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17 Oct
Complete political ideology county map of the United States, by Gabriel F. Guidarini. State map, insets, ideology summaries, and methodology report in thread.
Insets of New England and Virginia/Maryland:
US State ideology map:
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11 Oct
Ideology Series: Methodology Report and Reasoning (Thread) Image

A county labeled as DemSoc votes for Democrats at the national/statewide level as of 2016/18, and votes for progressive/socialist candidates at the statewide level. These candidates include Sanders/Warren in the 2020 D primaries, and statewide progressives.
In early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire, the singular progressive margin must be above 10 points. Later in the primary schedule, in states like Illinois, all that is needed is a win in that particular county by either Sanders or Warren.
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29 Sep
Ideology Series: Democratic Socialism (definitions, voter groups, lead figures) Image
Democratic Socialism is an ideology that is very left wing on economic issues and social issues. On economics, DS voters are in favor of many policies commonly attributed to socialism, such as tuition-free college, medicare for all, and strictly progressive tax rates.
On social issues, they are also very left wing and progressive. Aside from gay rights, abortion rights, strict gun laws, and legalized marijuana, many of these voters support de-funding inner city police departments and manually evening the economic playing field for minorities.
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9 Aug
According to Civiqs research polling as of today, both support and opposition of Black Lives Matter have flattened out, with 50% of the population supporting BLM, 36% opposing BLM, and 12% unsure. In this thread i'll be showing the results and maps for each subgroup. (Thread) Image
Here is the overall map, showing the entire population. Blue is support for BLM and orange is opposition for BLM. Image
Here is men of all races. 43% oppose, and 42% support. Image
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