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18 Jun
Joe Biden’s new anti-terrorism initiative classifies “anarchist violent extremists” that “oppose all forms of capitalism, corporate globalization, and governing institutions, which are perceived as harmful to society” as “domestic violent extremists.”
The reason I reference this is that as Congress and Biden expand policing power and budgets, the media’s framing largely pertains to right-wing extremism.

Biden is making no secret of the fact that his administration puts the Antifascist movement officially in the same boat.
By the same token, Biden is apparently concerned about *both* pro-life and pro-choice domestic violent extremists.
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13 Jun
THREAD: Protesters clashed with the ESMAD (Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron) last night at the Portal Americas transportation hub in Bogota, Colombia.

The night began peacefully protesters used stick and rocks as officers used tear gas.

Video by @MaranieRae for @N2Sreports
In an unusual gesture, some of the Colombian activists set fire to an Israeli flag.

The protests focus on domestic economic policy and began six weeks ago in response to a planned tax hike targeting the working class.
An armored water cannon vehicle was used against the Colombian protesters, which remained largely impenetrable to stones and fireworks.
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10 Jun
Several hundred protesters faced off against the Colombian government's ESMAD (Mobile Anti-Disturbance Squadron) who deployed tear gas, "less lethal" munitions, and a water cannon against the crowd Wednesday night in Bogota, Colombia.

Thread Filmed by @MaranieRae for @N2Sreports
Protesters shot a barrage of fireworks at the water cannon and threw tear gas canisters back in its direction, but that was unsuccessful in deterring the armored vehicle.

#Colombia #Bogota
Protesters used a shield wall in an attempt to stand their ground against the water cannon, but a fast approach from the vehicle and tear gas caused their line to separate and fall back.
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9 Jun
Yesterday, about fifty activists trekked across a marsh into the Mississippi River Monday afternoon to demand President Biden rescind his approval of the Line 3 Pipeline, which is expected to flow under the river.

A Sheriff's Deputy pledged not to interfere.
"It's more than a pipeline. It's about racial justice, social justice and environmental justice," said Dawn Goodwin of @RISEandEngage.

"Why are they not following Article 6 that states that treaties are the supreme law of the land?" she said of the United States Constitution.
The activists stepped into the Mississippi River, where they then danced and prayed.

Assuming President Biden's approval of the Enbridge Corporation's permit stays in place, the tar sands oil pipeline will run under this water.
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8 Jun
PHOTO THREAD: Activists occupied a Line 3 Pipeline construction site in Northern Minnesota yesterday, halting operations for the day.

Just before 5 pm, police from several departments came and began arrests, initially scuffling with protesters linking arms at the entrance. ImageImageImageImage
Activists linked arms and some chained themselves to the Enbridge equipment in an attempt to hold onto the occupation of the construction site as police moved through and made arrests.

#Stopline3 #TreatyPeopleGathering #HonorTheTreaties ImageImageImageImage
Some police efforts were focused on a separate entrance to the #Line3 construction site, where activists had also erected a makeshift barricade outside. ImageImageImage
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8 Jun
VIDEO THREAD: Today activists occupied a Line 3 Pipeline construction site in Northern Minnesota, halting operations for the day.

Just before 5 pm, police from several departments came and began arrests, initially scuffling with protesters linking arms at the entrance.
The construction site had a giant fence around it with only two entrances, so police had some guards posted outside, but the group was basically kettled the moment police stepped in.

"You're all under arrest for trespassing on critical infrastructure" officers announced.
The next several arrests took place at the one other entrance to the Line 3 construction site.

Activists had erected several makeshift barricades, and officers arrested many (by my count, 16, but not precisely sure) activists as they dismantled part of the barricade.
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7 Jun
Police Versus Protesters Occupying Line 3 Construction Site…
Phone overheated. About ten arrested so far. Police saying over load speaker that everyone is under arrest for “trespassing critical infrastructure.”
Police have arrested at least a couple dozen. Some pulled somewhere off site, about 16 currently seated at entrance in zip ties.

The grounds itself is completely surrounded, activists inside still holding their ground. Police only have arrested at sides. ImageImageImage
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7 Jun
Right now: thousands gather in Northern Minnesota to march and perform a direct action to oppose the construction of the Line 3 Pipeline, which they say endangers treaty rights and clean water.

