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Tour Dates at https://t.co/T9XzpqzsGi He/Him Handsome Boy Modeling School Class of ‘93 #BlackLivesMatter
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Nov 18, 2019 43 tweets 33 min read
324) When I was really struggling to get out of bed every morning I made a deal with myself:
Get out of bed for a half hour. If you want to back to bed after you can. I didn’t go back to bed once. 10 minutes will probably work. #GulManTip #WriteNow 325) Before I did my 1st open mic 10/11/93, I went to two open mics in Boston to watch. You should watch at least a few to quell your fears and make it real. You’ll see people that make you say “I can do that!” Some will make you feel you can’t. You can! #GulManTip #WriteNow
Aug 12, 2019 93 tweets 63 min read
226) I started in Boston in 1993. If you really hustled and were willing to occasionally drive 4 hours round trip, you could get on stage every night. This was invaluable. If you can manage it, find or create your Boston. #WriteNow 227) I get a lot of DMs asking for specific advice. I don’t have time to respond to all of them but I can lend you some maxims to reduce anxiety. I used to write on the cover of every notebook: 1)“Don’t worry. WORK.” 2) “I’ll figure it out.” #WriteNow
Apr 24, 2019 180 tweets 100 min read
Just to be clear. Patrice’s talent should have left him rich beyond all of us. 117) Headliners, consider doing a meet and greet after your shows. The audience really appreciates it and it feels pretty good. Mine rarely take more than 45 minutes so it’s not a huge time issue. Don’t charge for pictures or autographs. That’s super tacky. #GulManTip #WriteNow
Jan 15, 2019 119 tweets 71 min read
15)You know that joke you’re sick of telling? Write/type it w/ space in between each sentence. Add some details, change a word or unpack an idea. To me, unless it’s on a Special a joke isn’t done. When the audience is mouthing the words with you it’s done. #GulManTip #WriteNow 16)Be the comedian you wanted to see. Think about the things that you wished someone made jokes about when you sat in the audience. Make a list of topics and ideas that you’d be EXCITED to see someone discuss. Become that comedian. You’ve got 30 years. #GulManTip #WriteNow