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12 Apr
Standup Braindump

The standup is a short recurring meeting used to (re-)focus the team-mind on effectively moving stories through our workflow. Here's my recommended approach to having standups be useful and brief.
The general sequence is 1) address team-wide emergency issues, 2) work story-by-story, 3) distribute new work, 4) address team-wide non-emergency issues.

Note that, quite often, there is no part 1, and no part 4. Sometimes there's not even a part 3.

Some general tips, then.
1) Don't over-engineer standups. Stay relaxed with pep. Don't go telling people I said these were the rules. All meetings involve humans, and once humans are involved, we have to flex.
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11 Apr
The ultimate making app for a shipping multi-service system is actually a one-machine monolith with a UI. If your team is experiencing the most common pains from working in a large SOA environment, the productivity payback will be enormous.
It's important for me to take a second to remind you that there's much more to this world than geekery. Please keep working for change all around you, including, especially, outside the monitor.

Stay safe, stay strong, stay angry, stay kind.

Black Lives Matter.
We've talked a lot about the idea of having a shipping app for our customers and a making app for us. We can use the same source base to make multiple binaries. We target customer needs with one of those, and we target developer needs with the rest.
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9 Apr
Ahhh, yes, the first thunderstorm of the new year. Spring is spranging. I love spring so much. But I hate thunderstorms. I'm here with Wally & Molly. Wally is indifferent. Molly is terrified.
I grew up in Kansas, and I'm with Molly.

Squishing against her, her against me, we manage.
I try not to freak out, cuz I'm taking care of her. She tries not to freak out, cuz she's taking care of me.

We both freak out, tho, really.
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4 Apr
My rice'n'garlic advice, "take many more much smaller steps," can be said another way: reject any proposed path that requires a step size larger than the limit you've set for that particular domain of activity.
Time for Sunday geek comfort. It's meant to be respite. There are more important things than geekery, so please remember to think outside the monitor.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay angry, stay kind.

Black Lives Matter.
"Rice'n'garlic advice" is blind advice, for when people ask you what to do, but you're not there & can't see. You have to guess. A professional chef I know, when asked to give blind advice, always says this:

1) That's too much rice.
2) That's not enough garlic.
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2 Apr
q: how many ways are there to partition a 5x5 tile square into 5 pieces, each containing 5 orthogonally contiguous tiles?
(Asking for a self who is considering a brute-force algorithm.)
I figure there's a tree. Every such partition has [0,0] in A. There are only three one-steps away, [0,1] in A, [1,0] in A, or both. And so on. If we mapped that tree one time, we'd have a number of cases. Times 4 for rotational symmetry. Times 2(?) for diagonal symmetry?
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28 Mar
Once armed with the idea of a shipping app and a making app, a whole range of possibilities open up. Among the most powerful: give your making app a UI just for making.
It's Sunday, which is geek comfort food day for me. Remember, tho, to think and feel and work outside the monitor. Please help me in opposing the multiple ongoing efforts to suppress the votes of millions of American citizens.

Black Lives Matter.
A "making app" is when we take the same sourcecode from the program we're shipping, and use it for another program at the same time. That program is one we develop and tailor expressly to enable us to work more effectively on the shipping app.
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28 Mar
My friend Steve, I was spozed to be the pro from dover, told me this thing, and for, idunno, 17 years or so(?), I've been holding on to it. He said it boils down to two things. Don't waste time. Accept the whole person.
NB: It doesn't mean "accept everyone". It means, if you accept my geek chops, or you accept my sex appeal, or you accept my brilliant theorizing, you gotta accept my (considerable) doofusness.
You can't take my good days and not accept my bad ones. And if you can't handle my awful, why are you prepared to cash in on my valuable?
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21 Mar
In a data-rich environment, we can use the Builder concept to make DSL's for our Making application. This often makes testing the hard business core of our code both faster and easier.
Folks, I love sharing my geekery with you. For me, it brings much comfort. I hope, tho, you'll join me in working for change that isn't just about code, but about the larger world.

Black Lives Matter.
We've spoken in the past about using our codebase to do more than one thing. We always use it to create our shipping app. But we can and do use it for an app that improves our *making* process. We call that the making app.
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19 Mar
Honestly, y'all should read WCW more seriously before you gimme the parody.

Not hating. Just saying.

This dude rang the bell a dozen times in his career.

Imagine that.
My favorite WCW, my top-five poem of forever, is this one.…
So. Love you, do love you, for real. But your fridge plum thing is old and tired and disrespectful of a poet who shakes the world.
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19 Mar
Here my Stevie, rescuing me as he does surprisingly often. "Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away".

