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30 Aug 20
The more that happens with COVID, riots, unrest, China, etc, the more this book is critical to read and understand...

A thread of some thoughts I had reading it:
1/ One of my favorite things about a great book is how it can reshape you're thinking.

This book significantly changed my mental model for how to interpret history.

It's also Lindy; written in 1997, he's accurately predicted the last 23 years with about 80% accuracy IMHO.
2/ Previously, I thought history was a line; there would be ups and downs but it would basically march straight forward.

As the Fourth Turning explains, it's actually a series of 80-100 year cycles broken into 4 distinct eras:

Awakening, Unraveling, Crisis, and High:
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2 Jan 20
Should I get in on the 1 like = 1 take (max 100) train and tweet about product management?

10 Likes and I'll start a thread of product tips and 🌶️takes.
1/ Being a PM is a job of influence. The best PMs are the mayor of their area of work. You need to be able to build coalitions, and get buy in from a wide group of people.

That doesn't happen by accident. It takes work.
2/ The best PMs are autodidacts. They're constantly curious and always learning.

If you don’t like learning lots of new skills from sales, to marketing, to negotiation, to EQ, to design, don’t be a PM.
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