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Full time investor – part-time trader – Love markets. Looking to start your investment journey give me shout. Compounding ka dewana.
15 Jan
Hi Mohit @Investor_Mohit,

What a fantastic journey nifty has had in the last 9 months, so now we are looking to turn that paper profit into hard cash. Lain Kaise.
So personally how do I do it? Let’s assume you have invested 1lakh and now it’s turned into 2lakh that’s a 100% return on investment.
From what we already know from past data, long-term stocks or mutual funds tend to give an average return in the range of 8to 12 %. It would be foolhardy to assume you will be able to beat this long term average until and unless you are a very extremely talented genius.
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13 Jan
Hi, I have been meaning to write on this subject for some time and a tweet from @aditya_kondawar just did the trick, so here it goes.
This thread is for people who are looking to create wealth in the long run by investing, and by long run I mean 15 + years.
So, if you are looking for a quick fix, get rich quick scheme this probably is not for you.
Of the people, I have come across with regards to the stock market who wanted to create wealth in the long run, the most common apprehension was RISK, everyone wanted an assurance of some sorts as most had seen someone or other burn their hands in stocks.
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