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Fort Bend County Animal Services is dedicated to spreading awareness about adoptable shelter pets and finding homes for those in our care. #AdoptDontShop
Nov 15 5 tweets 2 min read
To our FBCAS community:

As a lifesaving facility, we have maintained a 90% save rate for more than 5 years. In order to meet the demand for shelter space that we do not currently have, we will be making the very difficult decision to euthanize animals in our shelter for those who need to come in.

We currently have almost 230 dogs in a space for 87 with 40 of them in pop up crates in hallways, offices and every nook and cranny we could find. Yesterday, we received 22 dogs and today we anticipate more - we simply cannot go on like this for the
Feb 6 5 tweets 2 min read
These are the four dogs of our current PUSH List (Pets Urgently Seeking Homes). It’s a list made up of our longest residents - those urgently in need of someone to adopt or rescue them

The shelter has been over capacity with our dogs for a long time, and we’ve had to resort to housing dogs in pop up kennels in our hallways and office space months.

We originally posted a list of 10 that needed to be adopted or rescued by 1/31/23. There’s still four on that list that were granted an extension…but they’re still very much in urgent need of adopters or
Jan 9 5 tweets 5 min read
Everyone knows that dogs make the best friends…and who doesn’t need more friends in their life?!

We’ve got new friends of all creeds and colors here, and all different kinds of personality types! Sweet and loving, silly and goofy, active and playful, lazy and cuddly…whatever you’re looking for in a furry friend we’ve got lots of great options for you!

We’ve been so overcrowded these last few months that we’ve had to resort to housing dogs in pop up kennels in our hallways and office spaces. With our shelter having been so overly full for so long,
Jan 9 4 tweets 3 min read
💙 Claus - A039597 💙

Claus the cutie is back from his short term foster home! He’s a 1YO Cattle Dog just looking for love!

Here’s what his foster said about him:

“He’s a really great dog, who’s super affectionate and is a quick learner. He’s trainable if given the time. He has learned a lot with us during winter break.

He is very timid when meeting new dogs and may bark a lot with his tail tucked (but it is only because he is scared). Once he warms up to another dog he is playful & his personality shines through.

He runs like a baby deer as if
Jan 3 4 tweets 2 min read
Claus (A039597) is enjoying his time in her current short term foster home very much! He’s a Cattle Dog just over a year old.

Here’s what his fosters have to say about him:

“Things we have learned about him so far, he’s a quick learner (learned two new tricks today paw and stay) he already knows sit.

He’s playful since he is still young but he’s also very calm for his age. He’s very affectionate. He loves to cuddle, get pets and belly rubs.

He is shy at first but plays well with other dogs after warming up to greet them. He gets along with both
Jan 3 5 tweets 2 min read
💘 Dolce - A039263 💘

Dolce is back in shelter from short term foster care, and she’s coming back with glowing reviews!

Here’s what her foster had to say about her:

“Dolce is a very sweet, smart, energetic pup. She gets along great with other dogs and children (5 & up - we did not have the opportunity to see how she does with toddlers).“
“Dolce has a high energy level and has so much fun running all over the backyard. Sometimes she has to be reminded that the inside of the house is not the backyard but it is pretty easy to get her to calm down.