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Feb 16 9 tweets 4 min read
A🧵 The @nytimes leadership @AGSNYT + @nycscribe amplify @peterbakernyt who
continues to fail at conveying the harms and catastrophe of Trump 2.0 governing as an AUTOCRAT & his alliances with Putin+other autocrats.

Today front page
@MarkJacob16 @ruthbenghiat @NewsJennifer Image It is astounding that Peter’s opinions (labeled NEWS ANALYSIS) are repeatedly given Front Page narrative-shaping prominence by NYT.

MAGA Republicans don’t ally with democracies.

Trump voters don’t care about the world.

NYT has second digital headline
@NewsJennifer Image
Jan 28 4 tweets 2 min read
A 🧵
The leadership at @nytimes needs to defend American democracy. But it is not.

Today the editorial decision to normalize Trump #FrontPage
“Mr. Trump, 77, has a libertine past, a salesman's flair and an extraordinary instinct for insult.”
cc: @ruthbenghiat @MarkJacob16
1/n Image The power of @AGSNYT + @nycscribe is immense in shaping narrative.

This piece fails to center Trump is a convicted criminal accused by 20+ women of sexual assault and the rule of law and Kaplan beat him. The “human interest” angle fails and normalizes criminality.
2/n Image
Jan 28 5 tweets 2 min read
This is not how journalists+editors at @nytimes should be writing about a fascist demagogue who is explicitly @ war w/American democracy. Ever.
Please function as the Fourth Estate @nycscribe @NYTimesCramer @KateChristobek
@JeffSharlet @ruthbenghiat
@mehdirhasan @froomkin Image This NYT piece normalizes a corrupt serial sexual assailant who sought to end American democracy and threatens to become a dictator.

“Normalization is decriminalization” h/t @ruthbenghiat

cc: @JYSexton @NewsJennifer @jessdrkn @nhannahjones @Will_Bunch…
Dec 25, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
It has been 4 days & still @nytimes & @washingtonpost journalists have not written abt report that Trump+Ronna McDaniel pressured MI officials to sabotage democracy as story broken by @detroitnews
This editorial elitism fails America.
This story by veteran local journalist @CraigDMauger adds essential insights into the conspiracy to sabotage the 2020 election.

The NYT is a “gatekeeper” of information.

Is this “objectivity” or ego?

@froomkin Image
Dec 24, 2023 10 tweets 4 min read
A 🧵
@nytimes & @washingtonpost are failing to convey the criminality of Trump + have bizarro/elitist policies covering stories they don’t “break”:
On 12/21 @detroitnews broke a huge story. Recording of Trump breaking the law/ sabotaging democracy
@MarkJacob16 @Sulliview Image yet again.

Kudos to local news outlet @detroitnews + @CraigDMauger for this powerful reporting.

Addl critical info that @GOP Chair @GOPChairwoman *participated* in the call. This is a scandal within a scandal.


@ParkerMolloy @JeffSharlet
Nov 19, 2023 6 tweets 3 min read
A 🧵
On 11/17 (24h ago) a judge found "Trump engaged in an insurrection"
This seems newsworthy doesn't it ? @Will_Bunch @Sulliview @MarkJacob16 @nhannahjones

This is NOT on the NYT or WaPo homepages as of 11/18.

This was NOT print #FrontPage 11/18/23 will it be 11/19/23?
1/ Image Would be helpful for @nycscribe to explain why the finding by a judge that the former POTUS (in a reasoned decision explaining her conclusion is NOT a major story).

We've certainly seen plenty of "people are saying..." journalism in the pages of NYT.

