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13 Jun 20
Just got this Hash Decode!


Filename: EaWb3M9WoAALEEZ.jpg
Hash: 8d30704c1890b643aed01460dcd39020

Wikileaks Decode:…
OK TO GO appeared in the Movie CONTACT

Starring: Jodi Foster
Released: 1997

The "how" will be hard for most to understand.
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12 Jun 20
Racism - at the end of the day, is a predictable, detestable, wicked form of self-love at the expense of all others - the absolute antithesis of Jesus Christ - and evidence of Pure Evil in it's practitioners.
Racism was evil before and during the American Civil War...
It remains to this day, Pure Evil - no matter the color of the Hood.

As Seattle is now controlled by a racist warlord and Protection money is being collected in the open.

Plus, Chicoms are arming (& STORING) UP durable foods.

What say you?

PS. BLM = Democrat Party
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5 Jun 20
New Episode Tonight!

#174 // Full Armor Of God

Whether we like it or not, Civil War has come again to our shores. We may choose to flee & die peaceably & severally - with none to share our terror.

Or, prayerfully join together to render this wickedness to the Abyss.
New Episode Tonight

#174 // Full Armor Of God

'Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal....

New Episode Tonight

#174 // Full Armor Of God

James Mattis, esteemed[?] Marine general who resigned as secretary of defense in December 2018 to protest Donald Trump’s Syria policy, traitorously sided with Luciferian Terrorists roaming our streets.
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4 Jun 20
Google is Contact Tracing Us.

It was LIVE on my phone. Turn it off NOW.

Contact Tracing apps provide tracing data to Google Cloud. Google has donated monies & is tied to ANTIFA Riots & Globalist Communist Insurrections.

What's worse - your metadata can be given to the killers.
South Africa's ANC (their version of BLM) rented out South African Police Vehicles & used the databases in those squad cars to target Rape, Robbery, Murder & Kidnapping/Ransom.

Luciferian Globalism is monolithic: We must expect similar behavior NOW!

ANTIFA, BLM are Terrorists!
Socialist Credit Score isn't just some 'app': It is a targeting system.

BLM isn't just some 'hip social movement': They are the terrorist wing of the Global Communist Party.

Think Black Shirts - but, with Supercomputers & Compromised Law Enforcement giving them AID & COMFORT.
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3 Jun 20
Hot Rod is in the Hot Seat Today!


Ought to be fun. Is Justice DEAD? Can we ever trust our Justice System ever again?

Or, are the Radical Left going to be successful in driving us to Justice by COLT 45?

Happening now .... (KEK) ....

'dear Mr. Rosenstein - please explain the following ... and how it was that these facts never interrupted the fraudulent Carter Page surveillance?'

What should happen to those who assist illegal investigations?…

What are the chances that the KEY Elements being obstructed [by ROD] & PUBLICLY TRIED [his WIFE] - related to the same material Rod was responsible for -



Ever seen a plane crash? They're pretty ugly.…
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3 Jun 20
Part 2 Tonight!

Quite so.

Been working on this since last night ... praying for all the injured and for the families of those killed last night. Retired Captain David Dorn has been on my heart ... that really hurt.

Praying for his family!
Behind "BLACK LIVES MATTER" are FOUR Inconvenient facts:

>China Pays For It
>Soros Orchestrates It
>Obama Directs It
>MSM Excuses It

BLM is behind an Overthrow of our government. They don't have "Our Good" in mind.

H!tler was a 'piker' next to these blood thirsty killers.
All Lives Matter.

Those trying to divide us by Race - by Culture - by Social Class - by Income - these are enemies of the State.

When we see their division & hate in context - their inhumanity of it stands in STARK RELIEF -

we simply cannot believe our senses!
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1 Jun 20
Tonight's Episode Postponed Till Tomorrow!
Tuesday 7PM EDT

#171 // R E S I S T T H E D E V I L

Such an important episode. Will be rendering a break-out piece for separate boradcast!

The rendering in this episode is as Epic as the content.


Render Time Remaining:


Ties together all 118 hours' carnage - interleaving BOTH sides of the conflict.

