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Making tabletop goodies of all kinds. 28mm minis - scenics - bases. Occasional pimping of actual product. Pronouns: he/him.
Jan 14 17 tweets 13 min read
How we make cheap, super-lightweight, strong gaming boards: A Thread.

1) Buy a cheap "egg box" style door - typically 3mm ply skinned over a card honeycomb. Cut to required size (here we made 2' squares) - jigsaw will do the job, we used a tablesaw. You're left with edges like: 2) Cut strips of MDF of the same height as the gap between ply skins. Fix with wood glue top/bottom to fill all your edges flush and to reconstitute your "solid" box. Repeat for all sides.

3) Repeat till you've used all of the door/made your reqd # of tiles...