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I am a magnet for strays & have an obsession with raccoons. Volunteer, artist, web designer, advocate, unapologetic Hillary supporter & vehemently anti-Trump
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2 Feb
.@donlemon just interviewed a woman named Lenka, a 2016 Bernie supporter who turned Qanon

She starts by saying (to paraphrase) ‘the seeds were planted in ‘16. If the Dems could rig the primary against Bernie what else is possible’

And THIS is why I will always despise Bernie...
And this is also how the media failed us in ‘16. Bernie’s complaints had no merit. His campaign was a dishonest, unethical mess. His rise in social media was obviously manufactured & Wikileaks..? The media legitimized the criminal theft of emails & amplified unverified info dumps
We begged the media the report the facts & stop promoting clickbait but clickbait is all we got. And afterwards they forgot about Hillary voters & never bothered correcting the distortion. Our future was then built on the lies people believed in 2016. And Q is what we got 😡
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13 Jan 20
👇🏼 This is the person Bernie picked to be his National Press Secretary

Your Press Secretary represents you, your beliefs & your platform. They are the mouthpiece of your campaign. You don’t hire someone for this job unless you trust their judgment

This is who Bernie hired
And let’s not overlook the fact she was a proud Jill Stein voter
Bernie also hired this person for his campaign...who then had to step aside after decent people raised hell

Who would Bernie pick to be in an administration? Best we never find out
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31 Aug 19
THREAD: Bernie’s newest FEC violations have given us the look we need inside his fundraising

I’ve warned you all previously that his claim of “grassroots, working class” donors & $27 donations is smoke in mirrors

Seems we’re choking on that smoke once again in 2020...
Let’s 1st start with WHAT happened in 2016. Thanks to an unprecedented amount of violations we got a peek into his info

An odd pattern appeared. Ppl were exceeding the legal contribution limit but breaking that huge sum into countless minuscule donations
Now let’s answer WHY Bernie supporters broke their 2016 donations into repeated, teensy wincy gifts

They used math to create a myth

They intentionally crafted the narrative that Bernie had overwhelming support of struggling everyday Americans...
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16 May 19
It’s time to have a serious discussion about the dangers of a federally controlled healthcare system

With the GOP running roughshod over our laws & rights isn’t it now evident that relinquishing control of our healthcare brings us 1 big step closer to GiIliad?

Let’s discuss...
What would M4A mean? It means drs would essentially be government employees or agents bound not by an oath but by laws passed. It means your entire health history is reported & becomes information of the state. And the end of private insurance ushers all of us into this system..
Before moving on it must be said that Sanders tweet is inexcusably misleading. We’re not going to reverse the Hyde Amendment in this climate & M4A isn’t going to protect abortion rights. If you haven’t yet noticed we’re going in the exact opposite direction at an alarming pace..
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29 Mar 19
I’m tired of Bernie’s lies & spin going unreported so today we’re taking a look at the manufactured myth of his support from poor working class donors

So please, take a look at these few tweets & the receipts within. You’ll learn his rallying cry about $27 donations is bullsh*t
Let’s start here & give credit where it’s due. What you’re looking at is a screenshot of an exchange with Bernie’s camp where his officials are directing people to make as many donations as possible. They’re looking for QUANTITY

Next we’ll discuss why...

Bernie’s goal is to get 1 million individual donations before the FEC filing is due. Here’s his latest email stating this goal

Bernie believes his number of individual donations will convince people he’s our best chance to beat Trump. He wants the news cycle & frontrunner status
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18 Dec 18
Tonight Symone Sanders, Press Secretary for Bernie‘s 2016 campaign, appeared on @donlemon & denied Bernie & his staff knew of the Russian meddling

“No (mumbling) we did not have any idea abt the Russians”

This is in direct conflict to Bernie’s statement. Which one is lying?
To refresh Symone’s memory, here’s Bernie’s answer when asked by Ari Melber

“Well of course we knew that. Of course we knew that they were trying to cause divisiveness within the Democratic Party. That’s no great secret."

But it remained a secret to HIS OWN PRESS SECRETARY?
Either Symone knows damn well she’s lying to cover up what Bernie knew or..

Bernie never bothered to tell his own Press Secretary (tasked with answering questions from the media) that Russia was targeting his supporters

Meaning Russias attack didnt change his strategy 1 iota 😡
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8 Nov 18
Tonight on AC360 Bernie laughs at our losses in TX & FL denying our candidates ran too far left, then lies about the reason we lost seats under Obama

DEMS tried to be “Republican light” he claimed, speaking of those who passed the ACA & protected pre-existing conditions...
For those who need a reminder, we suffered dramatic loses because the Tea Party made Obamacare into the boogeyman & the DEMS who supported its passage were purged from office

Murphy was 1 of them. Does he sound like a “Republican” to you?

Who here thinks Trump would sign a min wage increase? Or sign legislation to cover all children via a M4A plan & lower the age for Medicare eligibility?


Time to write this man off. He’s doing a great disservice by lying abt the reality of our political landscape
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5 Jun 18
Who Is Tad Devine?

Tad Devine is a political advisor. His speciality is marketing, more specifically rebranding a candidate & shaping the narrative of a campaign/election for max appeal. In other words, he polishes turds for a living & sells those turds to the voting public 1/
Devine might be familiar to some as the inspiration behind the S Bullock film Our Brand Is Crisis. The title (his catch phrase) reflects his usual campaign strategy: Create a crisis so you can sell your candidate as the solution to the crisis. Watch👇🏼 2/
The movie told the story of his work in Bolivia for Goni. Devine manufactured fear of an economic crisis, branded Goni as the revolutionary leader of the ppl who would fix it. He won, he was also a crook. Chaos & an uprising ensued. Nice work Tad 🙄 Anyway... 3/
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5 Oct 17
Hillary was our bold & committed advocate for gun control but MSM & fools among us thought office IT problems were more important an issue
Hillary literally stood up to the NRA & it's apologists & made gun control a central issue of her campaign, forging alliances @MomsDemand
HRCs courage & dogged determination for gun control was a turning point in presidential politics. She went where all others feared to go
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4 Oct 17
Thread: Many months back I composed & saved a tweetstorm abt Russia's manipulation of social media & its far reaching effect on the election
Tho waiting to share, everyday seemed like we teetered on the brink of catastrophe & the topic took a back seat to healthcare, NK & Nazis 2/
Given the recent news about Russian FB ads & the enormous network of Russian Twitter trolls, I figure the time to share might be now 3/
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