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13 Aug
mitch better have @USPS money - @realDonaldTrump ORDER @stevenmnuchin1 to make the $10B (in the 1st CARES Act) available
Oh that’s right you are intentionally SABOTAGING OUR USPS
Are afraid to lose your re-election?
Fucking King of Voter suppression
- @realDonaldTrump @GOP can’t win fair & square
this is their playbook;
-gerrymander the shit out of districts
-onerous voter ID laws
-shutter polling stations
-Feds withhold funding for election sec
-use “rigged, fraud, illegal coup”
Aww @realDonaldTrump ”I was right about amazon”. Since Mr “I alone can fix it” —>a narcissist homicidal sociopath. He’s so bitter that Bezos is “really rich” and he was/is pissed about the “partnership” and the expansion in the e-commerce (see next tweet)
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5 Aug
Please hold - I have a lot of files and I may have chugged my nightly Monster...
Cause I’m gonna fact-knuckle-drag her kicking & screaming into the bright sunlight
mitch pleads sit down & omertà @GOPChairwoman I don’t do “feelings” they make me uncomfortable
So let’s look at the Facts
Exhibit A - 2021 DOJ proposed budget
Shittlestix is that a REDUCTION IN FUNDING?
Me canz readz goodly-ish
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4 Aug
whispers his Miami Office was also raid

Imma gonna leave this May mini-thread here too because facts shouldn’t be ignored
yet on this platform they carry little currency
me returns to my little corner to churn out more facts
ZOINKS that’s a lot of boxes - anyone know if they also raided their Dallas TX office? Asking for a few friends

cc @Ukrainolution
FBI raids offices at downtown One Cleveland Center building tied to Ukrainian oligarch…
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3 Aug
Man this reads oddly familiar

Chopstick — X Agent & X Tunnel
Taidoor is gnarly
-installed on as a service dynamic link library (DLL)
- comprised of two files, 1st file is a loader, which is started as a service
-loader decrypts the 2nd file
-executes it in memory, RAT (f*cker)
RAT (f*cker <—that’s your Filey being snarky AF), you know we’ve talked about this - a lot
case in point this November 2019 thread - specifically the 6th tweet in the thread…
13 steps to protect your network ...and ultimately your intellectual property - if you read nothing else, please read these steps to secure your sh!t…
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3 Aug
Quick disinformation thread
🎯one thing to be mindful of, doctored/manipulated videos.
🎯cross pollination on various social media platforms
🎯how long to take down & how far did it spread
A @Facebook user posted this doctored video of @SpeakerPelosi on July 30, 2020 6:57PM
It took @Facebook >65 hours to ”label it” they didn’t remove it
The user is still very much active
The video has been viewed 2,204,441 times
The video has been shared 88,598 times
the 2nd picture “Facebook screenshot taken on Sun Aug 2 19:11:55 2020 UTC“ via @LeadStoriesCom Check: Video Does NOT ...
Now what I do find interesting is this video was posted in the @Facebook Group “conservatives unite“
but that post appears the video has been disabled…
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2 Aug
Let’s be clear here U.S. Postmaster General DeJoy Pulled this same shit in:
but now it’s more pressing because @USPS is under a sustained attck both by Trump & the GOP both inside & outside of the Agency. Good job @senatemajldr 🙄… ImageImage
the @OIGUSPS should have at least 2 dozen ongoing investigations occurring because the @senatemajldr @GOPLeader @realDonaldTrump and at least 11 super shady lobbyist are doing some foul swamp work here
The USPS union of carriers needs to do a media blitz… ImageImage
Because this @USPS July 10, 2020 Internal Memo is unbelievable…
And you really should read last Friday’s CNN article… ImageImage
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31 Jul
Only going to ask once PLEASE do not tag me with the newly unsealed Epstein fifth
I’m not saying it’s not important
until you’ve held a sexual assault victim’s hand as Med Staff works to extract evidence all while their body shakes uncontrollably then you’ll understand why
That gif wasn‘t meant as a missive
every ONE of Epstein’s victims deserve their justice.
All I am saying is tagging me puts me in a very unhealthy head space. And I can’t do it
I try my best to issue <trigger warnings> I’m mindful that some court documents can trigger people -fin
The only way I can keep my head straight is to focus on the facts.
one thing that consistently gets overlooked is that’s a civil complaint
I’m not telling you what to focus on, beyond it DOES matter
Eyes should be on the VI-AG criminal investigation
It’s a civil & Criminal matter
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25 Jul
this still holds true... nobody and I mean no country, non-Americans should tell us what to think or who to vote for.
Not Russia
Not China
This isn’t a Left v Right
It is an American issue
"It's Not Republicans Or Democrats. They Are Coming After AMERICA!" June 8, 2017 @Comey
What part of;

