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31 Oct 19
1) Just to clear up some twitter jockey BS: The Senate Rs took the extraordinary step to circulate a resolution condemning the current House’s “Impeachment Inquiry” process. The Senate, as mandated by the US Constitution, must convene & sit as a jury, w/ CJ of SCOTUS presiding;
2) McConnell has no choice but to take up any articles passed by the House. He cannot dismiss them prior to convening the Chamber as prescribed. The Senate, having called out the House for ignoring precedents on impeachment, will NEVER attempt to change senate rules at this time;
3) Highlighting an arcane rules amendment adopted by Senate in the Iran-Contra era, only proves how ridiculous any attempt to do so now would be perceived. The Constitution requires 2/3 to convict. No sitting senator would dare skirt an impeachment vote. Leaders would delay vote;
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3 Oct 19
Right now, @RudyGiuliani is chatting up #Qanon conspiracy theorist #BillMitchell - Totally humiliating anyone associated w/ Trump campaign. Mitchell is a professed White Nationalist who often tweets about Hitler. He also believes the opioid crisis does not exist. Great Job, Rudy.
@RudyGiuliani @parscale @KatrinaPierson @DonaldJTrumpJr @DanScavino And #BillMitchell also is obsessed with Qanon and Gitmo. 🙄
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16 Sep 19
1) #TwitterPhilanthropy Can we do this better? Let’s see🤔
If you’re really in need of a couple bucks due to a rough patch, contact me on one of the websites in my bio, do it from a throwaway email account. Tell me your story. You don’t need to follow me on twitter or RT me;
2) Don’t provide me your real name and you don’t need to get into all the details. Remember you are a person, with dignity, and that the Internet is forever. Keep your personal email, phone numbers, and online banking private. If I send you some $ I would ask you never reveal it;
3) You don’t need to be a teacher, a veteran, or a Trump supporter. You won’t need to verify your cashapp download. Heck, I’ll send it Western Union to whatever name you pick. Philanthropy isn’t a cash toss to someone in need, that’s called charity. There’s a difference;
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8 May 19
A story about @BrianSimsPA; a mentally unbalanced man who ran for state office in the most liberal district in Philly. He makes the phrase “gay pride” seem entirely insufficient to describe how much he singularly identifies as homosexual. Which, in and of itself, is not an issue;
2) You may know @BrianSimsPA from his vulgar gesture in response to a visit from @VP Mike Pence last year to PA. This photo pretty much sums up who this guy is at his core: pure and unadulterated anger and hate. Many in his democratic caucus were horrified by his behavior;
3) Now you’re seeing him on national TV for his extremely aggressive verbal attack on a peaceful woman & her daughters praying the rosary outside one of the nation’s most prolific baby murdering clinics, I mean abortion clinic. He harasses & threatens to doxx the mother & girls;
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8 Apr 19
1)To all #PrayingMedic followers, his twitter thread is a lie. There was no MAGA Coalition when the DixieCupNation meet up happened in GA in early August ‘17. He contacted me well before that do to one of his stupid podcasts, which I agreed. He began to try and recruit me;
2) David Jospeh Hayes wanted me to create a website hosting videos and have ppl pay a subscription for the service. He wanted his videos included. He also wanted me to co-author a book on Trump. I rejected this outright as a cheap scam on my followers and his feelings were hurt;
3) Next, #PrayingMedic decided to sow division in the ranks of my followers and tried to pilfer what he could for his own “fam.” He lies about California event, too. It was NOT a MAGA Coalition event and we had nothing to do with it, besides I attended it. What he writes next;
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27 Mar 19
#Q drops another obsessive and patently absurd attack against me. Why am I such a threat? What do I know? What are #Qanon so afraid of? These people are sick. #QisGarbage #QisCancer
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