My heroes show up, randomly, just in time.
This was the song that helped me grasp the difference between anger and hate.
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19 Mar
Aight, double-play. Here's Melanie twice.

First, "Brand New Key".

At some point a person reaches an age. And at that age, it's not in years, it's in living. And at that some point, one understands what a lovely song this is.
Then, caught up by her charm and her voice, one encounters "Lay Down".

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7 Mar
Approaches in software development -- or anything else -- that don't take ordinray human failings as their starting point are prone to dramatic failure. "The Impossible Human" is, well, noticeably uncommon. Let's dig in on that.
More geek joy comfort food from me today, but please think & work outside the monitor by enabling and encouraging change in our wider world.

Black Lives Matter.
Some years back, I made content for a CMS that had a whole lot of overlapping parts, each with its own special language. I found it very difficult to express myself quickly & cleanly, and, it being me, I complained about it a lot.
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28 Feb
"It puts the database on its browser skin, or else it gets the hose again." This task occupies the daily life of a great many programmers. Today, I want to throw out some random sparks of advice for people working in that setting.
Folks, my ideas about changing code are deeply intertwined with my ideas about changing the world, which is a far more important activity than any kind of geekery. Let's geek out, for sure.

But please keep working for change, and supporting those who do.

Black Lives Matter.
In enterprise IT, it is commonplace for backend folks to work on problems shaped like this: there's a web endpoint controller on the top, a database on the bottom, and some simple or complicated business logic in the middle.
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27 Feb
ONI: c51, and a couple of building tips. That space next to the musher is going to be infinite food storage. I need it vacuumed out and filled with chlorine.
The stairs down & up on the west are actually a working liquid lock. We usually make permanent ones, but I won't need access to this room, so I really only need the lock for a short time. Two dribbles of water is all it takes. It won't last long, but I don't need it to.
The fastest & easiest way to a vacuum is to fill all the gas tiles with a solid, then use diagonal deconstruct. Whatever was in them is gone when the tile is built, and you get vacuum when it's destroyed. Wouldn't work in this case, but it's the best way.
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26 Feb
ONI: So I showed off my base reference, and I've just about got it up and running.
Classic off-by-one, of course: I built one more layer in the base than I actually need. I'll chop that off here in a bit.
It's only c40, I feel like I'm having a good run here. I have 9 dups, the shrooms are starting to build. The next thing in the base is to get the kitchen area closer to how I want it when the shrooms are in. I have one hatch ranch to the east, just getting started.
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21 Feb
When we talk about transitioning to microtest TDD, we have to figure out how to provide the right experiences in the right order. That's why I propose we start by getting the experience of changing a well-microtested graceful class.
Folks, my ideas about changing code are thoroughly entangled with my ideas about changing the world, a topic of far greater importance. Let's geek out, by all means, but let's also act outside the monitor.

Black Lives Matter.
"Create Experiences, Not Arguments" is one of the core habits of change-harvesters. We want to take that slogan very seriously when we approach any significant change to our practice. And microtest TDD, believe me, is a significant change.
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20 Feb
@AlexandraErin If I just tweet this to you, does it count?
@AlexandraErin Hmmm. Apparently that's legal.
I have a lot of respect for you, have followed you for a while, and tho there's quibbles here or there, no matter.

Not being able to reply to you, in favor or opposed, makes me feel I should move on. I didn't come here for radio stations I can't interact with?
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20 Feb
Here's A Tribe Called Quest, "Can I Kick It".

There's no quest but quest.
Funny! Smart! Tradition-enriched!

Strong as *shit*.
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20 Feb
This a nice "I'm Confessin'". Lizz Wright.

One of her takes that just features her voice more than her sense of style.
Wright has a lovely not-quite-contralto, but what I really like in general is the richness of her voice connecting, both with the tradition she pulls from and the combo she plays with.
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20 Feb
Richard "Rabbit" Brown, "James Alley Blues".

It came up, swear to God, I didn't hand-pick, even tho I know it's an overplay.
This is one of my most most most favorite blues songs. I listen to a lot of music, and a lot of it I don't even know where it comes from, and it pleases me this much or that, and I move on.
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19 Feb
Heh. Somebody arguing that remote work is less efficient and citing the last year. Cuz, you know, *that* was the one variable, and everything else was the same as two years ago.
NB: I am not arguing the case for or against remote work. I am arguing the case against the all too typically inane suggestion that the key difference between 2019 efficiency and 2020 efficiency was having to use Zoom.
Yes. We did a lot more remote work in 2020 than 2019. We also stayed in our tiny unprepared spaces with our parents and children and pets, in some cases 24/7 for days on end, endlessly stressed in concern for everything from our livelihood to our life.
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