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Feb 22 6 tweets 3 min read
GeoConfirmed - Disinformation.

"Ukrainian drone operator dropping grenades on civilians in Donetsk city."

1,5 million views and almost everything is wrong.

It's not in Donetsk city
(but Staromykhailivka, 15km west of Donetsk City, 4km from frontline),

these are not civilians
(but soldiers: they wear weapons and/or have red color bands)

and the footage is almost 1 year old.
(24-26 FEB 2023)

The power of "GeoLocations" and the traceability by the GeoConfirmed map... []
Special thanks to @blinzka who had an idea of the location.

Part 01: 0:00 - 0:15: 47.999461, 37.604027, posted at 26 FEB 2023 by @Gulli_ver_sn and GeoLocated by @neonhandrail

Part 02: 0:16- 0:45: 47.999508, 37.603522, posted at 24 FEB 2023 by @SerDer_Daniels and GeoLocated by @neonhandrail and @smith_1759

1/ Source of the disinformation:

Feb 21 5 tweets 2 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR - Disinformation.

"Footage showing how local people in Avdeevka meet Russian soldiers"

This is NOT in Avdiivka, not even Ukraine, but in Dmitrovsk, Oryol Oblast, Russia. Its also from April 2022.

GeoLocation by @EjShahid, data analysis by @MontyDK1 Image Source of the disinformation:

Feb 13 5 tweets 2 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR.

This is disinformation.

"The Bucha Massacre" was one of our first community efforts resulting in a thread with all the GeoConfirmed footage.

There is NO DOUBT that the Bucha Massacre was conducted by Russian Forces.

They were seen killing Ukrainians and/or were occupying the town when the murders occurred proven by footage and satellite imagery.

Read/watch our full thread here:

Our map covers as much geolocations as possible since 24 FEB 2022.

OVER 27000 (!) geolocations are on the map. Related:
Dec 9, 2023 19 tweets 8 min read
GeoConfirmed Investigation:
Disinformation regarding "Shani Louk"

❌Shani Louk was being used as a human Shield by an IDF tank ❌

The IDF tank was used as protection ✅

Exact grid: 31.393836, 34.467896

Image Due to @Partisangirl's spread of disinformation, we are obligated to respond with the information we have gathered during our ongoing investigation into the terrorist attacks on October 7th.

The tank on the left is the same tank captured in earlier footage on October 7th.

2/X Image
Nov 23, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
Geoconfirmed ISR-PAL.

"IDF has made an opening to a tunnel next to one of the main buildings of Shifa Hospital."

31.524341, 34.444183

GeoLocated by @GeoRaccoon Location:
(The three red dots are tunnel entries) Image
Nov 23, 2023 7 tweets 2 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL.

"Tunnel entry found in what looks like a classroom inside a house. Claimed to be linked with tunnel system under Shifa Hospital and also in another direction."

31.525624, 34.444753

GeoLocated by @fdov21 and @Nrg8000 Note: same type of staircase like the tunnel entry at the hospital. This makes it highly likely that Hamas has build both. Image
Nov 23, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL.

"Palestinians in southern Gaza marching with white flags and chanting anti-Hamas slogans."

31.53291, 34.48639

GeoLocated by @fdov21 and @TwistyCB Location: Image
Nov 13, 2023 4 tweets 2 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL.

"Hamas terrorist with a loaded RPG next to the main entrance of the Quds Hospital. A projectile is fired from the side of the road where the hospital is located."

Hamas with RPG: 31.506233, 34.430447
Tank: 31.506629, 34.430526

GeoLocated by @GeoRaccoon This is also GeoLocated proof that the Israeli tanks are expending their area of operations and go deeper inside the city.

Location: Image
Nov 10, 2023 26 tweets 10 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR - PAL Investigation.

This claim is viewed over 30 million times.

"Israel admits Apache helicopters fired on their own civilians running from the Supernova music festival."


This whole story is a perfect example how disinformation works.
It got a lot of attention after it was spread by @Partisangirl.

But it had already been published 50 mins before by @Megatron_ron, what we assess as the source for @Partisangirl.

2/X Image
Nov 1, 2023 33 tweets 10 min read
GeoConfirmed Investigation - Russian Avdiivka Offensive

Based on Open Sources and double checked by Com Sat Img, since the offensive started on 9 or 10 October:

Russian losses:

197 vehicle losses.
18 potential vehicle losses.

Loss = Damaged or destroyed.

1/X Image Losses older than 9 October (Purple).
At least 61 are filtered out.

Every loss after 9 October is checked with Com Sat Img.

2/X Image
Oct 29, 2023 8 tweets 2 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL.

Israeli soldiers placing an Israeli flag on a building inside Gaza. Merkava tank also visible.