”multiple & systematic efforts to interfere in our election and that deserves the credit of every American“
do people NOT understand?
@LindseyGrahamSC @SenRonJohnson @senrobportman @senatemajldr et al are doing Russia’s bidding. It’s VULGAR
I don’t care what it takes, I will drag them into the blinding sunlight
@realDonaldTrump is so weak & scared he can’t tell Putin
‘If there’s any truth to you paying bounties to kill our soldiers & that of our coalition allies - you will pay a steep price”
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22 Jul
Index Newspapers
PPD DHS & DOJ Case 3:20-cv-01035
declaration thread
Nathan Howard photojournalist;
“..photographs.. published in; Willamette Week, Mother Jones, Bloomberg Images, Reuters...Associated Press“ took aim at me and fired at least two pepper balls directly at me”
Nathan Howard Declaration
this isn’t okay👇🏻
“hid behind a tree until the agents lost interest in me. Some federal agents carry firearms with live, lethal ammunition. I did not want them to shoot me next“
Or from my Drive…
Declaration John Rudoff - photojournalist shot for no greason

“a federal agent shot me in my right shoulder, inches
from my head... I believe it was a 40mm rubber bullet. The pain was so bad that I had to retreat into the park and stop documenting for around 15 minutes..”
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21 Jul

AAG for National Security John C. Demers
FBI Deputy Director David L. Bowdich
U.S. Attorney William D. Hyslop, EDWA
Special Agent in Charge Ray P. Duda of the FBI Seattle Field Office
announcing charges in a national security cyber matter
11:30AM - EST
my guess is - this is likely to do with hacking, hackers, and possibly China or Russia or not.
hence why my prerequisite caveat “my guess is”
I have a work call starting in minutes so I might be unavailable or jump in/out of presser
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20 Jul
Yet a 3rd (arguably the two lawsuits filed by the ACLU & OR AG are the progeny of this case)
City of Portland
Case No 3:20-cv-01035
Filed on 6/28/2020
link to original complaint it largely centers around the Portland Police & it’s critical… ImageImageImageImage
As you’ll note this Complaint can be viewed as the Higgs-Boson re Portland (both State/City & Fed Law Enforcement) clashing with Protestors and the media caught in the middle & targeted by LE:

“they can report on police activities without fear of being targeted for punishment“ ImageImageImageImage
Here I saved you $3.0 -…

Or you can pay for it yourself if my highlights bug you - I won’t judge (much<— I’m kidding)…
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18 Jul
Hiya @SeemaCMS

Guess what I’m’s a thrilling read of how you misappropriated >$6.4M
Violated FAR

bolo for a thread on this report later this weekend
@SeemaCMS Good Evening @SeemaCMS
Now that I have read the @HHSGov 73 pg report
I think you owe Congress and the American tax payers a full and unabridged explanation.
at all relevant times I will link to original source documents.

Shall we?
July 16, 2020 Report…
Dear Seema

I have waited a very long time for this thread.
With any hope I’m going to let a lot of sunshine in
You madam @SeemaCMS VIOLATED THE LAW - with respect to FAR & the >$6.4M and I pulled the contract
you are fucked
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18 Jul
Oregon Attorney General Lawsuit-Thread
full disclosure I donate to the ACLU and 2 other civil rights advocacy groups. Therefore it’s reasonable to conclude I might be biased. Nonetheless I will try my best to compartmentalize my personal opinions & strictly stick to facts
At all relevant times I will provide you;

-ECF link
-Access to a public drive
-comments & snark
If you want to pay $2.10 you can access the Lawsuit here…
the @ORDOJ names Federal Protective Service
The ACLU complaint does NOT name FPS
I’d like to explain why the OR-AG included each Fed Agency’s “mission statement” she is establishing a predicate for an argument that @CBP @DHSgov & FPS may have exceeded their statutory authority
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18 Jul
Whoa Nelly - big props to @ACLU_OR they -just- filed in Federal District Court:
-request for TRO
-preliminary injunction

against (pay attention) Federal Defendants
A party seeking a TRO must the following:
-threat of irreparable harm
=likely to succeed on the merits
-balance of this harm against any harm the TRO may inflict on other parties weighs in favor of granting the TRO
-public interest favors issuing a TRO
Not “or” but “and”
I am so f&cking mad - partly because I’m in the DC area and I can’t believe what I’m reading in the @ACLU_OR complaint.
Federal Agents @DHS_Wolf @DHSgov @CBP @CBPMarkMorgan @USMarshalsHQ
shot (presumably w/ rubber bullets) one reporter 10 times in the back…
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17 Jul
Position Summary
(before we dive in to the ruling)

