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22 Jun 20
I need to leave. I need to go outside and breathe. I can't see this.

Men having all the receipts ready to discredit the people they hurt. All your alarm bells should go off. This is my worst nightmare. This is why I will never ever say what happened to me.
Fellow survivors: You can DM me. But I'll be outside. I can't read tweets anymore. I've thrown up twice already.
Have you ever cried so hard that you couldn't breathe and you whole body hurts and it's barely crying and more screaming because it's impossible to do this?
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16 Jun 20
Did you know that police officers don't even make it into the top 10 of most dangerous jobs in America? No? Everything you've been culturally told about this profession is wrong. So how about I'll make a thread of the 10 most dangerous jobs and you see how surprised you'll be:
No 10: Landscaping and groundkeeping workers.

Fatal injuries per 100k full-time equivalent workers: 20.2

Largely transportation incidents.

Median annual wage: 47k
No 9: Construction workers.

Fatal injuries per 100k full-time equivalent workers: 21

Largely transportation incidents.

Median annual wage: 65k
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14 Jun 20
I was out at the #CHAZ today and no pictures or words can describe how amazing this place is. I will try and give you some impressions while keeping people anonymous.

It is big and colorful and crowded with people who are all focused on one thing: helping each other heal.
Me and a bunch of friends with cars spent all morning buying and carting over thousands of dollars worth of gear to the Chaz to build a community kitchen lead by a black women - we’ll call her M - with 15 years of experience with cooking and catering. She has a cute doggo. ❤️
In general, the CHAZ is filled with tons of cute dogs, people bringing their children, sitting, laughing, asking questions, eating free food.
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28 May 20
If you are unfamiliar with anarchist/antifa ideology and why we believe that yes, all cops are bad, I’d like to give you a quick crash course:

To bring up the “not all cops are bad” straw man argument is diverging attention away from the fundamental toxicity of the institution.
Whether or not some cops are good people is literally not the point.

The point is that all cops are sworn in to enforce laws that are in many ways fundamentally unjust, unequal and go against human rights. The systemic aspect of that can’t be understated.
It’s part of the job to inflict violence on peaceful people at the command of people in power. There is no scenario where the power balance is equal, there is no scenario where the relationship is level and just.

All cops are bad because police as an institution is.
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5 Feb 20
I had a conversation yesterday about German education on the third reich and how we are taught how to spot fascism. And how fascism is a slow decline instead of a sudden state. And it lead to a question I asked:

Where do you draw the line?
Let me explain...
Since the third reich events are now history, we can look back at the events leading up to the worst atrocities the nazis committed. We know from that that it’s a slow decline of humanity and human rights, little by little and step by step.
CW: Holocaust

Thinking about where the line is is about a thought experiment on where you would’ve drawn the line back then looking at the events one after the other. If the worst layer of descend was the murder of millions of people, when are you ready to draw the line?
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30 Jan 20
Hello, good morning!
I’m going to write a proper article about this eventually, but I’m feeling like writing a thread this morning so I thought I’d chat to you a little about organizational structures and roles in game studios so you get a better idea how we work! ✨
So first off... writing a comprehensive guide on this is kinda hard because every game studio is different. We have only a very loose common system when it comes to how to organize studio structure and even job descriptions. Studios have different ideas on what a job entails.
Some studios have job descriptions and titles that are entirely new or unusual, for example I have a colleague who is a realization designer, which is an unusual job title and normally describes highly specialized skill sets.
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6 Jan 20
I've tried my best to respond to people from yesterday's thread and answer some questions, but I won't have time to continue to do so.