I won’t be able to livestream this, but will update when I can and video later!
Jane Fonda is out here opposing Line3
Hundreds of activists are crossing over a wetlands area from the street and are on a wooden footbridge erected ahead of new construction of Line 3, which will be between these orange markers.
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7 Jun
INTERVIEW THREAD: I'm in Northern Minnesota, where activists prepare for a direct action to interrupt construction of the #Line3 Pipeline all day tomorrow.

"I am here to protect our treaty rights of hunting, fishing, and gathering," says Water Rights activist Debra Topping.
Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, @Alpha3bc from The Church by the Side of the Road in Berkeley, CA says "our indigenous brothers and sisters are calling for us to help protect the water."

He says Line 3 could affect water purity all down the Mississippi River and affect Black bodies.
"Line 3 - like all fossil fuel pipelines at this point - is a desecration," says @greenfaithworld's @revfharper.

"Religions broadly teach that the Earth is a sacred gift, that it's our job to take care of it, and that we've got to wake up and do that."
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6 Jun
Pro-gun activists openly carried rifles & handguns to fish off a Surfside pier just north of Miami today, where police carried rifles as well.

Openly carrying a firearm is generally illegal in Florida, but an exemption exists for those traveling to or from a fishing trip.
Pro-gun activist Michael Taylor led the event after having been arrested for carrying while holding a fishing pole police claimed was "inoperable."

"Hopefully today, law enforcement and everybody will understand that we're allowed to do what we're doing."
Surfside Police had put out a memo warning the community about the event.

While they stood by filming and watching, they did not make any arrests.

As you can see in the video, the armed activists did indeed catch a fish. ImageImageImage
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4 Jun
On January 6 at the Capitol, I had @T_Jones_Media shooting a second angle for @N2Sreports. He filmed the entire siege specifically from the Northeast Capitol entrance.

While I've made this footage available to networks already, today I can release it publicly for the first time.
"Can you ask Nancy out so we don't have to go in," a Trump supporter asked a USCP officer.

"Well she's over on the other side," he replied.

Trump supporters exited, not entered, this entrance at first.

One said people "trying to take congress" and "beating up cops" inside.
As Trump supporters started streaming in, the officer tried to discourage them.

"If you don't wanna get sprayed, I wouldn't go in."

"The reason everyone just came out this way is this is nowhere near the chamber," he said. "They realized they're in the wrong spot."
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3 Jun
VIDEO: Colombian government forces continued to deploy tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters last night in the Suba region of Bogotá.

A total of 70 deaths have been reported since the "National Strike" began.

Filmed by @MaranieRae for @N2Sreports

As the "Mobile Anti-Disturbances Squadron" (ESMAD) fired tear gas and rubber bullets, protesters used rocks and erected a makeshift barricade

At least 30 people were reportedly injured Wednesday night alone.
Here is the full @N2Sreports video of last night's clashes in the Suba region of Bogotá, Colombia, filmed by @MaranieRae.

As always, all footage is available to license.

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27 May
THREAD: Portland Police declared about 200 antifascist demonstrators to be engaged in a "riot" Tuesday night after the group set fire to a dumpster during their commemoration of George Floyd.

A line of cops pushed the group backward and put the fire out.

Filmed by @MaranieRae
When the dumpster fire was put out, Portland Police threw smoke and pulled out as the antifa activists shot a couple fireworks at them.

Neither side appeared to sustain any injuries.
The remainder of the march happened with little police interference as the group smashed windows and set some small fires throughout the city.

There were reportedly a total of five arrests, although they didn't appear to occur during/inside the march itself.
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19 May
Raw footage thread: Pro-Palestine activists rallied this afternoon in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. Hundreds attended and chanted in support of Palestinians and against Zionism.

"Hey hey, ho ho, Israel has got to go!"

"Free, free Palestine!"
The activists brought four fake coffins draped in Palestinian flags up to the DC Israeli Embassy, where they read the names civilians killed by Israeli airstrikes.

(Note: I didn't include all the names in this shot - this took about ten minutes. It's in the livestream fully.)
One Palestinian activist who came from Cleveland spoke into my cam to politicians.

He praised 25 members of congress who sent a letter to Sec. Blinken condemning eviction of Palestinians.