WhatApp🚩NSO/Q Cyber impermissibly loaded Pegasus & infected >1,400 WhatsApp Users

NSO🚩 we’re immune, court has no jurisdiction over us & you can‘t prove we did anything
The Court: split the baby…
4/29/19 thru 5/10/19

“defendants caused their malicious code to be transmitted over WhatsApp’s servers reaching approximately 1,400 devices used by “attorneys, journalists, human rights activists, political dissidents, diplomats, and other senior foreign government officials”
the Court spent a significant addressing the Rules, Scrutiny, important to remember the “why”?
“While the court is to accept as true all the factual allegations in the complaint, legally conclusory statements, not supported by actual factual allegations, need not be accepted“
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16 Jul
Are you KIDDING me?

The Trump Admin has been in violation of the Court’s Order since JUNE 2
Yet here the parties ask the Court to extended compliance to July 27th.

WTFINGF what happened to the ”urgency”?
JFC I give up & have nothing constructive to add… ImageImageImage
What bothers me the most about this it’s just delays the inevitable - meaning off the top of my head we have >283 UACs that have been in custody post the FSA’s mandatory 20 days
I don’t know what kind of damage this does to children especially ”tender age”… Image
I truly hate everything about this administration - filed notice of appeal - because of course they did
Cruelty & protracted litigation isn’t a ”bug” it is the feature… ImageImage
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16 Jul
Trust me on this

1st —> reread the Judge Marrero’s October 2019 Order/Opinion subthread below

2nd —> then wait for it...

Then reread last weekend’s thread, post SCOTUS ruling.
To help you visualize the hierarchy of our Judicial System - think of it as a triangle;

Middle—> USCA
Bottom—> District Court

We are now back at the bottom of the triangle
Then reread yesterday’s subthread that lead up to, today’s SDNY hearing.
I walk you through the JSR & the most relevant areas
for example;
SCOTUS roadmap as to the 4 likely arguments Trump could/should raise on remand to SDNY
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15 Jul
I’m hesitant to call attention to this
Someone sent me via DM
Before I RT’d this

-I called the Mayor’s office to verify, I was told
“the Mayor did NOT request Federal Assistance”

-I then called the OR Gov’s office, I was told
“we are aware of...”

Therefore it seems IMPORTANT
Here's your supplemental thread & subthread
Even if this was a “lawful” detainment it is unacceptable that law enforcement is in paramilitary uniforms and refused to identify themselves
I sent the thread & video to the appropriate members of Congress

I am also inclined to believe this is real - aside from my own due diligence and personally calling

This Local TV news outlet - it happened over the past weekend

Here's why federal officers are in Portland during protests |…
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15 Jul
Hi - @FloridaGOP

When you guys can’t figure out why you are losing educated female voters - perhaps you’ll remember this painfully misogynistic interview.
When people say the GOP will be fine post Trump - that’s a LIE - meet @AnthonySabatini
Like I said there are ONLY Two Types of people in America (right now)
Type 1 —>those who wear a mask because they give a shit about other people

Type 2 —> people like @AnthonySabatini who do NOT give a shit about anyone but themselves & will sue to get 8 ways to Sunday
Did you think I was being facetious that @AnthonySabatini will sue you 8 ways to Sunday?
I wasn’t & he was handed a pretty stunning rebuke by a Judge in Leon County
Florida judge rejects lawsuit that claimed mask ordinance is unconstitutional…
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13 Jul
I’m telling you right now, if this is true then who ever leaked this
(gasp imma gonna cuss)
-you just fucked the prosecutors
-you just fucked an ON GOING investigation
-seriously this article is thinly sourced via a a “pseudonym William Steel”
go google spoliation of evidence
This poorly sourced article is exactly the kind of catnip of “rumors” and “gossip” and other shit that has zero business around a pretty fucking serious investigation in to HORRENDOUS crimes against young girls
I ruffled a lot of feathers with this thread
There’s enough facts with the growing docket so I don’t understand how this “daily mail” article - which is like one step removed from the National Enquirer gained this much traction

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12 Jul
.... at this point if #deSatan isn’t trending then what’s the fucking point
Because some of us have been on @GovRonDeSantis for months.

He should be CHARGED with Gross Negligent Homicide
March 24 - thread cost per capita vs monies sent back
March 29th #deSatan new nickname
alligator humping-ppe-hoarding-hobbit
@GovRonDeSantis is a murderer

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