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21 Sep
Yet another day of #Casedemic crazyness
still not even generating normal mortality associated with approaching winter season
- 6 people "with Covid" on ICU vent couple weeks back, 7 people now 🙄
And we are locking down counties
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12 Sep
Hi all - my latest video was tagged "crucial" - because it is crucial, nothing less.
Here it is to download and share as widely as possible please, on any platform. The more followers you have the better - but all welcome!

Pls retweet this tweet too!

You all have full permission to load up on your YT, Vimeo, Dailymotion - whatever!
Looks like download limits hit - will send better link in an hour!
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12 Aug
Over 600 doctors in Germany and Austria have come together in an organisation, to investigate why the covid over-reaction is occurring, damaging society
Tagged here to the point where the lead doc (and ex-army officer) explains why they are doing this:

Here's their website - interesting group - all highly articulate, calm, cool, collected - and medical professionals to boot (in Germany/Austria mainly) - interesting: acu2020.org/english-versio…
Note the emotion that hits hims when he says "it's for my kids". And he's a retired army officer as well as a highly-accomplished MD>

Note it - and wake up.
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12 Jul
- reporter openly soliciting to create a #fakenews hit piece
- what in hell has happened to our media?

This is now getting truly sinister...

Retweet to let people know how bad it has become...and hopefully wake people up to the issue
Here's another one - this phenomenon is a new and desperate propaganda-supporting measure:
Hey he's just deleted it - caught red-handed - saw the masses of replies accusing him of corruption and bias!
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29 Jun
Nobel Prize for Science winner Professor Levitt of Stanford
- one of the few who called this thing correctly back in February
- with a population fatality rate of 0.04 to 0.05%, largely regardless of lockdown
Now calls it again - on how science has let us all down dreadfully:
On the "same as bad flu" - with a population fatality rate approx 0.04 to 0.05% (or ~500 in a million people) over the season - it is actually pretty much the de facto impact of a bad flu.
Argument against is: "the lockdown magicks kept it low" - but this is not evidence-based...
On the "lockdown magicks helped" - here's a direct compare, Sweden versus Denmark policy:
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24 Jun
Does Lockdown give a great bang for the buck? Or is #coronavirus seasonal by nature, with its own dynamics?

Find out in 2 minutes flat... 😉

#HopeSimpson #Covid19
Edgar Hope-Simpson's book - 50 years of obsessive research - fascinating stuff! dropbox.com/s/4yda40j4hf9n…
Prior coronaviruses - all in spring northern hemisphere:
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3 Jun
#Coronavirus Wow!
Nobel Prize winning Stanford Prof of Biology abused on primetime TV - by an Irish Immunology prof!
So a highly contagious virus spread like hell from January to March, but hardly anyone was exposed to it?
Innate and T-Cell immune system anyone (no antibodies)?
Need watch this:
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