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Passionate Investor !! “होई है सोई जो राम रचि राखा” ॐ नमः शिवाय अकाल मृत्यु वो मरे जो काम करें चांडाल का काल उसका क्या करें जो भक्त हो महाकाल का
16 Jul 20
Thread on Issues and Concerns around Bharat Rasayan !!

1st Issue - Promoter is giving loan to company

The interest rate promoter is getting is 9% which is at arm's length. This reflects promoter commitment and confidence in company rather than being a ref flag

2nd issue - High Receivables
3rd issue - Sales to group entities

Have addressed here in this thread. However, with the current results, 2nd issue is alleviated.


4th Issue - High Promoter Salary

Promoter's salary is actually low. Adding Profit linked incentive (commission) it becomes high. This shows he is more invested to generate higher profits for the company and his belief in growth. One should not be penny wise pound foolish

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29 May 20
If you want to destroy a civilization :

– Destroy their family structure
– Destroy their education system
– Lower their role models and references

“To destroy the family, undermine motherhood, make her feel ashamed of being a housewife.”

To destroy the education, demean their teachers, lower their place in society so students despise them

To lower the role models, undermine their scholars, make them despised lot. Alter/erase the glorious history, demean/erase their brave's, hide the barbarism inflicted upon

"For when a conscious mother disappears, a dedicated teacher disappears and there's a downfall of role models, who will teach the youngsters value"


This is what has been done to India for last few centuries. India can be a perfect case study of how this has been actioned
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31 Dec 19
Many people have been saying Economy has been messed up by the current Government and government's focus has been missing on the economy. Have been blaming Demonetization and GST for last couple of years. Read on. Let's find out

Some assumptions before we start
1. Economy Grows on Liquidity which is oxygen for growth, you liquidity out, market & economy will die off. That's why economies world over bounced off on QE after the world's second worst crisis in 2008. Did everywhere the Home asset prices recover to the level's pre 2008
2. Any reform done by govt, has a gestation period for it to play out and make an impact and no it is not a month or two but mostly a year or two at minimum to play out

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2 Mar 18
Pump & Dump - It is an operation carried by operators - can be done on both quality & non quality stocks

It's like giving steroids to underaged to become mature early !!

Most likely candidate for this operation r stocks with
1. Bad fundamentals/Debt
2. Illiquid equity
3. Story
When questioned, Operator's modus operandi

1. Block
2. Show some hypothetical story or future story
3. Let loose some minions singing praises
4. Show their names as the one's invested
5. "Buy button lies with person buying"
Why do Retail investors fall for it

1. Operator says, made 150 times in 8 years
2. People ask how - "no what's past is past" or show some fluke
3. Hit's the subconscious with statements - "Retired from rat race" or "Financially independent" - everyone's goal, bound to attract
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