode for over 12 years, endless promises that never materialised in reality. They rely on a heavily funded international militia of self financed business tycoons and oligarchs out to bypass legal restrictions and democracy itself. In 1955 @iealondon was founded as a 'charitable' institute, it is a veritable paradox of democracy as r/w think tanks operate in the shadows, stealthily instructing Govt in advancing their true agenda of free market chaos, zero tax on rich and total abolition of the welfare state
Apr 22 4 tweets 2 min read
Incredible that even when the Tories talk about 'freedoms' its in an abstract sense, they desire to control from the top who benefits from that, lower and middle income earners are anathema to their ideology. Where there are grass roots, Tories prefer 'astro-turf' #ToryLiars Tories have corrupted the British establishment, their 'wrecking crew' approach serves to erode the public's trust in Govt, a precursor to smaller Govt, why? So their 'freedoms' can be unleashed to curb academic independence, dismantle judiciary and annihilate public spending.
Apr 20 12 tweets 3 min read
Truth. Mogg/Tories calling #Partygate 'fluff' are useful distractions. Post Brexit master plan, accelerate destruction of the welfare state. "The future is disorder" Total autonomy from the oppressive constraints of Govt. 'A radical restructuring of the nature of Sovereignty' The same tactics used in Leave Campaign expertly fooled the public via misinformation, rallying the far right and broke the law on spending limits. Johnson broke the law again by proroguing Parliament which Supreme Court overturned. Libertarians goal is to bypass democracy.
Apr 19 6 tweets 2 min read
Tories vindictive Rwanda scheme shows how little they value human rights. Post Brexit will see an avalanche of deregulation's that will ensure free market anarcho-capitalists choose how you live and how you die. You are nothing but a customer to them, devoid of all rights. Want to protest? That's 10 years in prison
Your kids will be indoctrinated by strict curricula to not question the Govt's motives.
Your families will be in constant debt.
You will be forced into slave labour working for multinationals in appalling conditions in Charter Cities.
Apr 15 7 tweets 4 min read
Mordaunt honing her r/w libertarian plans post Brexit, Freeports aka Charter Cities, will see private sector hammer local communities by forcing families to either leave or work below minimum wage for foreign multinationals with 'freedom' to abolish workers rights. Honduras 2.0 UK Govt now a collaborator in disaster capitalists anti-democratic, libertarian chaos, the clean slate. Mordaunt names her dream shopping list, schools, homes, hospitals, her 'regs' will be choc full of 'unfreedoms', privatisation, indoctrination, fascism.
Apr 14 15 tweets 3 min read
Be warned that while the Tories and their affiliated press barrage us with distractions, be sure they are quickly and stealthily re-writing laws that will render their onslaughts on public life, the rule of law as legal points of no return, with no means to hold them accountable. It is clear that right wing tactics used from the1930's to the present day are copied and pasted into current UK Govt policy making and behaviour. A global network of +450 r/w think tanks comprising economists and multinationals are all focused on Individual ‘property’
Apr 13 9 tweets 2 min read
How does Parliament proceed when known criminals are in power? How do MP's and the speaker deal with that from now on? Would you want to go to work knowing your colleagues and effectively the CEO were guilty of crimes? You might as well say you work for the mafia. This is a coup! Tories crossed the line...again. Parliament thoroughly degraded propped up by empty rituals, for the 1st time in British political history a PM and Chancellor broke the Law and won't resign, cowardly using the Ukrainian war as cover. Future of British Democracy is at stake here.
Apr 11 4 tweets 2 min read
Remember Brexiters rallying cries of 'Go WTO?'
Not only has the US blocked appointments, it has also threatened to block the WTO’s budget, which could force the body to shut operations entirely.… This is politically sensitive because other nations will bristle at the U.K. attempting to change their production processes. "Effectively, what you're trying to do is impose your production standards on third countries,” he explained. UK cakeism again.…
Apr 11 8 tweets 2 min read
Post Brexit UK is a quarry for disaster capitalists/right wing libertarians to mine for generations to come. British establishment compromised at highest levels by Russian money meaning the very institutions that are their to protect society are controlled by the Tories. The corporatist crusade will not relent, no such thing as trickle down economics, levelling up is for 1% only. The deregulation Brexit buzzword is a weapon that will destroy welfare state, curtail workers rights, slash wages and eviscerate/sell off the NHS. UK is in big danger.