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22 Jun
The accidental dystopia of major construction sites: the Hoover Dam, Black Canyon (1934)—a few more here instagram.com/p/CBuvWX8jiaq/…
The construction of the Atomium—i.e. the Belgian pavilion for the World Expo 58 in Brussels—as photographed in 1957 by Dolf Kruger
The construction of New York's water supply system (1906-1917): A fork in the Yonkers pressure tunnel (1913)
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30 May
Thinking about Hong Kong...
Here's a rare colour photograph of this marvelous, infinite, impossible and yet so real city in the 1950s by Fan Ho—probably the greatest among its photographers.
Here are a few more instagram.com/p/CAzp9OsHWKQ/…
Fan Ho's portraits of Hong Kong did not only document a fascinating urban reality, but it created a way of seeing, it shaped our spatial imagination, contributing incalculably to the perception of our own cities
But, of course, he was a master of photography tout court. His geometries still teach us how to school our gaze, to decentre oneself in order to see the patterns below the surface of things
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1 Dec 19
À propos ancient Martian architecture... 'Stone Architecture on Mars, Demonstrating Mars' two-thirds less gravity than Earth's' (1956) by Chesley Bonestell [Published in: Ley & Von Braun's 'The Exploration of Mars', 1956, p. 66, as plate x]
Martian architecture and costume designs from 'Aelita' (Russian: Аэли́та) aka 'Aelita: Queen of Mars' (1924) a silent science-fiction film directed by Soviet filmmaker Yakov Protazanov and based on the homonymous novel by Alexei Tolstoy
Soviet Constructivism: The model for Aelita's Martian city
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30 Mar 19
The inflatable dam of Ramspol, The Netherlands media.nu.nl/m/m1oxhvta6h8t…
Ayakita dam, Miyazaki Prefecture architectureofdoom.tumblr.com/post/183815624…
Hoover Dam, Black Canyon (1934)
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