Thoughts @Will_Bunch ? Image
Nov 1, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
A major, rarely spoken problem with our commercialized system for informing the public is that it's amoral with regard to democracy. Being amoral on democracy leads to uplifting fascists with extreme plans for America that the majority of us do not want. We must demand better. 1/ For moral and practical reasons journalists must defend democracy - it's a morally superior form of government than the alternatives + it affords them their livelihoods. The first thing dictators do when they take over a country is either shut down the press or take it over. 2/
Jul 29, 2023 10 tweets 4 min read
A 🧵 on how @nytimes functions to normalize Trump’s criminality & minimize the threats he poses.
To maintain their access to Trump/TrumpWorld @maggieNYT @nytmike gaslight America by downplaying Trump’s established pattern of obstruction
A “habit”?
cc: @froomkin @AndreaChalupa Image A “habit”? Like putting my left show on before my right one?
These reporters are describing criminal behavior. This is normalization on steroids.
Secondly to *choose* to frame Trump’s massive history of obstruction of Justice as an unknown is a crime against Truth.
Jul 23, 2023 12 tweets 5 min read
The @nytimes is failing to explicitly inform Americans of the harms & dangers of DeSantis & Trump. Editors @nycscrbe et al. obsession with “neutrality theatre” is undermining reality. A 🧵


@froomkin @ParkerMolloy @Sulliview @MarkJacob16 @AndreaChalupa Image We’re not sure what a “vaccine turnabout” is exactly. Maybe @DougJBalloon has an idea?

The #FrontPage went with a “flip on vaccine”

Do either of these “fraudulent euphemisms” capture the fact the as executive @RonDeSantis chose to enact healthcare policies that killed people? Image
Jul 2, 2023 8 tweets 4 min read
🧵The Supreme Court is in crisis. It is obvious to Americans that multiple “conservative” justices are deeply corrupt. Yet the @nytimes and @adamliptak conduct an exercise in normalization. They whitewash the reality that the American majority has no faith in the court. Including the claim that civil rights fared well after the court reversed decades long precedents to allow forced birth, put an end to affirmative action, and discriminate against LGBTQ folks is absurd. This article is a purposeful PR effort for the illegitimate court. Disgrace.
Jun 14, 2023 17 tweets 12 min read
Corporate media is failing to inform Americans of the criminality, harms & danger of Trump. Publishers & Editors expose their biases by what they prioritize, exclude and frame on their #FrontPage

#TrumpArraignmentDay Edition

What do you think of A1 @nytimes ?
@froomkin Image .@nycscribe and NYT Editors chose this photo. Stoic Trump, Flag

“Momentous” is that good or bad?

@MarkJacob16 @JeffSharlet
Jun 13, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
.@AliSwenson does a better job than most outlining the reality that M4L is a RW astroturf. 285 chapters in 2 years in 44 states? Ask any grassroots organizer, this is impossible without major funding and organization. Yet @AP and Swenson deliver a frame that undermines clarity. Image After describing M4L as if they are real grassroots for 12 paragraphs, @AliSwenson delivers the reality. This should be the first paragraph! Science shows that frames, as conveyed by headlines, affect our perception of the rest of the information we read in an article. Image
May 12, 2023 14 tweets 13 min read
@nytimes normalizing coverage of DJT is as dangerous as that of #CNN

The #FrontPage NYT influences moderates/liberals/journalists.

Today an A1 abomination of gaslighting, whitewashing & normalization of DJT:
-continued assault on truth
-fascism and danger

@JeffSharlet Image 4 NYT journalists shameful in their erasure of Trump’s criminality, &firehose of INTENTIONAL disinformation.

The online headline is gaslighting us.

@anatosaurus @froomkin Image
Apr 28, 2023 11 tweets 10 min read
A #DebtLimit 🧵
@nytimes Publisher @AGSNYT runs NYT as a Republican-protection racket.
Front page framing/gaslighting by @jimtankersley
That normalizes/accepts GOP strategy of abusing the debt ceiling as “politics”
@NormOrnstein @MarkJacob16 @taraemcg @jayrosen_nyu Image This is a GOP-manufactured reckless, damaging crisis. It is not a @JoeBiden crisis. By centering Biden and omitting details about how the debt ceiling functions - and context the NYT protects the GOP.
“Barrels” because the @GOP is willing to destroy the American economy. Image
Apr 27, 2023 5 tweets 7 min read
A #DebtLimit 🧵
Reagan staffer & WaPo Publisher Fred Ryan runs @washingtonpost as a Republican-protection racket.

