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10 Jun
I don’t share this much publicly but it seems with everything that is going on it’s probably a good time to do so. I am a white guy in my 30s that comes from an upper middle class suburban upbringing. I wanted for nothing growing up and had married parents who were heavily
involved in my life. As an early teenager, I turned to drugs and alcohol as an escape to deal with some trauma. It ended up snowballing into a situation where I very nearly killed myself and many others on numerous occasions due to my lifestyle. My life was a wreck.
Thankfully, I had friends and family who never gave up on me and I was born white with money so I had the opportunity to receive the best care available. Through that, and more radically, a spiritual awakening, I was able to get free from all of that and continued to do so
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9 Dec 19
2019/2020 Bowl Thread:
Quick disclaimer: suspensions are coming. More coaching changeups are coming. Important players are going to sit out. Bowls are starting to mean less, and in my opinion, tougher to handicap in the early days. It doesn't stop me from trying, but there will be a mix of good & bad.
Buffalo v. Charlotte (+5/57) Game played in Bahamas. Means we should expect a good bit of wind. Both teams bowling which means a lot to both programs. Don't see a motivational edge for either team. No pronounced coaching edges, both guys are going to be in line for bigger jobs.
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5 Sep 19
Week 2 SEC & ACC Thread:
Wake @ Rice (+19/58.5) Two played last year and Wake won 56-24. Deceptive scoreline though. Only 414-370 yardage edge for Wake, but 6.8-4.9 YPP edge. 137 plays so pace wasn't great, mainly due to Rice hogging it & Wake hitting big plays. Dortch 4 TDs w Hartman at QB n first start
Wake now has better QB and realize what capable of in air. They were still 17-20-243-4-1 last year, but that should be higher this year. Wake won great battle last week. Defense still rough, run game is bleh, but they are gonna go fast and stress teams via air and w QB run game
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13 Jan 19
David Montgomery grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. He never met his biological father, and is one of five children. He grew up in a rough neighborhood, under tough circumstances. He had this to say to CBS about his upbringing:
"Typical average African-American family living a religion of poverty, place of poverty... If the electricity got turned off, we'd always open the oven & stay warm. If the water got turned off, we'd get gallons of water from Speedway & boil water on the oven & put it in the tub."
As a freshman in high school, he looked at his mother and promised her that she wouldn’t have to pay for his college education. He has always been a hard worker and he started his journey to a massively productive high school career as a dual-threat QB.
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5 Sep 18
Week 2 CFB. Gonna go down the rotation and talk ACC and SEC:

GT @ USF (+3.5/63) Color me surprised by side and total here. Expected USF to be slight chalk but hasn't been the case. Total feels about a TD too high to me here but this is a very high variance game, IMO.
Not much to be gleaned from either team's Week 1 games against Elon and Alcorn State. I'll start with GT, I think they could be a candidate for improvement this year. I think the big upgrade was getting rid of Roof at DC and hiring Woody. Simplifying things is usually good.
Didnt' see GT week one but appears they are still trying to get Marshall to throw more and he's still throwing like the A-Back he played prior to QB. Earlier this week USF LB was asked about GT and he said, "Navy with athletes". Last time they played Navy, 52-45 win in 2016.
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