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5 Nov 19
So you’re smart enough to know not to trade bitcoin, you #stacksats, but you’re still considering a little dabble “in this next cycle.” Maybe sell 5-10% of your stash near the top, wait for the absurd Mayer Multiple, then buy back in and have more sats!
I wouldn’t, here’s why:
Let’s look at something resembling a best case scenario. You have 10 BTC, you decide to sell 10% right at the $250k top. You take you’re $250k and buy back in at $50k getting 5 BTC. Now you have 14, you’re a genius! Hyperbitcoinization here we come.
But wait, you triggered a capital gains event (hopefully long term) and 25% or $62.5k (at least) is gone. You still buy 3.75 BTC, 2.75 more than you had. This is probably the best case scenario. There are many ways it can go wrong.
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