Front page disinfo & gaslighting by @TonyRomm
“Drift” ??passively as if by random? -Tony/WaPo Editors

@NormOrnstein @MarkJacob16 @Sulliview Image “Both sides-ism” hides EXTREMIST GOP positions, harms and inability to govern.

These are institutional decisions to favor Republicans (at the expense of truth) by Editors and @SallyBuzbee

Legacy media has a pro-Republican bias.

@jayrosen_nyu @JeffSharlet @soledadobrien Image
Apr 7, 2023 6 tweets 5 min read
The front page of @nytimes is a window into its priorities. Today an affront against democracy by
-minimizing GOP war on women and democracy
-fascism 2024

@AGSNYT runs the NYT as a Republican-protection racket.

A Mini A1 🧵
@MarkJacob16 @ElieNYC Image A1 top right prime front page was selected by editors for Wisconsin “news analysis”.

Serious Q: Anyone know how this is not “opinion” masquerading as “objectivity”? Is this a thing?

@Sulliview @protecttruth_ @MarkJacob16 Image
Mar 10, 2023 6 tweets 6 min read
.@NPR has just written an advertisement for Nazis under the guise of reporting on the problem of white supremacist hate groups.

Don’t believe us?

A 🧵…starting with this positive headline.

@MrOlmos, @jimurquhartpixs what are you thinking? What was your editor thinking?

1/ Image The headers above the sections, about NAZIS (!), read:

-Finding people with like minds

-A nice way to go about it

-Projecting power

-“It’s a good way to relate to normal people”

-The face of hate

Barring one, these might as well have been written by a PR firm. 2/ Image
Mar 10, 2023 15 tweets 10 min read
The @nytimes is a “Republican protection racket”. Its editors use linguistic tricks + word choices TO whitewash Republicans:
Instead of “extremists” “neofascists” “radicals” they’re “hard right” “right”

@nycscribe make up your mind!

@Sulliview @susanbordson @nhannahjones These word choices are NOT neutral or “objective”. They are editorial activism.

In this one piece the NYT editors use 5 different #FraudulentEuphemism for the radical extremists who wish to eliminate much of our Govt and social safety net.
Feb 19, 2023 27 tweets 22 min read
The @nytimes is failing to defend our democracy from neofascism.

As THE role-model + influencer of media coverage, NYT failures have a disproportionately large impact.

Today NYT whitewashes + normalizes dangerous neofascist @RepMTG

A thread.
@ruthbenghiat @TimothyDSnyder On the Front Page today @nytimes prioritizes the issue of gender and the @GOP. Admirable goal.

Tho manages to whitewash discussion of “sexism” as “views on sexism” but that’s another failure.

cc: @rtraister @soledadobrien @MarkJacob16
Feb 18, 2023 18 tweets 17 min read
Invest in your local newspaper by subscribing to it.

Many folks learned yesterday that @FoxNews is a propaganda arm of the Republican Party from its CEO right wing oligarch @rupertmurdoch

The @nytimes does not consider this front page worthy.


@Sulliview @MarkJacob16 This is a huge development. Credit to the @washingtonpost who see that the agenda-setting hate-for-profit network #fox lies at a massive scale is an important story.

Why @SallyBuzbee won’t say lies is an indictment of institutional weakness.

But +1 for putting this story A1
Feb 17, 2023 4 tweets 3 min read
Hey @nytimes y’all on Twitter still?

The @nytimes has been nearly silent on the depravity of @elonmusk & his waging a war on truth.

Musk is an oligarch (protected by corporate-aligned NYT) agreeing w/ & amplifying a RW propagandist today - that NYT is a tool of oligarchy! Image It’s as if NYT has not followed his sh*tposting on Twitter.

Why not?

NYT readers not on Twitter would have no idea what this man thinks and does. ImageImage