"America must end its alliance with Israel," he said.

"End it now!" the crowd chanted.
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18 May
Press conference right now is underway in the police killing of Andrew Brown.

While they are early into the presentation, the speaker has already said shooting ruled "justified."

There won't be charges against officers, it appears.…
Of the fatal shot that was fired at Brown in his car from *behind* him as he drove away, police are saying that Brown was driving toward an unmarked police vehicle that was in front of him.
They're now showing the bodycam footage that the community has been demanding for weeks.

It appears to show one officer fire from in front of the car, and the rest of the shots happen as no officers are in the car's path except for this apparent unmarked police vehicle on street
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16 May
HD video thread: Today a coalition of thousands of activists held a Free Palestine march in Washington DC.

This was, by far, the most well-attended activist event I've seen during the Biden administration in Washington DC.

"Biden Biden, you will see! Palestine will be free!"
"Israel is a terror state!" chanted activists on the steps of the National Archives. "Israel is an apartheid State!"

"Hey hey, ho ho, the occupation has got to go!"
"Jerusalem is ours alone!" chanted the #FreePalestine activists as they approached the U.S. Capitol. "Gaza is ours alone!"

"Settler settler go back home, Palestine is ours alone!"

"Free, free Palestine!"
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12 May
Asked the boss if I could take a day off for fishing.

I am my boss.

Boss said yes.

Don’t bother me today, Twitter!
Important update, @PotterSims caught the first bass of the day.
Hey @Hala_Nico I’m bringing home some takeout (only one of them - this is all we could keep from the day). 😂 🐟
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12 May
"Hey hey, ho ho, the occupation has got to go!"

Today thousands of #FreePalestine protesters from a coalition of 15 organizations marched beginning at the State Department HQ in Washington DC.

"From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!"
The activists marched their makeshift, fake tank to the White House where they chanted that "Israel is a terror state!"

"1, 2, 3, 4, occupation no more! 5, 6, 7, 8, Israel is an Apartheid state!"

"Israel is a racist state!"
The #FreePalestine activists concluded at #BlackLivesMatter Plaza, just north of the White House.

Activists on top of the makeshift tank chanted that "They got tanks, we got rocks, we won't back down Sheikh Jarrah!"

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12 May
Today at the #FreePalestine rally in front of the State Department, @RashidaTlaib spoke.

She described struggling to discuss this issue with colleagues.

"The ethnic cleansing continues now," she said of Israel's actions.

"We all deserve to live freely and with human dignity."
"What they are doing to the Palestinians is what they are doing to our Black brothers and sisters here," @RashidaTlaib told the crowd.

"As you all are marching for freedom of Palestine, please know that you must be marching for everybody's freedom."

"It's all interconnected."
"If you are Black, this is your fight. If you are Latino, this is your fight. If you are South Asian, this is your fight. If you're white, this is your fight. If you're Jewish, this is sure enough your fight," said @RepAndreCarson.

"If you're an American, this is your fight."
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12 May
PHOTO THREAD: Today #FreePalestine protesters marched from the State Department to the White House demanding the end of Israeli settlement and displacement of Palestinians.
Two members of congress spoke out at the rally in front of the State Department: @RashidaTlaib and @RepAndreCarson.

Both emphasized an intersection between struggles like Black Lives Matter and the Free Palestinian movement.
One somewhat unconventional element of the event was a giant replica tank.

It is not motorized (activists had to push/pull it) and was actually built for Columbia protests also taking place in DC.

"Demilitarize the budget" and "Healthcare not warfare" it says on the sides.
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7 May
Today protesters with @XRebelDC & @ShutDown_DC targeted several @WellsFargo bank branches in DC to demand they stop funding Line 3 Pipeline.

When group arrived at the branch near Freedom Plaza, officers toppled over their makeshift oil drums as they got behind the police line.
As the activists began smearing fake oil onto the windows of the Wells Fargo branch, a shirtless man confronted the group, getting up in their faces and threatening to fight for the bank's private property.

Officers removed the man when he grabbed someone's sign.
"STOP LINE 3" the @XRebelDC activists left behind written into the fake oil smear on the Wells Fargo branch.

I've filmed them do this before; the substance is food dye, corn starch, and water. It washes away easily.
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