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17 Oct
1/6 AHRQ (Agency for Health Research and Quality) is supposed to be integrity based, fundamental principles...quality healthcare and patient-centered, etc. However, this Federal agency, a part of NIH is another mammoth bureaucracy that doesn’t care about patients rights.
2/6 U.S Preventive Services Task Force panel of 16 experts recommended that all adults to be tested for illicit drug use. Is there a hidden agenda here?The research panel is supposed be independent, voluntary and with high integrity, but is it?
3/6 Their voluntary qualifications specifically says that they mustn’t have ‘substantial’ conflict of interest. In legal other words, keep it on the down low as long as it isn’t substantial. Ambiguity bullshit in this case is subjective, moronic and insufficient.
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9 Oct
Linda Cheek, MD 6621 Williamson Dr. #7715 Roanoke, VA 24010 is a best-selling author, educator, former teacher and physician currently forced into retirement from practice thanks to government persecution. ABOUT US...”WE WILL BREAK THROUGH THE WALL OF IGNORANCE & PROPAGANDA.
DEA has become a punitive rogue organization PURPOSEFULLY targeting DOCTORS in the treatment of Pain management. First they wrongfully arrest Doctors on trumped-up Federal charges, than leave them “defenseless” by seizing all their assets and Money. 1/4
Doctors are being forced into unconstitutional plea agreements. Prosecutors generally offer them 2 choices, either plead guilty or we will add additional charges. By the way we will also ask the Judge for the maximum sentence. In fact, you won’t see daylight for many years. 2/4
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7 Oct
1/5 Crime Report identified 263 registered physicians, convicted and imprisoned on charges brought by the DEA DIVERSION UNIT between 2003 and 2017. All cases were mainly related to opioid prescriptions...
2/5 Well over 3,000 physicians have been forced to surrender their licenses by the DEA between 2011 to 2015. In less than 4 years all these physicians were compelled to give up their practices leaving 10s of 1000s of acute and chronic pain patients in the lurch without treatment.
3/5 Since 2015 another 5 years down the road, it is uncertain how many more physicians have been arrested or had to surrendered their licenses ...But some believe it can be as much as an additional 4000 physicians, now unable to treat their patients.
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25 Apr
1/7 Dr. Roger Chou of the Oregon Health University received $500k grant from AHRQ a federal agency. Overwhelmingly he definitely has a conflict of interest, but yet he is authorized to unbiasedly, objectively and scientifically to research the efficacy treatment of opioids.
2/7 In my opinion this doctor is an esoteric white coated fraudulent researcher connected to PROP and its board members... Doctors Kolodny, Ballantine, Franklin, Juurlink, Lembke and 15 others. The risk and efficacy of Opiated medicines were proven to be effective.
3/7 FDA, physicians and pharmaceutical makers determined opiates were necessary and effective for the treatment of acute and chronic pain more than 50 yrs ago. Over 50 million patients and their physicians can’t be wrong. Opioid hysteria was created specifically for the public.
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9 Mar
1/5 President Trump is in bed with Dr. Miriam Adelson. It’s no secret he and she have been playing footsies for quite some time, as early as 2016. Trump gave her an expensive necklace, a ‘Medal of Freedom’ after she and husband became magadonors contributing nearly $200 million.
2/5 What role or significance does this play in the scheme of politics? What impact does this have in influencing policy and laws? She started contributing to Trump’s presidential election campaign in 2016 and I’m talking serious money, Dr.Adelson is worth $45 billion.
3/5 Dr. Miriam Adelson from Las Vegas is best known for being in the disease of narcotic addiction research. She is friends of Gary Mendel and before his son Brian committed suicide in 2011, Dr. Adelson worked with Brian on his drug addiction.
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29 Feb
1/6 Chronic pain patients (CPPs) have a difficult time making the ordinary citizens understand the consequences of the DEA actions. American public as a whole in our country are convinced that the law enforcement is always right, no matter what.
2/6 That law enforcement (DEA) motives are always pure, faultless and in the best interest of the public. In fact, historical evidence reflect that they aren’t always right. In this case the DEA is wrong, for purposefully distorting and torturing data.
3/6 Opioid hysteria has occurred due to the DEA’s manipulation of the news media convincing the public that illicit drugs are the same as prescription pharmaceuticals drugs. Although we have an illicit drug problem, however, not with prescription opiated medicines meant for CPPs.
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