From every fascist boot stomping on the face of freedom to every simpering domestic media terrorist & their unholy piper leading the wolf-pack!
Tonight's Episode Update

72% Rendered... we will go LIVE the minute it is done.

Most Important Episode Yet!

When you see it, you'll know why it took 28 hours to render.

We are in a Spiritual Battle.


Will You Join Us?
7PM EDT (possibly 8PM, depending)
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1 Jun 20
The day is coming ... soon

None shall escape it.

Not even one.

Sometimes ....

.... a picture IS worth

New Q: Q4375

Why would MSDNC use fake imagery on their video presentation?

>Amp Up Violence
>Amp Up Fear
>Amp Up Copycats
>Amp Up Revolution
>Amp Up Hate

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31 May 20
Vincini ~

"I've been hired to start a war. Its' a prestigious line of work - with a long and glorious tradition."

Indeed. Very long indeed.

aemulatio vicini
noun. : the exercise of a legal right only to cause annoyance, harm, or injury to another.

what rhymes with "harm"?
"I've Been Hired To Start A War...."
Hmmm. This is an interesting photo.

I wonder if they voted for President Trump?

@ABC @NBCNews @NewsHour @NPR


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30 May 20
New Episode Today!

The Hook, Part III
New Episode Today!

The Hook Part III

>POTUS Remarks Upon Departure
>POTUS Kennedy Space Center Remarks
Note, YT Censored yesterday's presentation. Good thing we have back ups!

Go here:

#170 - Conquer The Giants // Launch of Dragon
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28 May 20
New Premiere Tonight!

#027 // Game Play

"C before D" Comey, Coats, China.
Panic in [DC] = Global Repercussions.
Trump gives AG Barr authority to Declassify ALL in Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory.
Devin Nunes Letter to Trump (UK Queen & PM).

The Great Game Unraveled
New Premiere Tonight!


Show is taking longer to render than expected!

See you at 8PM EDT!!!
Here is the link to tonight's Premiere!

See you at 8PM EDT!!!

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27 May 20
Tonight's Important Episode - On Standby!

#169 // Giants & Dragons

This is a Battle for The Future of Mankind
Waiting on the Weather In Florida

Update in 5 MINUTES ....

Please stand by .....
Just got the update ... Postponed until Friday!

Most Important Show Yet ...

Here is a hint where we're going (@SpeakerPelosi , @realDonaldTrump)

When we get to the bottom of this Treason - it'll be time to break out the cuffs.

[this isn't even the SMOCKING GUN!] (sic)

Episode 169 // Giants & Dragons

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26 May 20
Fool Me Once - Shame On You!

Fool Me Twice ....

New CDC Death Rate Statistics: We are as likely to die from COVID-19 as we are from sneezing.

Now, about the Global Economy that died about a month ago - bringing that back to life requires a MIRACLE!…
We never thought for a minute that the DEATH this little fellow forecast would be due to the Nuclear Winter he raised over our Global Economy.

They Single-Handedly Destroyed Our Economy.

He and his fellow travelers are Communists.

Marxists Bathe In Blood.

Huh. Who'd A Thunk?
Do you find it odd that this thread went from 23 "Likes" and "17" Retweets - to 3 "Likes" & 2 "Retweets"?

This is real, Ladies & Gentlemen.

Communists do not tolerate free speech.

Oh, for the days when SMOKING was our biggest "Cause of Death" concern.

We were living a "DREAM"
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25 May 20

I will address the Submarines later this evening. Thank you for this comment.
Before we get to our submarine combatants - let's see what Chicoms are up to ~ this is helpful:

Note, weapon compliment, MIRVs & quantity. If we were to believe the Clown World Almanac (kek) - they'd use up their entire arsenal of 1970's warheads?…
Of course, we know their inventories were updated with US designed W88's (thanks HRC & Hussein).

Now, they'll be cleaner deployments than their older/dirtier systems.

Uses the "D5" Trident missile. Interesting, huh?…
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25 May 20
New Episode Tonight!

#168: Memorial Day Special
Freedom Is Never Free.

Our Rights To Vote - PAID IN BLOOD.