I'd like to add some thoughts... The frustrating thing is that we all operate in a broken system where making profit is part of making art.
I'm a dirty anarchist so this will always bother me and capitalism is at the core of all of this. Not to say that this is an excuse to make poor products, but the boundaries of capitalism certainly limit the way we can operate, if we want it or not.
What I hate most about these discussions is how it always forces me into a corner where I need to defend CEOs, execs and publishers, not because I am actually throwing all my support behind them but because the public misconceptions are so off that I have to.
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5 Jan 20
Barely anything makes my blood boil more than gamers calling developers greedy. And very little things show your lack of understanding more than calling us that. I have *never* in my professional career, 8 years, met greedy developers - that includes monetization designers!
I have not ONCE met developers who discuss how to squeeze the last penny out of their players. Everyone is just struggling with finding fair ways of generating multiple income streams to meet the demands of ongoing, high quality content in studios of hundreds of people.
Any studio that has to support hundreds of employees would be reckless to not have multiple income streams to support their people - so DLC, cosmetics, seasons on top of base game content - all these are just multiple financial legs to stand on to keep the lights on.
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15 Apr 18
GDC this year was quite difficult with cases of harassment and abuse that we had to deal with as a community. Those can be very difficult to handle if the accused happens to be your friend or an outspoken advocate for good - I’d like to talk about that part.
In the past few weeks I’ve been on all kinds of ends of situations where I had to deal with this topic, with people taking sides with openly called out harassers as well as being on the side of being the friend of one myself. This is very tricky to navigate. Some markers:
First step: ALWAYS CONSIDER THE POWER BALANCE! This is hugely important for ANY situation like this. Was the harasser in a position of power, even if they might not be aware? White men tend to hold more power over many other groups in our industry for example.
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6 Mar 18
So... this is definitely a slightly esoteric, more philosophical approach to this topic and I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with it just yet, so you'll have to be along for the ride, but I want to chat about the correlation between emergence and game design...
From a scientific standpoint, emergence is the concept within our universe where small, independent parts with different properties in a system come together to form new complexity arising from simplicity of its parts. It's a concept that is pretty much everywhere around us.
I'm sure you are already familiar with the idea of emergent gameplay within game design, which essentially means that a game's systems and parts allow for players to generate their own new systems and gameplay styles within your game.
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8 Jan 18
Can’t sleep so I’m writing you a thread about how patriarchal systems hurt everybody using the example of the friend zone - but not the way you think!
At its core, the friend zone problem is about how we expect women to be the universal carriers of emotional weight. Here:
The friend zone is widely known as the idea by mainly men that once you listen to a woman’s feelings and offer support, you have a right to eventually get into her pants as if we were some sort of slot machine.

I don’t need to tell you that that’s horseshit of course.
It’s easy to dismiss those men as entitled pricks - and while that’s not entirely wrong, the real reason is because they are victims of a patriarchal society that cripples their idea of what friendship means. Let me explain...
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13 Dec 17
So I've had this on my mind for a while so I'll write a quick thread about it: How much of an inspiration Arrival is for my own work as a movie, but mainly for how it handles its female main character...
There are many reasons to love arrival: it's brilliant audio design with one of the best soundtracks ever, the overall way of tackling the first contact topic, love for language and so much about its cinematography.
I have developed a minor obsession with the movie and I keep watching it over and over again to uncover what its secret is for how it engages emotionally and of course I have some thoughts.
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23 Sep 17
It may be hard but you need to hear this: If you promote crunch and overworking, you do not deserve to be a mentor or role model. Period.
As a far-away colleague of ours went missing 2 weeks ago after struggling in his startup business and due to burnout, we need to hear this.
If you promote overworking - for yourself or others - you contribute to a culture that requires people to work themselves to death.
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3 Sep 17
I get a whole bunch of people flooding into my mentions now who are very disappointed that devs "cheat" them. Let me tell you something...
The nature of play is being in on the ride that you know is not real in the first place. You subconsciously choose to believe us :)
The ultimate goal of a game designer is to deliver an experience to you and the human mind is not rational to work with, ever.
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1 Sep 17
Hey #gamedev, tell me about some brilliant mechanics in games that are hidden from the player to get across a certain feeling. Example:
Assassin's Creed and Doom value the last bit of health as more hit points than the rest of it to encourage a feeling of *JUST* surviving.
In Hellblade, the game breaks diegetic UX to let players know of the potential permadeath that is a myth, but effects emotion and playstyle.
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