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18+ only, Experimenting with micro fiction - TF, Hypnosis, Corruption, etx. (She/Her or They/Them) Banner by @Cardin_Drakerav.!
11 Feb 19

“Second nanite fleet administered. Ready to proceed.”

Now the arms begin to deposit the medium from the top down, merging the layers around and into the headset.
As the medium reaches your eyes, your Controller holds them open so the warm, sticky material can flow into your sinuses and tear ducts.

You mouth opens and layers of warm, sticky goo flow into your throat.

You can’t see.

You can’t breathe.

You realize you don’t need to.
The warmth creeps through your throat and neck, and you can tell the last of your humanity is fading away.

You can feel the vibrations as your new neck is gently shaped and smoothed, then the base of your head. Your “face”. Your chin.
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11 Feb 19

There’s a strange sensation as the fluids are absorbed back into the medium, and as the sculpting tools slide back and forth across your hips and waist you can feel yourself melting into your new flesh.

Shrinking. Shaping. Repurposing.
“Good girl,” Ada purrs, and you feel yourself get wet for the first time, producing lubricant that drips down your folds before she takes control again and commands your body to seal itself up for now.

“I promise - there will be time for that later.”
You nod, or try to, at least. Your Controller is absolutely right. Finish the conversion, and then you can thoroughly test your systems.

The progress graphic is passing your stomach, and before you know it your torso has been completely encased.
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11 Feb 19

The table begins to angle upwards, while the headrest swings down and away.

Ada keeps your head still, and you can feel something cold and metallic sliding up to rest against the base of your skull.

“Initiating sequence in 5...4...3...2...1...0!”
There’s a pinch at the side of your neck and you taste something like coconut. If coconuts were coated in salt and aluminum foil, anyway.

“First nanite fleet deployed.”

It’s a weird feeling to have something actively swimming through your arteries, but you kinda like it.
As you watch, the “fleet” spreads. Their passage is marked by the surface veins and arteries turning grey and black, with darker clusters slowly forming into alignment marks at different points on your torso and limbs.
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11 Feb 19

You’d always thought of the units you’d seen as faceless, but as the different head selections appear you realize that isn’t true at all.

Yes, they shared common characteristics, but so do humans.
Some were broader and had subtly angular shapes in their chins and sides. Others a bit taller and more sloped, a bit like the styling of a race car. A few that remind you of motorcycle helmets or hockey masks.
Aside from their shining black facebowls, the only shared feature is the antennas that come from their ears - just as if they’d been integrated into a headset like the one that has become a part of you.
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11 Feb 19

There’s a low humming sound that you realize is coming from the headset, followed by a sensation like a thousand tiny teeth lightly gripping your scalp as the band latches itself to your head.
A wave of panic rises in your chest, but before it can crash over you Ada’s voice banished it with soothing, encouraging tones.

“This is normal, and part of the process. You are safe here.”

You close your eyes and focus on her words as the pressure in your chest eases.
“You are doing very well. There may be some slight discomfort, but it will pass quickly.”

You feel the headphones shift more than you hear it, the cups fully encasing your ears before something thin and soft begins to tickle as it slides into your ear canals.
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11 Feb 19

The sound of a voice after so much silence is shocking, and it takes a moment for you to remember you’re supposed to respond.

“Oh! Hi! Sorry...”

A soft giggle washes away your embarrassment, like it was a joke between old friends.
“It’s alright. You’re far from the first to be surprised.”

The voice pauses a moment to let that sink in before she continues.

“My name is Ada. I’ll be guiding you through the process. If it helps, please feel free to use female pronouns for me.”
“Thank you!” The lingering nervousness is fading the more you listen to her voice. She seems so calm and in control that you instinctively want to trust her.

“So, what do I do next?”
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11 Feb 19

It took a little time to work up the courage to go.

You had a few friends that you trusted with the news, once you made your decision.

Mostly the same ones who knew who you really were, and not who you had to pretend to be.
The closest center wasn’t far from your office, but you were afraid of getting recognized by coworkers.

(Would you have to go back to work? Would you even need money anymore?)

You decided to visit a center a couple of hours away, just to be safe.
You gathered up all your clothes and donated them. Kitchen stuff and everything else you assumed you wouldn’t need.

A few people noticed. You told them you were doing the konmari thing.

If only they knew what was really sparking your joy.
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11 Feb 19

CW: Dronification (is that a word? I guess it is now), mind alteration, mind control, physical alteration, TF, D/S undertones.

The centers started showing up a few months ago. Vacant lots suddenly filled with shining new structures overnight. Derelict buildings repurposed and refurbished.
Most thought it was some kind of strange publicity stunt.

Some heavy industry company showing off a new product. Perhaps a way to demonstrate new building materials or processes.

They weren’t wrong, exactly.
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3 Jan 19
Ok. Let’s try this out:


TF, NSFW, 18+

(TW for description of medical issues)
There’s an old song on the radio that gets you every time you hear it, from the very first line.

“My body is a cage”, it sings, and if that isn’t a fucking mood.
The lock on yours is an autoimmune disorder. It was genetic, the doctors explained. No one’s fault. No obvious trigger. It could have happened at age nine. It could have happened at ninety.

No cure. Just treatment.
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