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8 Jun
COVID-19 situation in Limerick 🧵:
• 858 new cases in the past 2 weeks, 191 new cases between Friday and Monday.
• 10+ workplace outbreaks, 37 under investigation, involving 128 cases/270 close contacts in Mid-West
• 15+ school outbreaks in Mid-West, most in Limerick.
These outbreaks are as a result of high incidence in communities and a lot of indoor gatherings. These outbreaks then compound outbreaks in the community. Currently, Delta variant is not a factor, and all positives in Limerick are being sent for variant testing.
Active case finding ongoing, with high uptake in testing. Rathkeale pop-up clinic open until tomorrow, then it moves onto Kilmallock, and then Moyross. Follow @CommHealthMW for updates.
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6 Jun
My cleaning room jam playlist tonight: Soul, R&B, and obscure jazz-funk. First on the list is this amazing Nigerian R&B sister duo, VanJess, who will be MASSIVE…
Sticking with Nigeria is the very talented Davido…
Don Blackman is like Thunder Cat from the 1980s…
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12 Mar 20
Singapore, at one stage, had the highest rate of #Covid19 cases outside China.

One of the key preparations to contain the problem was ICU management.

Following the SARS outbreak in 2003, they built enough single ICU rooms for suspect and confirmed #coronavirus cases.
But infection prevention and control was key. They now have a rigorous IPC plan of action:

In order to avoid cross-contamination, staff have a roster to segregate clean and isolated staff, so there’s always a reliable cohort to treat new patients.
There’s always clean scrubs at the start and appropriate showering facilities at the end of their shift.

Isolation teams have a two-week off-duty observation period, also known as a “wash-out” period after every ward cover, if the manpower permits
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7 Mar 20
Analysis of #Covid19 patients in the Jiangsu Province, on the central-east coast of China. This is just a good insight into the #coronavirus patient experience from a clinical point of view.

Study was carried out by 16 institutions across the region.
Sample: 60 severely ill Covid-19 patients between January 23 and February 24

One of the main symptoms for severeness was high respiratory rate of more than 30 breaths per minute.

Early intervention included resting support, antiviral therapy, early oxygen therapy.
The 60 patients accounted for less than 10% of 631 cases across 12 hospitals in the region.

The youngest patient was 26 and the oldest was 97. The median age of 57, and 35 of the 60 were male.

The most common symptoms were fever (80%) and dry cough (51.7%)
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