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25 Feb
Songs or albums named after infectious diseases or their disease vectors 🦠🦟🤒


"Fiebre" by the electronic group Dengue Dengue Dengue (@denguedengued) out of Lima, Peru

The astounding "No More Mosquitoes" by @FourTet (from his 2001 album Pause).


Here's "Malaria Codes" by @octopusproject. It's a glorious track; magnificent folktronica out of Austin, Texas.


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2 Feb
I'm not an ethicist but would love to get a public health ethicist's take on something that has been troubling me (@prof_goldberg?)

Some middle-income nations (e.g. Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand) have done superbly at suppressing viral transmission ('elimination countries') 1/n
They did so by urgently & aggressively adopting proven, science-based, public health measures (e.g. test/trace/isolate/support). They listened to @who's clear guidance. A model for how all nations could have acted.

But now they're at the back of the queue to get vaccinations 2/n
The initial idea behind COVAX (disclosure: I was consulted during the design phase) was that all nations would get enough doses to vaccinate 15% of their population by end of 2021 (2B doses given, 2 per person) - health workers & high risk citizens in ALL nations. 3/n
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2 Feb
Ladies and gentlemen, for the purposes of a bit of distraction & maybe a little humor, I present to you:

My Mask Collection As Timothée Chalamet

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29 Jan
So, South Africa (the place of my birth), is in the news today. The Novavax COVID-19 vaccine was found to have a lower efficacy in SA (just under 50%) than in Britain (almost 90%).

Which got me thinking. How is the world doing in ensuring that people in SA get vaccinated? 1/n
Vaccine manufacturers in the rich world (the ones that supply rich nations) did trials in South Africa.

And then—surprise!—rich countries have been able to give tens of millions of people their shots but ZERO South Africans have received theirs. 2/n…
I'm as excited as the next American/Brit that we now have another vaccine that will be given to Americans & Brits (the Novavax vaccine). But guess when South Africa is predicted to achieve widespread vaccination coverage?

Mid-2022 ⬇️⬇️⬇️…
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25 Jan
On June 10 2020 Prof Dean Jamison @IGHSatUCSF & I wrote a column for @TIME comparing the US & China responses to COVID-19. At that time, the US COVID-19 death rate was around 340 per million residents, just over 100 times the rate in China. 1/3…
In that column, we said that the US "continues to waste valuable time" in actually mounting an effective response. We said:

"Unless it aggressively implements the lessons to be learned from successful nations, we fear the U.S. death rate may rise to 200 times that of China" 2/3
So where are we today? The horror has gone beyond our worst nightmares. The U.S. death rate (cumulative, deaths per million population) is 379 times higher than the rate in China.

[Yes I know my inbox will now be filled with people calling me an unpatriotic commie traitor!] 3/3
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15 Jan
With US university clusters ALREADY happening (even before classes begin), I'm starting to see those ridiculous, factually incorrect "COVID-19 doesn't matter in young adults" statements.

In the UK, horrifyingly, this statement seems to be actual policy (😨)

Follow along! 1/n
Dr Mary Ramsay, Head of Immunisation at Public Health England, says UK will need to "allow the disease to circulate in younger people where it’s not causing much harms"

Yikes, the harmful, anti-science inhumane Great Barrington Declaration lives on! 2/n…
So, lets just do a little myth busting, shall we? 💣

COVID-19 is not rare in young adults. Here in the US, the CDC found that those between 20-29 years of age accounted for 20% of the new cases from June to August 2020.

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14 Jan
We had >4,300 deaths in the U.S. on Tuesday. Yes, vaccination will bring the death rate down, but vaccine roll out has been slow & troubled. We can't just "accept" this horrific death toll while waiting for more doses. There are 5 things to do now. 🧵 1/n…
Why are we STILL using masks that are only partially effective at filtration? Get high-filtration masks to all: we can do it! @zeynep @jeremyphoward wrote about this yesterday. @AbraarKaran @RanuDhillon @sri_srikrishna have been highlighting the need 2/n…
On Jan 20, 2021, it will be EXACTLY a year since the 1st case of COVID-19 was confirmed in the U.S.

1 year in which we could have actually made the right investments to make schools & workplaces safer. We KNOW what to do! (ventilation, filtration, masks, distancing, etc) 3/n
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9 Jan
I’m seeing a LOT of commentary saying “there’s nothing the US can do other than wait for vaccine roll-out.”

