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13 Sep
Observations on #FootballIndex order books so far, a thread:

1) It’s clear right now that prices *seem* volatile (in comparison to a pre sell order world) This is only due to the lack of ‘weight’ behind offers, if you compare it to the entirety of the FI market.
2. Someone can come in and undercut a £10 player with a 5% spread, to £9.70 with 300 futures as an offer. This then shows as a player ‘decreasing’ by 30p, when in reality - all it’s showing you is the lowest offer.
3. Would I like there to be 1000 or more shares behind each ‘offer’, probably. Would I like depth of market to be seen, absolutely.

Both of these would likely stop traders being scared about the price they see on screen, whichever way you look at it.
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25 Aug
Recently, someone messaged me out of the blue asking if I could give them 3 reasons to be bullish on #FootballIndex.

The recent news about Lionel Messi really backs up just why I think this product is unique, amazing and is the premier challenger to traditional boomakers 👇
The beauty is in the nuance of information.

Let's focus on Lionel Messi first.

The murmurs and whispers encourage a few riskier punts, and as that information solidifies and comes from more reliable sources - more buys are seen from the risk adverse, and the spread tightens.
Now that traders have essentially confirmed, in their minds he is leaving - the question then becomes:

"Well where to?"

PSG? City? America? Back home to Argentina?

All with hugely different connotations for his price.

What other platform allows you to bet in this manner?
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