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Jan 14 15 tweets 6 min read
@DuncanHenry78 is always trying to persuade me that Top Gun is a gay movie.

I have contend that it is a lesbian movie.

I have always believed that you should state your opponent's case so well that they wish they could have done it, before you wreck them. So here goes. Image The film is full of quite obvious gay signalling. Not only do we know who's gay, but we know who's a "top" and who's a "bottom, if we take a moment to read the subtext. Just look at Cruise's back, and Goose's grin to camera and his draped arm. If you know, you know. Image
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Once upon a time, a great queen ruled over a peaceful kingdom. The only thing to trouble the kingdom was a lion. He terrorised the villages, ate up the villagers, and scoffed every knight who tried to kill him.

The queen decided to call the lion to a parlay. The lion arrived, to everybody's surprise, with his hair combed, looking very smart and sophisticated. Almost suave.

"What is it you want, Mr Lion," asked the queen, for she was determined to respect him, and treat him as a worthy foe and not just a wild beast of the forest.