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Feb 25, 2023 10 tweets 4 min read
I saw something amazing happen today.

Not only dis people come out today in numbers, but people who had to wait hours for boxes to come were taking each others numbers and calling them to come through when the INEC officials came. People walked around together, looking for their units. People waited after the voted to make sure the counting was accurate and went an extra mile to ensure it was submitted. People truly participated.
May 31, 2021 31 tweets 7 min read
In 30 minutes, I'm going to mention a few things artists or talents should normalise to avoid stories that touch in their careers...

#Thread tag your favs Make friends with lawyers... These guys represent the first part of the team you need to build. and you will need them at EVERY point in your career... including managing an artist. Build relationships with as many as possible and pick one to rep you

May 29, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
What is spiritual business? Don't just throw words around for the sake of it. Business principles are business principles. When applied works for anyone. Salvation is an entirely different conversation.

... @zeekdassah because Christians have refused to participate in business and interact, decisions are being made that affect Christians and there is nothing we can do. Why do you think God or Jesus is bleeped on TV like a curse word?? Because we are not siting at the table.
May 24, 2020 25 tweets 10 min read
Since this Cynthia Morgan issue is entering my mentions when all I am trying to do is celebrate my birthday and sell my freaking book... I'm going to weigh in based on the tweets I have been seeing in line with the context of my book 🙃🙂

#JourneyOfALearner It's amazing how younger guys in the business are so quick to give their opinions based on little or no accurate data or information.

Please be careful.

Mar 3, 2020 10 tweets 4 min read
So I have a group where young people in the industry talk about different things and this vibe issue came up... Here are my thoughts

#VibesOnTwitter Yes the conversations about the business part of the recording process is to be done by the manager but not everyone has a manager and if the producer doesn't have a manager but is informed then he is right to bring it up

Oct 22, 2018 66 tweets 46 min read
I want to tell you guys a story about how it all started #10YearsALearner #10YALpodcast In 2008, I worked as a PR and marketing executive at an event and image consulting company in VI and I was treated well. But I wanted more. I wanted a bigger challenge so I told Kely dear friend and inspiration @iamtheOsagie #10YearsALearner #10YAL