31.569056, 34.475778

GeoLocated by @neonhandrail Other footage:…
Oct 22, 2023 50 tweets 13 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL - Hospital Bombing

Based on the geolocation of new footage its highly likely that:

The missile -Al Jazeera footage- is an interceptor. (Iron Dome)
The explosion in the air is too far away to be related to the hospital explosion.

Read the thread 👇

1/X Image Based on the investigations conducted by @fdov21 , @OAlexanderDK and @ArchieIrving2 regarding the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital explosion.

Starting with the three threads that this thread is largely based on.

Original footage:

Oct 19, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR.

Footage by @bradyafr, @COUPSURE and @Tatarigami_UA confirms at least 21 (!) destroyed/damaged 🇷🇺 helicopters after the first use of ATACMS delivered by US. This is the probably the biggest blow to the Russian Air Force since the beginning of the war.

1/X Berdyansk Airport destroyed helicopters (15)

46.81506, 36.76172
46.8147, 36.76781
46.81463, 36.76923
46.81447, 36.77202
46.81435, 36.77351
46.81337, 36.77366
46.81235, 36.7735
46.81138, 36.77342
46.81128, 36.77189

Oct 17, 2023 40 tweets 13 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL.

A missile launched by Palestinian Groups exploded mid-air and one of the pieces fell on the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital's yard.

31.504822, 34.46169

Before reacting READ our thread.

1/X Other footage:

Oct 12, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
GeoConfirmed ISR-PAL.

"Al-Quds Brigades, military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad spreading a propaganda video of their missile capabilities and launch site."

31.39152, 34.32503

Geolocation by @MCantow and adjusted by @GeoRaccoon Location: Image
Sep 21, 2023 5 tweets 3 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR [CO] - Ukrainian VEHICLES also BREACHED the 1st SUROVIKIN LINE.

Based on GeoLocated footage (by @moklasen, @Tatarigami_UA and @DefMon3 )

As expected the first footage of Ukrainian vehicles past the Surovikin line emerged. (Behind the trenchsystem protecting the 1st Surovikin line)

On the footage in tweet 2/X (by @moklasen) you see the vehicles (from 82nd Air Assault Brigade) crossing the trench system.

A Breach is a very complex operation.

This Russian defensive line consisted of an Anti-Tank ditch, dragons teeth and a trench system with direct fire on the previous two. All covered by artillery.

First recon elements went in, breached, and made a foothold in the trenchsystem. Followed by infantry units to clear the trenches and widen the gap of enemy direct fire on the breach. (Visible in timelapse on or map, see the infantry arrows)

The treelines are full of trenches and defensive positions that need to be cleared before vehicles can come closer.

It is a difficult balance between having direct fire support from armored vehicles and enough standoff from enemy anti-tank weapons, all while being in artillery range.

It seems that the Ukrainian Army succeeded in one of the most complex operations in recent history of conventional warfare by breaching a three-layered defense system without air superiority and within artillery range.

Image @moklasen @Tatarigami_UA @DefMon3 Here you see armored vehicles (82nd Air Assault Brigade) crossing the trench system.

"Marder and Stryker assault west of Verbove behind the main line."

Location: 47.435681,35.935325

GeoLocated by @moklasen

Sep 13, 2023 27 tweets 7 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR.

Ukraine succesfully struck a dry dock in #Sevastopol, even with all the Russian defense measures.

Highly likely a Ropucha-class Project 775 landing ship and a Kilo class submarine (First one hit !?) were in this dock.

44.610589, 33.537430

1/X More footage:

Sep 12, 2023 10 tweets 3 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR [CO] - Tokmak Axis.

Ukrainians are clearing the trenches covering the Surovikin line behind 'the breach', slowly expanding the cleared area near #Verbove.

1/X Image Over a length of 8km, the Surovikin line is now in DF (Direct Fire) range, even with tanks near #Novoprokopivka.

2/X Image
Sep 5, 2023 13 tweets 5 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR - Investigation.

The claim:

In the early morning of 04 SEP a Russian Shahed crashed and exploded inside Romania (NATO member).
Russia was attacking Izmail Port (next to the Romanian border).

Our volunteers looked into this. 👇

1/X Other footage same incident.

2/X Image
Sep 4, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR [CO] - BREACH expanding - Tokmak Axis.

Based on GeoLocated footage (by @EjShahid and @moklasen):

Ukrainians are expanding their breach with more infantry and/or recon and they have highly likely reached the trenchsystem protecting the Surovikin line. 1/8 Other visualization by @DefMon3:


Aug 30, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
GeoConfirmed UKR [CO] - BREACH - Tokmak Axis.

Russian Artillery (100th Sep. Recon BDE) shelling Ukrainians BEHIND the first Surovikin Defense line near #Verbove. The 82nd Air Assault Brigade has breached.

47.44189, 35.95220

Geolocation by @moklasen More information: Image