God Bless America
POTUS Delivers Memorial Day Address
Red Skelton's Pledge of Allegiance
Inquiring Minds Want To Know!
Do we have a Rule of Law? Or a class of RULERS?
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25 May 20
@GXzwlUIqZ2hjbza @myraree64187707 It was a video - and the tweet has been removed even from the back-end forensic search tools. ;)

The good news - I should be able to post it shortly - will advise.
@GXzwlUIqZ2hjbza @myraree64187707 Searching POTUS previous Tweets (going back to forever) - yields similar comments - but, no POTUS or PRE-POTUS comment included the above quoted text:

Note, it is odd that Nancy's Tweet has been removed off front & back-end datasets.

Curious, really.

Will advise. Image
@GXzwlUIqZ2hjbza @myraree64187707 Brief update - I can now confirm proper date (not just month & day of the month):

On May 20, 2020 - Nancy Pelosi wore this distinctive Yellow Blazer, Yellow Necklace & chest-art (Mace of the Republic, if I am not mistaken?).

MSNBC timestamp 8:16PM MT… ImageImage
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24 May 20
[01] Pennsylvania
Proof of Election Fraud

Accused Perpetrators: Democrats…
[02] Meet Bill
Proof of Election Fraud

State: Michigan

Americans are increasingly moving into apartments because our economic system has collapsed & its all we can afford.

This VOTING SIPHON designed to take System Down.

Vote Democrat - Vote Often!

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24 May 20
Wuhan Virology Lab

Country: Peoples Republic of China
Authority: People's Liberation Army

>George Soros
>Bill Gates
>US Taxpayers

Lab Backers
>Dr. Anthony Fauci
>China's PLA

Media Stealth Painters:
It Has To Do With BLOOD

one of these fellows was president of an organization committed to kill babies.

the other one invested BIG into a bio-research - invented new infectious diseases (so they could be 'cured').

Neither perfected their murderous plans.

One is still trying.
This Virus is not, was not and shall never be 100% natural. The RNA inserts prove this.

The question remains - QUI BONO?
WHO gained!
It was switched with the genetically modified version - TO PROVE A POINT!

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21 May 20
New Premiere Tonight!


Episode 024 / Binding The Hounds of Hell
Plus a new Feature: TIME-WARP

One Year Ago's Q - With Today's EVIDENCE!

William Barr's Report:
Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hussein, HRC [The Witch] + 22 Others.

Here's the link to tonight's show!

See you at 9PM EDT!

PS. to last night's show: Update from Appellate Court overseeing Judge Sullivan [injustice]:

Take a few minutes out of your day - and read this! Kek.

I wonder if the Appellate Court judge watched the show last night? Particularly, the last 3 minutes?…
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20 May 20
Tonight - we finish I PET GOAT II decode.

It ends in the Gulf of Mexico! Beware FULL MOON (the rise of the "resurrected Mahdi"!

What US Assets can intercept? Which ships recently involved in "accidents"? All Same Type!?

WE SEE YOU & the Good Guys Are Watching Your Ships.
For those who have wondered why the delay ... now you know.

Notice how many miles between launch point & New York City? 1,500 miles exactly?

Which missiles have such range? Containerized Shipping? Hiding on the decks of a Bulk Tanker? HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT!

Regime Leader Hussein Official (who personally approved the URANIUM ONE DEAL & GULFTAINER DEAL) - also approved Russian Company tied to *CLUB-K Missile System* to run Port Canaveral!

Relationship goes all the way back to college days.…
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19 May 20
New Premiere Tonight
Toss-Back Tuesday!

Show 023 / Broken Bad
"The Hammer" revealed. Massive Encryption breaker now used by Globalist Cartel: Defense, Banking, Identity, Voting, Legal, Judicial no longer secure. The Hammer be used to HIJACK US WEAPONS in their SILOS?
Toss-Back Tuesday!

Show 023 / Broken Bad

Breaking News Tonight (THANK YOU NABU LEAKERS!)

They made money and profited off war and mega death. PURE EVIL.

Totally FITS with Tonight's "THE HAMMER" expose!


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