I profoundly disagree. We can’t accept 300,000 new infections & 4,000 deaths daily as a “new normal.” We need to drive down transmission. There are 5 things we CAN do!🧵
First, we need to get serious about high filtration masks for all.

Y’all saw Mitt Romney on Wednesday, right? He had a tightly fitting N95 mask under his cloth mask. That’s what every single Americam should have.

Let’s invoke the Defense Production Act & GET IT DONE 💪 2/
Why are ANY workplaces & schools still unsafe? It’s 1 YEAR since the first case of COVID-19 was diagnosed in the US & these settings are still unsafe! We now know they need ventilation, air filtration, universal masking, physical spacing, & reduced density. WE CAN DO IT! 3/
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24 Dec 20
In addition to the privilege of coauthoring many COVID-19 policy papers with the fantastic @DukeCPIGH team, in 2020 I was lucky to have the opportunity to write 12 columns for @TIME & to co-author several @bmj_latest editorials. Here's my end of 2020 look back. THREAD! 1/n
In March, I was worried that access barriers would prevent many Americans from getting COVID-19 testing and care. I also feared that the lack of mandatory sick pay would lead infected people to turn up to work. 2/n…
On March 17, I wrote:

"The US has a narrow window of opportunity to determine the fate of its coronavirus crisis. Will we end up looking like Italy or South Korea?"

It's a moral disgrace that Trump rejected proven science based approaches.…
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21 Dec 20
The Great Barrington folks & other "dissident" academics have vocal supporters. Who write to me! Some are rude. Others engage politely & meaningfully. The latter group tell me I'm wrong to suggest the dissidents influenced policy.

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane! 1/n
The Greek-American epidemiologist who 'misled' Donald Trump 3/n…
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21 Dec 20
A reason I get enraged by the "herd immunity from natural infection" crowd is that letting the virus rip causes death AND disability (long COVID)

A new qualitative study on long COVID by Emma Ladds/Alex Rushforth et al (@trishgreenhalgh @_2000shazza) 1/n…
In this qualitative study, the researchers conducted 55 individual interviews and 8 focus groups with people with long COVID.

Their analysis revealed "a confusing illness with many, varied and often relapsing-remitting symptoms and uncertain prognosis" 2/n
What else did they find?
▶️a "heavy sense of loss and stigma"
▶️barriers to accessing care
▶️difficulty "being taken seriously & achieving a diagnosis"
▶️disjointed care
▶️varying care standards (e.g. "inconsistent criteria for seeing, investigating and referring patients") 3/n
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13 Dec 20
I want to share my thoughts, as someone who has been so alarmed by the so-called "dissident" scientists like Gupta, Heneghan, Kuldorff, Bhattacharya, & Ioannidis who consider themselves brave Galileos unfairly treated by "establishment scientists." I will try not to swear. 1/n
I want to talk about 3 things:
‼️Their fringe views are inhumane, unethical junk science that promotes harm
‼️They complain that they've been marginalized but this is simply untrue
‼️I am sick of people telling me we have to "listen to both sides." There aren't 2 sides here 2/n
These 'dissident' scientists have consistently downplayed COVID-19, urging policymakers not to take aggressive control measures. They claim it is not a serious threat. Gupta even went on TV saying people under 65 shouldn't worry about it!


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7 Dec 20
In between my Zoom meetings today, I'm going to start a list of my favorite *reissue* albums of 2020! Tune out if this isn't your cup of tea. Some of this year's finest "new" music was "old" music. I'll include re-releases & also discoveries of unreleased "heritage" sounds 👩‍🎤⏳⏲️
1. @Habibi_Funk has been reissuing some stone cold classic Arabic funk from the '70s & '80s. This year they released an album of killer tunes by Sharhabil Ahmed, the so-called "King Of Sudanese Jazz." Fierce funk-rock meets surf meets horns meets guitar…
2. Nina Simone, the greatest musician who ever lived (or maybe it's Alice Coltrane?), released an album in '82 "Fodder on My Wings" that critics hated. They were so freaking wrong. It got a 2020 re-release and it is PERFECTION. Play 'Vous êtes seul, mais je désire être avec vous' Image
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